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    Gallery of Cloaks Available

    Cloaks available up to date. Admiral Cloak, Royal Admiral Cloak and Panda's Admiral Cloak Warrior's Cloak Crimson Cloak and Jester Cloak Santa's Cloak Love's Cloak Easter Cloak
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    Easter Town - A Strange World

    Hello guys! This guide will walk you through the Easter Event Map Let's get started first by going to Outskirt in Argent City (2158, 2771). Here you will see and NPC called JJ the Magical Rabbit and a Hole (portal) JJ the Magical Rabbit sells Magic Mushroom Cake, which will turn you into...
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    Easter Egg Hunt - Mini Game

    Hello guys, this will be a quick guide on how the mini game of this year's Easter event works. 🥚🥚🥚 THE EGG HUNT🥚🥚🥚 The portal for this event is located in (X,Y) inside the Easter Map. How to play? The concept is easy, the team with the most hunted eggs wins! 🎆🥚 The eggs will appear in...
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    Como cocinar? (guia para Cooking)

    CONSEJOS Y GUÍA DE COCCIÓN En Pirates Online, cocinar es un proceso mediante el cual puedes combinar cierto tipo de elementos para crear otro. Si se hace correctamente, Cooking puede proporcionar una forma viable de ganar dinero en Pirates Online. ¿Como funciona? Cocinando Si bien la cocina...
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    Quick Guide: Furious Bosses

    Hello guys, this will be a quick guide on a new content that was added some time ago and some people did not know about the existence of the: World Furious Bosses You've probably seen on system every time they get defeated and by who! They respawn every 12 hours. There is 4 Bosses in...
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    Level 85 Ice-Covered Weapons

    Hello guys, this guide will show you how to upgrade and to show the different level 85 Ice-Covered Weapons that will be released this patch! 85 Ice-Covered Weapon Exchanger (252,841) In this NPC you can upgrade your level 80 Death Equipment to a level 85 Ice-covered Equipment. It will...
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    Frozen Celestial

    Hello pirates, this guide will show you some details and facts about the new upcoming expansion for the maze Dark Celestial: Frozen Celestial After defeating the boss in Dark Celestial. A portal will randomly appear in 4 random locations. When you enter Frozen Celestial there will: 4 spawn...
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    Career Lots, Fortune Lots and Mystic Clovers

    Hello guys, this will be a quick guide on how do Mystic Clovers work with Fortune Lots and Career Lots They can be bought in Spring Town (3260,2502) after finishing Language Barrier quest from the NPC: Diviner - Hocus Pocus Career Lots: They give or take experience randomly. Worst ...
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    Bracelets Quests (45, 55 and 65)

    Hello, this guide will be showing you guys what to expect when doing the quests for the bracelets for lv45, 55 and 65 Additionally, there are other equipment found from other ways: The Pirate's Handguard right now is only found in Mystery Boxes. Which is a box that usually costs around 300...
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    Enchanted Death Armors lv80

    Hello guys, this last update we got news that Death Armors will now have a better version for level 80 players, either by getting the Enchanted Death Armor already formed or converting it using: Death Enchantment Stone These are the following stats for the armors: CRUSADER Enchanted...
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    XMAS PK MAP: Snow War

    SNOW WAR Hello guys, this is a guide on how and what to expect on Snow War, the new event PK Map: Opens Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 9 AM Server time nearby Argent's Commerce - 2308, 2824. /svtime Snow War uses the same logic of Chaos Argent/Chaos Swamp/Chaos Desert. There is waves...
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    Xmas Event PK Map: Snow Royale

    Hello guys, and Merry Xmas!! This guide will be a quick one and it's to show some images and instructions on how the new XMAS PK map is played :) Snow Royale! Go to the Christmas Village in Chaldea Haven (508, 1977) and go to the coordinates 155, 157 inside the Christmas Village. The...
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    Xmas Event Quest: The Secret Village

    Hello guys, in this guide we will make a quick collage for the steps to take to finish this new quest released for XMAS 2020 :) First of all, head to Argent City (2232, 2801) and talk to Frosty the Snowman. After this, head to Chaldea Haven (508, 1977) and head to the left to the...
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    Upgrading Your Mount!

    Hello guys, this guide will show you what does it mean to upgrade your mount and how to do it. What is a mount? A mount is a companion, either a creature/animal or a vehicle used in the 3rd spot of the inventory. All mounts, regardless what they are, will always have the same stats at...
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    List of Mounts Part 3

    Wolf Mount Pirate Boat Mount Heart Swing Aqua Blue Fox Purple Fox Elephant Dark Elephant Teddy Swing Little Squirrel Chaos Swamp Dragon New Black Dragon Dark Horse