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  1. chrisoname2000

    Enchanted Death Armors lv80

    Hello guys, this last update we got news that Death Armors will now have a better version for level 80 players, either by getting the Enchanted Death Armor already formed or converting it using: Death Enchantment Stone These are the following stats for the armors: CRUSADER Enchanted...
  2. chrisoname2000

    XMAS PK MAP: Snow War

    SNOW WAR Hello guys, this is a guide on how and what to expect on Snow War, the new event PK Map: Opens Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 9 AM Server time nearby Argent's Commerce - 2308, 2824. /svtime Snow War uses the same logic of Chaos Argent/Chaos Swamp/Chaos Desert. There is waves...
  3. chrisoname2000

    Xmas Event PK Map: Snow Royale

    Hello guys, and Merry Xmas!! This guide will be a quick one and it's to show some images and instructions on how the new XMAS PK map is played :) Snow Royale! Go to the Christmas Village in Chaldea Haven (508, 1977) and go to the coordinates 155, 157 inside the Christmas Village. The...
  4. chrisoname2000

    Xmas Event Quest: The Secret Village

    Hello guys, in this guide we will make a quick collage for the steps to take to finish this new quest released for XMAS 2020 :) First of all, head to Argent City (2232, 2801) and talk to Frosty the Snowman. After this, head to Chaldea Haven (508, 1977) and head to the left to the...
  5. chrisoname2000

    Upgrading Your Mount!

    Hello guys, this guide will show you what does it mean to upgrade your mount and how to do it. What is a mount? A mount is a companion, either a creature/animal or a vehicle used in the 3rd spot of the inventory. All mounts, regardless what they are, will always have the same stats at...
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    List of Mounts Part 3

    Wolf Mount Pirate Boat Mount Heart Swing Aqua Blue Fox Purple Fox Elephant Dark Elephant Teddy Swing Little Squirrel Chaos Swamp Dragon New Black Dragon Dark Horse
  7. chrisoname2000

    Quick Guide: Locking Your Items

    Hello guys, here's another quick guide on how to lock your items and protect them when sharing accounts or just being extra careful for the sake of security. Go to IGS and go to Character's section and find the Locking Stone. It cost 19 imps. Yes, it's that cheap and it can be used as...
  8. chrisoname2000

    Quest Guide - Halloween Town: A Nightmare in Hollow's Eve

    Hello guys, this will be a quick guide on the quest for this week's event: Halloween Town: : A Nightmare in Hollow's Eve First of all, head to Icicle City fountain and talk to the Ghost NPC - Halloween Town - Teleporter After that, talk to the NPC in the middle of Halloween Town...
  9. chrisoname2000

    Quest Guide - Paradise Island: Curse of the Pirate's Gold

    Hello guys, this is a guide for new upcoming event we have: PARADISE ISLAND The map consists of 5 different islands across the map that you will have to sail to. To get to Paradise Island, you need to go to Icicle Fountain and talk to to NPC: Captain One Eye After this, go ahead and...
  10. chrisoname2000

    Dynamic Guide: All Available Gems in Pirates Online (UPDATED JANUARY 3, 2021)

    Unique Gems – Stats +5 (Max Forge Lv. 6 ) Gem of Colossus – CON (Can be forged in Armor and Shield) Gem of Rage – STR (Can be forged in Weapons) Gem of Soul – SPR (Can be forged into Weapons) Gem of Wind – AGI (Can be forged into Boots) Gem of Striking – ACC...
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    Guide Index

    Newbie Guide Leveling guide Lv1 - Lv75 Stats Starter's guide to PO. Quick Guide: Sand Bags Lv1 - Lv5 Quick Guide: What is Physical Resistance and Defense? Capture The Flag (CTF) Chaos Icicle Battle Royale Mirage Cities Underground Tunnels Exploring Winter Island Mini Bosses Drop List &...
  12. chrisoname2000

    Apparels: Glow Rings

    Hello guys, I've created this list in order to keep track of the Glow Rings that we have available currently in the game. If you don't see some of the glows there are 2 possibilities: List has not been updated OR The glow that you might be looking could be a possible Custom-made Ring. (VIP...
  13. chrisoname2000

    Apparels: Zodiac Supporter Bundle Apparels

    Zodiac Apparels from Supporter Bundles Aquarius Capricorn Leo Libra Pisces Sagittarius Scorpio Virgo
  14. chrisoname2000

    Guia Rapida: Que es la Admiral Cloak?

    Que es la Admiral Cloak ? El Admiral Cloak es un accesorio utilizado en la quinta ranura de tu inventario. Da +1 stat de cada stat por nivel y un aura azul. El nivel máximo nivel Admiral Cloak es el nivel 5 y da un aura rosa. Donde se consigue ? Los jefes de Dungeon tienen un 1% de...
  15. chrisoname2000

    Quick Guide: What is an Admiral Cloak?

    What is an Admiral Cloak ? The Admiral Cloak is an accessory used in the 5th slot of your inventory. It gives +1 stat of each stat per level and a blue aura. The max. level for Admiral Cloak is level 10 and it gives a rainbow aura. Where to find it ? Dungeon Bosses have a 1% chance of...
  16. chrisoname2000

    Guia Rapida: Crafting (Artesania)

    Como funciona la Artesania (Crafting)? La Artesania es la Life Skill para poder hacer planos de creación y crear equipos a partir de ella. La Artesania es una de las únicas habilidades de vida en las que debes confiar en la suerte para tener éxito. Objetos iniciales: Elaboración de planos...
  17. chrisoname2000

    Guia Rapida: ¿Qué es la resistencia física y la defensa?

    ¿Qué es la resistencia física y la defensa? La resistencia física disminuye el daño recibido en un porcentaje. Una resistencia física de 21 significa que recibes un 21% menos de daño. La defensa disminuye el daño directo. Defensa de 250 significa que recibes 250 daños menos. Gemas y...
  18. chrisoname2000

    Quick Guide: What is Physical Resistance and Defense?

    What is Physical Resistance and Defense? Physical Resistance decreases damage received by a percentage. Physical Resistance of 21 means you receive 21% less damage. Defense decreases damage by direct number Defense of 250 means you receive 250 less damage. Useful gems and items...
  19. chrisoname2000

    Class Balance Discussions

    Hello guys, I've created this space as way to accumulate concerns and suggestions regarding class balancing. I feel Discord may not be as concise or helpful to provide us with a good and healthy environment in which people can actually read a well argument or point of view of what they think...
  20. chrisoname2000

    Guia Rapida: Oro y Experiencia necesaria para subir de nivel un Seavoy

    Cuanta experiencia necesita mi seavoy? Cuanto dinero necesito? Para esos que no saben de que se habla en la guia: El seavoy es una subclase del Voyager que enfoca todas sus habilidades en habilidaded de uso de mar para ya sea farmear o matar en el mar Para mas informacion, ve este video...