2nd Video Event



Hello @everyone
We would like thank-you each and every one of you for joining our community and making this game a reality. The server is running smoothly.
We would like to announce our 2nd video event!

What will our video event consist of?
It will consist of players creating video's of the server.

What kind of video should you make?
The video can be 1 of the following:
  • Chaos Argent PK Video
  • Capture the flag PK Video
  • Demonic World PK video
  • FC PK video
  • DS PK video
  • Dungeon gameplay
  • How to make money
  • How to level up Solo from 1 to 40 ( Explaining that not having a mentor gives you 2x exp)
  • How to manufacture
  • How to use pirate clubs (explaining rewards) and fastest way to club
  • Server features introduction (trailer)
  • Mvm Bar gameplay
  • Hexathlon quest guide
  • Class introduction
  • Gameplay introduction
Where to post the video?

Step 1: Post video on the youtube
Step 2: Post the youtube video link + character name on the forum thread:
Step 3: Post the youtube video link + character name into our facebook group on facebook: Facebook Group
The youtube video description:
Youtube video MUST contain the following description:
'' Join Pirates Online at Our Site
Discord for daily rewards: Discord
Forum: Forum ''

How will we choose winners?
We will choose the best quality videos as our winners!
How many winners?
There will be 5 winners!
  • 1st place: 2k imps
  • 2nd place: 1k imps
  • 3rd place: 700 imps
  • 4th place: 500imps
  • h place: 300 imps
Event deadline: June 8th 23.59pm
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