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First of all, you will need:

Getting an Apparel

To obtain an apparel you need to buy if from the item mall, or the Award Center, or the NPC - Lady Ipoutcha or you can also buy it ingame from another player.

Now that you have your apparel you need a Fusion scroll. You can easily get those.

How to Fuse your apparel with an Ungemmed Equipment
  • Get your equipment and head to the Shaitan BlackSmith - Smithy (902,3495)
  • Talk to him and choose Apparel Fusion

  • Drag your fusion scroll into the top slot at the middle.
  • Drag your apparel into left slot
  • Drag your weapon/armor into right slot

  • At the bottom now click Confirm
You should see some swirling light and a little firework to show it´s completed.

Congratulations, you've fused your equipment with your apparel succesfully !!

Let´s say you got bored of your apparel and want to get a new one Azreal Robe-Phyllis. You can just repeat this process.

And you will get:

How to Fuse your apparel with a Gemmed Equipment

What if after you put Gems on your Equipment, you found a new apparel Wanderer's Robe-Phyllis and you want to switch yours for it?

You will have to repeat the process, but this time you will have to add a new item:

Head back to the Blacksmith and choose Apparel Fusion.

After that, you will have your equipment fused to the new apparel and you will keep the 110% and the gem.

Apparel Upgrade

Every item fused starts at 100% effiiciency and is upgradable 110%.

  • Drag your Strengthening Scroll into its slot.
  • Drag your apparel into its slot.
  • At the bottom now click confirm

  • And re confirm

If you didn´t fail, you will have your Equipment with 102 effectiveness:

Continue till you make it 110 % !!!

IMPORTANT NOTE: every time you try to upgrade your equipment, the process can fail x.x


Add sockets

Talk to Blacksmith in Shaitan City located at 902,3495 to forge your equipments.
Equipments can only be forged if they have at least one socket on it and each socket can only contain one type of gem.
To forge requires one attribute Gem and one Refining Gem as catalyst (attribute Gem level must be higher than existing attribute Gem of similar type in the equipment by 1 and Refining Gem must be higher than the forging level by 1). Gem used will disappear after forging, regardless of success or failure. Only weapons from Lv 40 onwards will glow when equipped. Forging of Lv 4 attribute Gem will have a certain rate of failure. When forging fails, only Gem used will disappear.

Note: Only equipments with at least 1 socket can be forged.

For that, you need two items Equipment Stabilizer and Equipment Catalyst,and you can get them both with credits or item mall points.

To put a socket in your equip, you have to go talk to Blacksmith Smithy in Shaitan City at (902, 3495) and select the option Fusion to open up Fusion Interface.

NOTE: The third socket can fail, and you will lose the Equipment Stabilizer and Equipment Catalyst and the money you spent to make it. Just need to retry

If didn´t fail you will see it on your Equipment.

Forging your first gem

  • Place weapons, armors, gloves or shoes into the first slot.
  • Place attribute gem into the second slot.
  • Place Refining Gem (catalyst) into the third slot.
  • Forging Fee: 100,000 gold x level of item.

Example: To upgrade your EQ from +4 to +5 requires 5x100,000 gold = 500,000 gold


You just forged your first gem!!

Regarding Sockets and Forging

  • Every equipment can have a maximum of 3 sockets.
  • The number of sockets determine the different type of gems that can be forged onto the equipment

Combine and Forge a Lv 2 Gem

To forge a gem lv2 you will need two attribute Gem and two Refining Gem so after combine them you will get the gems lvl 2.

To combine gems you need to go to the Grocer Amos in shaitan 842,3585. Talk to him and trade him so you can buy the Gem Composition scroll

Now that you have the scroll you can combine the gems by talking to Amos again and click Combine

Yay! Got your Gem Lv 2!!

NOTE: Seal equipments will lose its forging bonus if you unseal it at the researcher.
Forging from lv 1 to lv 9

  • Lvl 1 gem = 1 gem
  • Lvl 2 gem = 2 gems ( 2 x lvl 1 gems combined to make it lvl 2 )
  • Lvl 3 gem = 4 gems ( 4 x lvl 1 gems combined to make it lvl 3 )
  • Lvl 4 gem = 8 gems ( 8 x lvl 1 gems combined to make it lvl 4 )
To combine two Lv 3 Gems, in order to obtain a Lv4, i suggest you to use the Composition Catalyst from the Item Mall, or the Red Combining Fruit from the Story Quest to get a better chance of success.

At the moment of forging/to forge a Lv4 Gem, use the Refining Catalyst from the Item Mall, or the Blue Forging Fruit from the Story Quest to get a better chance of success.

  • Lvl 5 gem = 16 gems ( 16 x lvl 1 gems combined to make it lvl 5 )
  • Lvl 6 gem = 32 gems ( 32 x lvl 1 gems combined to make it lvl 6 )
  • Lvl 7 gem = 62 gems ( 62 x lv 1 gems combined to make it lvl 7 )
  • Lvl 8 gem = 128 gems ( 128 x lvl 1 gems combined to make it lvl 8 )
  • Lvl 9 gem = 256 gems ( 256 x lvl 1 gems combined to make it lvl 9 )
Gems´s glow colours after forged into a weapon

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