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Jul 6, 2019
Auto attack was a major pro of the old school tales of pirates and I believe it should not be treated as botting. Having to manually level up a ship or grind for misc resources such as elven fruit, blurry bps and others isn't the pirates way. Takes a lot of effort and draws people away from the actual enjoyable features which are the player versus player and player versus boss. If this new ruling is in effort to reduce the server lag it has to be mention that most users have 8-20 accounts online for fairy coins and the fortune trees. Afk gathering is one of the best features the game offers. Lastly manually gathering every single resource is pushing the player product value to outshine the market value of mall points. A solid example is that in-game right now 100imps sell for 1-1,2m while a stack (x99) of flash bombs level 1 worth 2-3m


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Jun 16, 2019
Hi, ty for your sugestion. However, you still can auto atack here. But u need to move time to time. Using auto atack to farm is totally fine if ur on computer. But isnt fair if u have 10 alts sharpshooters taking the regular farm spots during all night without any effort.
U can still have multiple characters using auto-atack.
You just have to movem them time to time while ur at computer and not full afk.
Back on tales of pirates times game offered that but wasnt usual ppl leave 24h the computer on or be able to open 10+ accounts :p times change, the game need to follow the changes or becomes unplayable for many.
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