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Capture the Flag - Guide + Maps

Things to keep in mind:
  • Capture the Flag is a BALANCED PK activity where all players, regardless of gear/class have the same stats.
  • Capture the Flag is also known as CTF.
  • Only players level 45 and above who have completed the 2nd class advancement can enter Capture The Flag event.
  • Capture the Flag opens once every twice a day, it normally lasts about 20 minutes.
  • The NPC that will let you access Capture the Flag is located at Pirates room at the right
  • First team to score 100 points wins.
  • Flag carries (taking the flag inside the enemy base) will grant 10 points .
  • Player kills have a 25% chance of granting a point to the killer’s team.
  • Only one flag active at any given time, when a flag is brought inside the enemy’s base, it respawns back at the middle of the map.
  • CTF is the home for unique items such as 1 Million Notes, Locke’s Power, Red, Green & Yellow Jades, among others!
  • If you disconnect you will be teleported back to your last saved respawn location, you have two minutes from that moment in order re-enter CTF or you won't be able to enter any longer.

Capture the flag within the game is a custom and unique PK event, meaning that is was created by our wonderful Pirates Online Team and no other server has it!. In order to understand this event, we must first understand the general meaning of Capture the Flag.

What is Capture the Flag ?

Capture the flag is a game that can vary as to how it’s played but that in essence, Capture The Flag is a game that consists of a group of players divided into halves and placed in opposite sides of a territory. The game consist of transporting a flag to a location to earn points, and the team with most points at the end wins; the amount of flags and the location may vary.

What is different in Pirates Online’s CTF?

As you may now by now, Pirates Online is all about the PK experience, and CTF allows everyone to have fun, regardless of their gear, level, and class.

Pirates Online’s CTF is different because of the Tales of Pirates factor, and also because it plays with one flag at a time, it’s a physical flag at first but transforms into a pink Aura around the player that destroys the initial flag in the middle of the map. If the player who carries the flag is killed, then the killer will take the flag, the main objective is to take the flag inside the square in the enemy’s base in order to score 10 points.

How to Play CTF?

In Pirates Online, CTF can only be played twice a day at 5:00 PM and 2:00 AM Server Time .

At this time, a waiting room will open for 5 minutes in order to allow all players to get in, players can enter the CTF Waiting Room by talking to the CTF NPC at Pirates room, after the 5 minutes countdown, the system will automatically pick two teams at random (same amount of players), and teleport them to their respective side of the map.

After system finishes selecting the two teams, they will be placed in their respective side’s base. Green Team taking the south-west corner while Red Team taking the North-east corner of the map as you can see below.

NOTE: Ironically, the red team is located on the green half of the map and the green is located in the red-ish part of the map.

At first, you always go to the NPC for heal because your hp is never full when CTF starts. Try not to die, always try to heal instead of dying so the enemy team has fewer chances to score points.

When you first start, head to the Middle Lane, because that is where the first flag will be at, you need to attack it in order to destroy it and be able to carry it.

When you head down middle lane at the start of the game, one of three things will happen:

  • You will acquire the Flag, in which case, your team will start to surround you in order to protect you, the enemy team will skip everyone else and try to take you down, so when this happens, you have to play very evasive while bringing the flag towards the enemy’s base and using your team as a shield for protection, stay close to sealers and Crusaders that can stun and stop the enemy.

  • One of your teammates will acquire the flag, in which case, while moving towards the enemy base, you need to protect your teammate at whatever cost, even your own death.

  • The enemy grabs the flag, in which case, you need to communicate with your team through local channel in order to keep track of where the flag is. Kill the flag, and at that point, you will encounter one of the two other options above.

Once the flag is placed inside your base or the enemy base, it will instantly re-spawn in the middle of the map, rinse and repeat until you win or lose!

What can you win?

If you don´t get a reward you will get compensated with some gold.

Winner/Loser team all get 1 chest.

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