Career Lots, Fortune Lots and Mystic Clovers


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May 3, 2020
Hello guys, this will be a quick guide on how do Mystic Clovers
work with Fortune Lots and Career Lots

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They can be bought in Spring Town (3260,2502) after finishing Language Barrier quest from the NPC: Diviner - Hocus Pocus

Career Lots
They give or take experience randomly.

Worst : Lose 2% or 1% of experience or get badly hurt.
Bad: Lose between 4 to 80k of experience.
Nothing: Nothing happens.
Good: Win between 4 to 80k of experience.
Best: Win between 1% and 5% of experience, or win a (Career) Blessing.

--> A (Career) Blessing can give 2x Experience for 1 to 60 minutes. Can't stack it with other experience items( Heaven's Berry , or Amplifiers) or obtain a bonus stat for 1 minute or 60 minutes:

You can get 50% of 2x Experience OR 50% a stat bonus with a (Career) Blessing.

  • 150 Defense
  • 35 Hit- rate
  • 150 Attack
  • 1,000 Health Point
  • 100 Attack Speed
Fortune Lots
They give or take money randomly.

Worst: Lose 60k or a % of your total gold.
Bad: Lose between 0.1% or 0.9% of your total gold.
Nothing: Nothing happens.
Good: Win between 2k and 9k without receiving damage or win between 10k and 25k receiving damage.
Best: Win an OSS (Old Sheepskin Scroll) and a Fortune Blessing:

--> A (Fortune) Blessing: can give 2x Drop Rate Bonus between 1 and 60 minutes. Can't stack with other drop rate items (Charmed Berry, or Amplifiers) or obtain between 1% or 5% of your total gold.

What about Mystic Clovers

Mystic Clovers are consumed when using Fortune Lot and Career Lot. They increase the chances for the lots to be:

Career Lots: Nothing or Best.

Fortune Lots: Nothing, Good or Best (not 1% or 5% of total gold)

You can obtain Mystic Clovers from: Mystery Boxes, or from rewards on Chaos Icicle or Capture The Flag.

Hope this guide has helped shine light on these mysterious item!
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