Chaos Isle minigame


Dec 16, 2021
The goal of this groupal map is to score more Team Points than the enemy team by getting more kills inside of the map and win the first place reward and get to farm amazing rewards after the PK is over.

You can go to Chaos isle by talking to Chaos Isle Administrator at 64,44 in Pirates Room every day at 10:00 and 17:00 based on server time

Note: To visit Pirates Room you can talk to any of the main cities teleporters.

This minigame has a balanced stats like every other minigame.

After talking to the Chaos Island Administrator players will be teleported to a lobby where they will have to wait 5 minutes for the game to start.

After 5 minutes players will be split in 2 teams (Green and Red) and everyone will spawn in a small island with a Nurse and a Teleporter,

Players will be given:

20 Love Bombs
15 Love Food
15 Love Ball

Note: Only the manufacturing given by the system will be usable inside of the minigame.

How does the map work?

Players from both teams will have to talk to the Teleporter NPC to be teleported inside of the Chaos Isle PK area. After dying players will respawn in the island again to be able to heal with the nurse to go back inside into.

Inside of the map you will be able to pk other players getting 1 Team Point per kill and there will be different waves of chests that will spawn in the following order:


Every 5 minutes a wave of x15 chests will spawn inside of the map with the following rewards:

Novice Chaos Isle Chest (Minute 5)

Island Coin 20%
Weightless Potion 40%
Novice Chaos Voucher 30%
Potion Coin 50%
Broken Legendary Orb 0.25%
Flash Bomb lv 2 20%

Standard Chaos Isle Chest (Minute 10)

Island Coin 30%
Blessed Potion 60%
Standard Chaos Voucher 30%
Potion Coin 60%
Broken Legendary Orb 0.4%
Flash Bomb lv 2 25%

Expert Chaos Isle Chest (Minute 15)

Island Coin 40%
Blessed Potion 80%
Expert Chaos Voucher 30%
Potion Coin 70%
Broken Legendary Orb 0.5%
Flash Bomb lv 2 35%
Grenade lv 5 30%

When does the minigame finish?

Teleporter NPC will work for 20 minutes after the minigame starts. This means that after the NPC is disabled, players who die won't be able to go back inside of the map and they will be teleported to the Pirates Room.

How to win?

Every single kill a player makes will count as 1 team point. At minute :20 when the Teleporter NPC is disabled, players from the team with more Team Points will win the First Place Reward Chest while loser team will win a Second Place Reward Chest.

First place chest

Million Dollar Note x25
Million Dollar Note x30
Million Dollar Note x35
(Mount) Battle Tortoise
Earth Rock
Imporved Water Rock
Lumber Rock
Golden Rock
Black Dragon Gem Chest
Yellow Jade
Red Jade
1k Supporter Point
100x Crystal
x50 Crystal
x30 Crystal
x20 Flash Bomb lv 2
Flash Bomb lv 3 x3
Eye of Black Dragon
Heart of Black Dragon
Soul of Black Dragon
Broken Legendary Orb
Hero Medal x2
Letter L
Letter O
Great Attack Potion x4
Super Iftar
Minigame God Box
Lv 3 Titlte Upgrade Fragment x5
Island Coin

Second place chest

Random 30000-50000 Reputation Points
Earth Rock
Imporved Water Rock
Lumber Rock
Golden Rock
1x Yellow Jade
1x Red Jade
1x Green Jade
x50 Crystal
x30 Crystal
x10 Crystal
Universe Purse
500 Supporter Point Voucher
Unique Gem Voucher lv 2
Million Dollar Note x15
Million Dollar Note x20
x15 Weightless Potion
x15 Flash Bomb lv 2
Eye of Black Dragon
Heart of Black Dragon
Hero Stone x6
Lv 3 Titlte Upgrade Fragment x2
Island Coin

Third place:

Mount Upgrade Pump
Rock Gem Chest
5m to 9m gold
Kal Runestone
5x Crystals
10k Reputation Voucher
x5 Amplifier of Luck
x5 Million Dollar Note
x60 Mystic Clover
Weightless Potion x6
Universe Purse

What happens after the rewards are given?

Players who are still inside of the map will be able to fight to survive until the end of the map.

At minute :20, :22 and :24 different waves of lv 50 Parrots will spawn around the map. They have very high vision and they unstealth players so trying to hide to survive won't be that easy!

At minute :25 a big amount of Island Monsters will spawn around the map for survivors to farm.


Island monsters will give 1 Island Card to every alive player from the winner team.

If players from the enemy team are still inside when players attack Island Mobs a system message will be displaying indicating that enemies are still inside and mobs won't give any reward. This means that your team has to kill every single player from the enemy team to be able to get rewards from the Island Monsters.

Map will close when one of the following events happen:

1. Players inside of the map kill 10 Island Monsters that gave them Island Cards (If a monster is killed while enemy players are inside it won't count)

2. Map is still open at minute :30. If this is the case, players will be teleported outside of the map no matter how many Island Cards were farmed.


Players can talk to Chaos Isle Administrator to exchange the with Island Coins and Cards they get from the map.

Island Coins exchanger

Players can exchange x10 Island Coins for a Island box with the following rewards:

Broken Legendary Orb
x20 Crystal
Million Dollar Note x25
Million Dollar Note x50
Flash Bomb lv 2 x49
Flash Bomb lv 3 x10
Ultimate Potion Box
Letter H
Letter S
Letter I

Island Cards exchanger

Players can exchange the Island Cards they get from the monsters inside of Chaos Isle for the following rewards:

Gold Necklace 300 Island Cards
Magic Gold Necklace 300 Island Cards
Island Coin 25 Island Cards
Chaos Island God Box 200 Island Cards

Chaos Island God Box possible drops:

200m Dollar Note
300m Dollar Note
Legendary Orb
Bracelet Gem Chest
Handguard Gem Chest
Lv 95 Weapon Chest
Death Enchantment Stone
Infinity Stone