Easter Town - A Strange World


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May 3, 2020
Hello guys! This guide will walk you through the Easter Event Map

Let's get started first by going to Outskirt in Argent City (2158, 2771). Here you will see and NPC called JJ the Magical Rabbit and a Hole (portal)


JJ the Magical Rabbit sells Magic Mushroom Cake, which will turn you into a rabbit for 30 seconds to be able to enter the Hole

The Hole will teleport you to Under Tunnel Sea Region and you need to continue until you hit the a Ladder.

Go talk Elena after you enter the Hole in Eastern Town (383, 197) and get the quest A Strange World.

The quest will tell you to go to the Easter Bunny in the Caterpillar King Statue at 636, 199,

The quest will ask you to and kill Blue Caterpillars in order to get Anti Poison Brew and Chocolate Apple.

After that, go talk to Arthur Rabbit at (52,39) at the Rabbit's Palace in which he will ask to get the Easter Egg Tracker.

Remember to buy Magic Mushroom Cake from Arthur Rabbit since you will need to be a Rabbit in order to get deeper into another Hole

To be able to get that item you need to free the Rabbit from prison by killing the 3 different Bunny Guards and get the Prison Key 1-2-3.


After acquiring the 3x keys, go and open the door in the middle route and talk to the Bunny Helper and he will give you the tracker!

After this, go back to Arthur Rabbit to give him the tracker and he will reward you with 1 token and 100k gold.

He will give you a new quest which you will need to collect different color eggs and you will need track them out and dig them out with your Bunny Claws.
When you finish collecting them, to talk to the Old Wise Wizard at (183, 421) inside the Maze.

Pink Tree (144, 76), Yellow Tree (345, 369), Blue Tree (199, 234), Green Tree (288,129), Red Tree (363, 61 )

The Old Wise Wizard at (183, 421) will give you another quest to and defeat the King Caterpillar in the Lair of Caterpillar King.

The Old Wise Wizard will give you an Easter Emblem which will allow you to enter the Lair of Caterpillar King by double clicking it.

Go back to the Old Wise Wizard after defeating the King Caterpillar.

After that, go back to Elena (385, 198) and she will give you the reward (Magical Bunny Bounty)

Rewards can be:

80% - Turkey Apparel Chest of Different Colors and Happy Easter Title
20% - Obtaining Magic Mushroom Tokens to redeem prizes in The Magic Mushroom Token Shop

Happy Easter, guys! Have fun!

Thanks to @Mid @Smash @Kovak @DeadlyRose for information on tree and helping me kill the big boss ;)



SOUTH EAST OF THE MAP in the Forest Shop



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