Forsaken City



Forsaken City Guide - Maps

Things to keep in mind:

1. Only levels 30-45 players can enter Forsaken City.
2. Forsaken City opens every 3 hours, and although the portal is only open for 1 hour, FC stays open for 2 hours (1 hour more after the portal closes).
3. The portal to Forsaken City is located east of Shaitan dock, fairly close to Canary Isle, at Magical Ocean (1508,3665).
4. Bring much healing, either battle sm/cleric or your own buffer, lots of cakes also recommended.
5. Forsaken City’s portal is located at sea, that means you have to go with a ship first to pass sea and reach dock to start in land.
6. A decently strong boat is recommended as there is a high chance of sea pk before reaching land.
7. Accelerators/Atomizers are highly recommended to survive the sea phase.
8. Forsaken City is also known as FC
9. Forsaken is the only place where you could get broken gems from.
10. If you die, disconnect or log out you will be thrown out of the map back to your last saved respawn point.


In Pirates Online, there are four Main Mazes to Explore: Chaos Argent (only level 20+), Forsaken City (only level 30-45) Dark Swamp (only level 40-55) and Demonic World (only level 50+); we will be focusing on Forsaken City.

Forsaken City or as commonly known, FC, is a maze that gives players a chance at multiple desirable items such as Skeletal/Incantation Chests, Sealed 35 Equipment, Refining Gems, Goddess Favor, STR and FUS Scrolls and more!, not to mention it’s the only place where you can acquire Broken Gems. It contains three floors, which are packed with undead monsters, treasure chests, mini bosses, as well as a unique boss on the last floor. The portal to Forsaken City opens every 3 hours, a total of 8 times per day.

It’s always recommended for any players to wish to go to FC to be Lv 45 because this will provide the player with the most Skill/Stat points available. Players must also find a guild which specializes in FC, with a guild, it can be a much more rewarding experience.

How to get to Forsaken City?

Ok, well, the first and main step is to make sure you have an Ancient Generator, which most people refer to as AG or Ancient Gen.

Ancient Generators can be made by Little Daniel (Argent City, 2193,2730), and you only need 10 Robot Cores and 5k.

Once you have your AG, head to Shaitan Harbour, and make sure that you have a boat docked at Shaitan Harbour, now it's time to head to FC. Set sail from Shaitan Harbour and head to the coordinates 1509, 3666 in Ascaron. Once your there, if the portal is open, there will be a whirlpool, as shown in this picture below

Once you reach this whirlpool, click it to enter, once in, your AG disappears and you are now in FC. Take note right now that this "IS" a PvP area, so you can get attacked by other people, so i strongly suggest having a team.

Once you get into FC head to the coordinates 297, 328 and you will then arrive to a dock

Ways to make money in Forsaken City

1. killing mini-bosses.

2. farming

3. chesting

Forsaken City 1

Forsaken City 1, or FC 1, is the first floor of the maze. The monsters in here are by far the weakest, and it is the only floor which contains mini bosses.

FC 1 has a sea surrounding it, meaning that sailing to the dock (which is on the opposite side of the spawn point) will not be an easy task, since sea battles are quite common in this maze.

Additionally, FC 1 monsters have a very peculiar respawn time of 30 minutes. This means that, if people farm fast enough, four whole "rounds" of monsters can be done throughout one Maze.

Monsters found in FC 1:

Sorrow Warrior

Sorrow Warrior Drops:

Sorrow Archer

Sorrow Archer Drops:

Wailing Warrior

Wailing Warrior Drops:

Wailing Archer

Wailing Archer Drops:

FC 1 Mini-Bosses:

FC 1 is the only floor in this maze which contains mini bosses, and they are hard to find too, as they look like all the mobs around, they just happen to be stronger, having extra hp and causing extra damage. There is one for each kind of mob, making a total of 4 mini bosses.

Pro Tip: both mobs and mini-bosses respawn after 30 minutes.

Sorrow Captain

Sorrow Captain Drops:

Sorrow Archer Captain

Sorrow Archer Captain Drops:

Wailing Captain

Wailing Captain Drops:

Wailing Archer Captain

Wailing Archer Captain Drops:


Their drops are nothing too special except for Mystic Chests, no additional comments.

Chest in FC 1 Drops:

The portal to the next floor is located at (80,243), as seen on the map picture above.

Forsaken City 2

The next floor, Forsaken City 2, or FC 2, is not of much interest. It is more of a transition maze from FC 1 to FC 3.

What makes FC 2 peculiar is its random spawns. As the map image suggests, there are four different corners which represent four possible spawn points.

Getting to the middle may not always be an easy task, since the the whole map is a labyrinth with various crossroads and monsters accompanying players the whole way.

Monsters found in FC 2:

Elite Wailing Warrior

Elite Wailing Warrior Drops:

Wailing Marksman

Wailing Marksman Drops:

Cursed Mummy

Cursed Mummy Drops:


The chests in here are not incredibly interesting, they do, however, drop Skeletal Chests.

Chest in FC 2 Drops:


The portal to the next floor is located at (235,223), in the middle, as can be seen on the map picture.

Forsaken City 3

The last floor of this maze is Forsaken City 3, or FC 3. It is home to the main boss of this maze, the dreaded Death Knight.

Monsters found in FC 3:

In FC 3, you will also find Wailing Marksman and Cursed Mummy just as in FC 2 but with addition of the stronger Crazy Mummy.

Crazy Mummy

Crazy Mummy Drops:


Probably the only chest in FC with very good drops, Incantation Chests. They are surrounded by a large number of strong monsters, so beware!

Chests in FC 3 Drops:

FINAL BOSS - The Death Knight

The main boss in FC is The Death Knight, located in the top-left corner of the Map; north-west off the spawn point.

This Boss is one of the most uniques in the whole game, also has two very unique skills, a debuff and a DoT (Damage over Time) skill, as well as strong basic attacks.

The Death Knight Drops:

Next to the boss, at (24,22), is a portal which leads back to Shaitan dock. It can be used as a way to triumphantly return back to town after a successful boss run... or walk the walk of shame after the boss humiliated whoever wished to challenge him.


Hello Panda, those drops are not 100%, they have low drop %.

death FC drop.jpg