(Guide) Lv 45 - 55 Bracelet Upgrade


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Dec 30, 2019
Hello guys, this will be a quick guide on how to upgrade your loved lv45 and 55 bracelets

Lets go!

The first thing you may wanna do is head to the Lv 45 – 55 Bracelet Upgrader in dream city (409, 591) for more info.

Once you talk to him you will realize that you’ll need either a Lv 45 Bracelet Enchantement or Lv 55 Bracelet Enchantement and 15 million gold if you go for the Lv 45 one or 25 million gold if you’re going for the lv 55.

How do we obtain these Bracelet Enchantement?
1) First way is offered right in that NPC, you’ll need to bring x400 Chaos Coins for the lv45 Enchantement and x 500 Chaos Coins for the lv55 Enchantement.
2) Defeating some bosses: For level 45 Enchantement:


ENJOY ;);)🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️