Guild Tribulation


Nov 16, 2022
Hello pirates, today we will learn how to do Guild Tribulations!

First of all, guild members must visit the Guild Manager at Argent City (2327,2822)


To unlock the guild tribulation feature, guild leader must talk to Tribulation Administrator inside of the guild house and sacrifice a Stone of Tribulation that can be obtained from the item mall.

Note: Payment has to be done only once to unlock the feature, after it's unlocked guilds can go unlimited times.


After the guild feature is enabled, the guild leader can activate the Tribulation by talking to the NPC and players will have 5 minutes to enter in the room.


Guild members will have to talk to the Guild Tribulation NPC to enter the waiting room. Tribulation will automatically start after 5 minutes. There is no limit on the amount of players that can attend Guild Tribulations but guilds can start tribulations only twice a day. (Timer restarts at 0:00 based on server time).

Important note: A player can only enter Guild tribulation once


Players will be teleporter to Tribulation Room #1

The main mob of this tribulation room is Poison Spider.



Giant Poison Spider:


Keep in mind that each room has this little area with this Green Rock
It is a very important ore for your character's progress.

You have to mine that wall down in order to collect the Green Rock.
Always bring a character with mining skill to help your guildmates break down this wall

Green Rock Drop:
The rock have 50 HP and each hit deal 1 damage
(I strongly recommend you bring a Golden Pickaxe to have 2x resource drop)

You need to kill 68 mobs, after they're done the King Poison Spider will spawn.


After defeating the first boss, players will spawn in Tribulation Room #2

Once you are inside, you will find Frozen Reapers, they are fast and deadly so you have to be careful!


Giant Frozen Reaper:


There are 69 mobs in this room, after the 69 mobs are dead, a strong Wizard Forest will spawn at 442,77.


After defeating the boss players will spawn in Tribulation Room #3

Magma Golems are stronger than Frozen Reapers so you need to make sure your team is synchronized.


Giant Magma Golem:


There are 70 golems, after the 70 magma golems are dead a Magma Lizard will spawn. It is the strongest boss so you will have to keep it sealed or he will defeat everyone!


Box of Tribulation drops:

Seal Blueprint 10x 15%
Invocation Blueprint 1x 10%
Million Dolar Note 20%
5000 Reputation Scroll 10%
10000 Cooking Experience Card 8%
10000 Manufacturing Experience Card 8%
10000 Crafting Experience Card 8%
Infinity Weapon Fragment 3%

Infinity Ring Fragment 3%
Refining Gem 15%

Guild Tribulation rewards:

When the last boss is defeated everyone in the lobby will get x3 Hero Stone, x1 Hero Medal and a Tribulation Reward Box in their inventory. Guild will earn 1000 experience points for every finished tribulation.

Tribulation Reward Box possible rewards:

-2 Hero Stone
-3 Hero Stone
-Skating Potion
-Hero Medal

Hero Stone Shop.

- Tribulation Recovery Flask = 1 Hero Stone
- Berserk Potion (30 Mins) = 4 Hero Stone
- Harden Potion (30 Mins) = 4 Hero Stone
- Accurate Potion (30 Mins) = 4 Hero Stone
- Valentine Cookie = 2 Hero Stone
- Valentine Cookie2 = 2 Hero Stone
- Great Attack Potion = 4 Hero Stone
- Spiritual Potion (30 Mins) = 4 Hero Stone
- Magical Potion (30 Mins) = 4 Hero Stone

Hero Medals:

Players can exchange 8x Hero Medals + 100m gold for 1x Lv 95 Weapon Chest

95 Weapon chest: Gives a random 95 weapon chest box with different rarities:

- Grey weapon chest gives a random grey 95 weapon
- Green weapon chest gives a random Green 95 weapon
- Red weapon chest gives a random Red 95 weapon
- Purple weapon chest gives a random Purple 95 weapon
- Gold weapon chest gives a random Gold 95 weapon

Weapon Fragments:

30x Weapon Fragmens + 100m Gold to get a 95 Random weapon chest.

(The items are the same as the 8x Hero Medal 95 Weapon Chest)

Infinity Ring Fragments:

This stone is used to upgrade your lv 85 ring to an lv 95 ring.

You can upgrade your ring in the Infinity Ring Upgrade option.

All stats from every single weapon and infinity rings.
95 Weapons:
Infinity Rings:

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