How to play PO if you have a Mac


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Apr 19, 2019
Hello everyone, this time and thx to @Chrisoname (Discord) i will show you how to run the game if you have a Mac.

First of all, download WineBottler Combo:

Go to the search bar and Press Wine:

It should appear on top like this:

Press the Wine Logo on top and go to Change Prefix. Then, you have to Double Click Wine Files, Press “OK” and Close it.
Press the Wine Logo Again.

After this, just download the Game from the website and "Open With" the game.exe with WINE:

It will prompt you to either abort or go:

This will Install the game in the Wine Files Folder. If it tells you that you need .Net Framework, you can download it from here:

This will download a .exe file. Open it with Wine the same way you open up the .exe for installing the game.

Repeat the same steps of opening with Wine Files and Press Go and try to install the game again.

Now, go to the Wine Icon and press File Manager.

This will open something like this:

Now, go to the Pirates Online Folder and click Launcher.bat or New UI Skin.Bat

The game will probably want you to update the client. For that, there are few things that you will have to do:

Note: I highly recomend to download The Unarchiver for decompressing Patch Files

To find the latest patches go to Discord / #manual-patch-link.

Now, download the necessary patches in order. Then, go to the Search Bar and type Terminal.

Inside the terminal Write:

Note: if you didnʼt change the name of the game folder it should be named: Pirates\Online\ V0.8)

cd ~/Wine\ Files/drive_c/Pirates\ Online\ V0.8


cd ~/Wine\ Files/drive_c/(name you chose for game folder

\ <— spaces for a folder with spaces in-between

To check that you are inside the correct folder , in the Terminal write:

open . <—— thereʼs a dot there (open . ) DO NOT MISS THE DOT

It should open the finder with all the files.

Now, let´s go back to the terminal:

Note: If you downloaded and decompressed the patch using the unarchiver, it should be inside the Downloads and named po patch.

Type in Terminal:

rsync -a -p --remove-source-files ~/Downloads/po\ patch/* . <—— thereʼs a dot there. DO NOT MISS THE DOT

~/Downloads/po\ patch/* . is the location of the patch and the asteryx is saying to take everything inside this folder and sync it to THIS folder that we are in. The . (dot) is like saying “here”.

This should sync the files from the patch to the Game Folder.

Now, you can open the Game, again using the File Manager.

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Sep 8, 2019
Hello.. i have MacOs.. and well i have already install "wine app" so. i donwload the game and install after it.. i try to open with the "Launcher bat."
when trying to execute, a window opens for 1 second, then closes and nothing happens.. i dont know what to do in this points.. i try to follow step by step but i cant continue because Discord link is down .. i try to find it in youtube videos.. fan page fb , web site, but not one work.
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