Legendary Armor


Nov 16, 2022
Hello Pirates this will be a guide about how to upgrade your Infinity armor to Legendary Armors.

The most important item for this is the Legendary Stone

To assemble a Legendary Stone you will have to head 905,3509 in Shaitan City, near Shaitan Blacksmith and talk with Envoy of Goddess - Ville. It will require the following items:

- 10x Legendary Orbs
- 10x Eye of Black Dragon
- 10x Soul of Black dragon
- 10x Heart of Black Dragon
- 5x Infinity Stone
- 5x Death Enchantment Stone
- 50x Kal Runestone

- 500m Gold

Once you assembled your Legendary Stone , you will need to talk again with Envoy of Goddess - Ville and choose your class

And upgrade it to Legendary Armor

(You will not lose gems when you upgrade your infinity armor to legendary armor)

Here is the stats of all Armors: