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Nov 16, 2022
Hello guys, today i'm here to teach you how to level up to the lvl 110 in cloud sea server.

First of all, you gonna create your account in the website and click on this link Cloud starter items.(You can claim it in other accounts too)

The items that come from the equipment box are lv 75 - 80 items, so you will have to grind leves in order to use them.

The items will be based on your class, so if you are a crusader, you will get crusader items.

After claming all your items, you gonna log in the character that u send the items and use the boxs.

With your items and character in hands, you gonna choose one class to start.
(Classes guides: All Classes)

After logging in you will head to the coordinates 2236,2774 in the city of Argenty City.
Here is where we gonna start to grind some levels

Each quest in Newbie Helper npc needs a certain amount of Quest Points.

(You don't lose Quest points after accepting expedition quests, meaning you can can do those quest and get good lvls)

And how do i get Quest points?

Doing quests around the city

(I recommend you do all newbie island quests and Secretary Message since they're easy for beginners)

Newbie Área quest vídeo

You can start Secretary Message at 2233,2773 in Argent City

Everytime you finish a quest this will appear in your screen.

You Obtained 1 Quest Point

You can check you many quest points you have by pressing ALT + Q


After doing classe and getting lv 95 in your accounts, you gonna head towards to the pirate room.

Once u reach pirates room, you gonna go to those coordinates (39,46).

This is where u gonna level up till u reach lvl 110.

(I strongly recommend you create a Sharpshooter and Seal Master to do tribulation)

Everything that you need to know about Tribulation of Faith guide --> Tribulation of Faith Guide

Lv 110+

Leveling spots changes:

The statistics, experience points, and levels of monsters located on Summer Island, Autumn Island, Spring Island, Skeletar Isle, and Naval Base have been increased.

We have modified the monsters on Spring Island and in the Naval Base to better suit leveling for magic classes. They now have less HP and will receive melee damage when attacked by magic classes.


The experience gained from monsters within the Cave of the Shadows dungeon has been significantly boosted.

Monsters within the Guild Tribulation now yield significantly more experience. Every player participating in the Guild Tribulation will obtain this increased experience while leveling there.

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