Making money in Pirates Online! 10 methods


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Oct 16, 2022
Hello Pirates, today we will learn how to earn money in Pirates Online!

This is the list of methods:

1. Reputation
1.1 Discipples
1.2 500 Reputation Vouchers
2. PK Map Furious Bosses
2.1 Chaos Dragon
3. Dungeons
4.New Sheepskin Scrolls & Old Sheepskin Scroll
5. Tribulation
6 Cooking
7. Newbie Friendly Mazes.
-Capture the Flag
-Chaos Icicle
-Snowman Fortress
8. Joining a guild.
9. Dark Celestial Shard farming
10. Pet farming

Let's start!

1. Reputation

1.1 Disciples

Reputation is used to buy items from the reputation center. Farming reputation is a very good way to get rich in Pirates Online. You can check your reputation by pressing Alt + A.

The easiest way to get reputation is leveling disciples. You can level up other players too, but its easiest by yourself.

Note: you can do this with 4 disciples at the same time, if you decide to do it by yourself you need 4 extra accounts.

Items you will need:
- Party EXP Fruit
-Lucky Packet
-Heaven's Berry

You can also use lv 1, 2 or 3 bags by buying them from players or manufacturing them by yourself. It may save you some time but it'll be more expensive.

How does it work?

First of all you must send your disciples request by right clicking on the character like this:

Your disciple needs to be atleast level 8 to be able to join the party, thats where Lucky Packet come in handy!

There are different places where you can level up your disciples depending on your character strenght:

Low gemmed mentor:

-Silver Mine
-Andes Forest
-Zephyr Isle
-Glacier Isle
-Outlaw Isle
-Isle of Chill
-Canary Isle

Mid/High gemmed mentor:
-Isle of Fortune
- Region of Demons (Dream)

Once you decide where to level up your disciples make sure you use Party Exp Fruit to do it faster. If your disciples have a mentor they'll recieve Mini Amplifier of Strive in their temporary bag (Press Alt+ D to open), you can use them on every disicple to double the experience they recieve from mobs you kill.

You should also use Pucca on every character to make it even faster. You can find pucca in Argent City at (2184,2775)

You'll get around 5000 reputation per character after leveling them to lv60.
Current price for 10k reputation is around 3-4m so after leveling x4 characters you'll make 20k reputation and you'll recieve 200k gold per character.

1.2 500 Reputation Vouchers.

You can farm 500 Reputation Vouchers from the following mobs:

Monster: Level Drop Rate (without 2x of server)

Black Bobcat Lv75 - 0,50%
Pumpkin Knight Lv46 -0,32%
Sand Crab Lv47 - 0,32%
Elite Shadow Hunter Lv73 - 0,50%
Sakura Pirate Sailor Lv51 - 0,50%
Sakura Pirate Fighter Lv52 - 0,50%
Sakura Pirate Militia Lv52 - 0,50%
Horrific Yeti Lv51- 0,40%
Pirate 006 Lv65 - 0,70%
Pirate 007 Lv68 - 0,70%
Pirate 008 Lv70 - 0,70%
Zombie (Pong) Lv65 - 0,70%
Zombie (Gang) Lv67 - 0,70%
Zombie (Hu) Lv70 - 0,70%
Hell Skeleton B Lv70 - 0,70%

You can also get 10k reputation vouchers from Furious Bosses.

2. PK Map Furious Bosses

This is the list of bosses:

Furious Orc
Furious Cactus
Furious Snail
Furious Yeti

Bosses spawn every 12 hours at PK map (You can teleport from any main teleporter after completing 2nd class advancement) . Considering it is a balanced stat map everyone has the same strenght, so you can kill them even if you are a new player but there will be more players trying to kill them and you!

Did you visit Pk Map and bosses were not alive?
Don't worry, you can keep track of the bosses with our maze timers freature.

To check timers go on the little bar at the bottom of your screen and click the little skull icon.

Monster timers will display like this:

This is the list of drops of regular Furious bosses:

Lv 1 Refining Gem Voucher 100%
Lv 2 Refining Gem Voucher 40%
Lv 3 Refining Gem Voucher 20%
10000 Reputation Scroll 100%
The Universe Purse 5%
Stone of Shambala 5%
Great Fruit Box 20%
Daily Stone 5%

Drop rate amplifiers DO NOT WORK IN PK MAP, so no point in useing them.

2.1 Chaos Dragon
This is the main boss of PK map, it respawns every 18 hours.
His possible drops are:

(Mount) Chaos Dragon 1%
Saturday's Stone 5%
Sunday's Stone 5%
Stone of shambala 5%
(Sealed) Black Dragon Altar 100%
Kal Runestone 90%
10x Crystal 80%
Crafting Material 90%

After it is defeated it will spawn 10 Chaos Chests with the following drops:

Black Dragon Gem Chest
20k Reputation Voucher
Universe Gem Voucher
10x Crystal
200 Fairy Growth Potion
Lv85 Weapon Box
Rock Gem Chest
Cloak Upgrade Device

As you can see from the drops, if you are lucky you can get a really good profit by fighting other players with balanced stats.

The chests always spawn in the following locations

3. Dungeons.

Dungeons are an easy way to get money as a new player 24/7. You also have balanced stats here so new players won't struggle in the map. (This means that your stats will be edited once you enter the map). The more you do dungeons, the faster you will do every time, practice makes perfect!

How to enter dungeons?
You must go to Pirate's Room (You can teleport from Argent, Icicle or Shaitan teleporters)

Once in the room, visit Dungeon Explorer- Lin at (61,42)

There are 5 dungeons you can do, Sandy beach, Frozen tavern, Pharaoh's desert, Lava covered peak and Cade of the shadows!
They all work the same so doing them is up to preference, i recommend Froze tavern as its the most linear map.

You can do dungeons by yourself or in a party with your friends, you simply have to choose the right option when talking to Lin.

You must activate the dungeon once you enter by talking to the NPC:

By killing Dungeon Monsters you have a chance to obtain the following:

You need to be careful as you kill the monsters because they can kill you. Try to use Dungeon Potion dropped by mobs to recover your HP in case you are in troubles.

After killing around 80 monsters a Dungeon Hidden Chest will spawn (coords will appear in your system chat)
You must find and kill it, it has a chanse to drop the following:

You will also get a message like this showing in your screen:

Note: Coords will be different in every dungeon.

Boss Drops

Note: Boss drops Dungeon potions as you deal damage to it so you can still heal up while you kill it.

After killing boss you will get this amount of dungeon coins based on the party members:
1 player 4 coins
2 players: 3 coins
3 players: 2 or 3 coins
4 players: 2 or 3 coins
5 players: 2 coins
So the best is to do it solo

You can exchange Dungeon Coins with Dungeon Explorer - Yuri in Pirates Room at 38,42.

The best items to redeem are the Skaiting potions they cost 4 coins and you can sell them for 4-5m each. Usual market price for each coin is 1m, you can post this message in world "S> Dungeon coins 1m ea!", but best is to farm a few before selling as players might want other items.

The full list of items you can buy is below:

4. New Sheepskin Scrolls & Old Sheepskin Scroll

This is another easy way to get money. The main items you can get from them are Unique Gems which tend to have decent prices in Pirates Online.

For more info you can read it's own guide:

You can also read this guide to know the closest places to go when openning Old Sheepskin Scrolls:

You can farm OSS from these mobs:

Baby Ice Dragon (forgotten island at dream) 0.3%
Shimizu Pig (forgotten island at dream) 0.3%
Batman (forgotten island at dream) 0.3%
Berserk Demon Wolf (forgotten island at dream) 0.3%
Darkpaw (Region of demons at dream) 0.5%
Whitepaw (Region of demons at dream) 0.5%
Rifleman (pkmap) 0.7%
Dungeon mobs

This is the list of possible OSS drops:

5. Tribulation

You can do Tribulation once per day (you can bring an alt). This is not a balanced stat map so you character strenght will determine how well you do on the map, so as you get stronger it will be easier for you.

You should get a high level luck pet to increase your drops and a x3 luck amplifier (suggested).

To enter tribulation you must visit Tribulation Administrator at Pirate's Room (37,46)

You can do tribulation by yourself (i dont recomend this) or in a party based on your level (Every party member must fulfil the conditions)

Every tribulation has 25 waves of monsters with increased dificutly after each boss, first boss spawns after 10 waves, second boss after another 10 waves and the last boss after 5 waves.

Mobs drop:

Refining Gem
Box of Faith
Symbol of Faith

Each boss also has his own drops (examples for Legendary Lv85+ tibulation)

First boss Crushor possible drops:
Symbol of Faith
Box of faith
Refining Gem
10000 Reputation Scroll
Crushor Chest

Second boss Slitherslime possible drops:
Symbol of Faith
Box of faith
Refining Gem
10000 Reputation Scroll
Slitherslime Chest

Third boss Morbidos possible drops:
The Universe Purse
Gem Jade Chest
Refining Gem
Kal Runestone
20000 Reputation Scroll
Mount Upgrade Pump
Cloak Upgrade Device
Slitherslime Chest

How to get money from tribulation?

You can sell the refining gems you get from monsters or use them for yourself.
You can open the Boxes of faith you get from monsters to get money and symbols of faith,
You can use Symbols of Faith at the exchanger to get the following:

Most useful items are that can be sold to players are:

Hi- Amplifier of Luck
Stat potions

Note: Check in game stall database everytime you try to sell something to players to avoid getting scammed.

6. Cooking

Cooking can be really good, but it is mostly profitable if you get a high level cooking skill so you can make the high level cookings which are more expensive.
If you decide to level up your skill level it my take some time.

For more info about cooking read our guide here:


7. Newbie friendly mazes

Balanced stat maps are really good for new players to train their pk skills, have fun and get some extra money.

Capture the Flag, Chaos Icicle and Snowman's Fortress open twice a day to allow people from different timezones join.

All Mazes can be found inside Pirate's room on its respective NPC.

Capture the Flag

Things to keep in mind:
  • Capture the Flag is a BALANCED PK activity where all players, regardless of gear/class have the same stats.
  • Capture the Flag is also known as CTF.
  • Only players level 45 and above who have completed the 2nd class advancement can enter Capture The Flag event.
  • Capture the Flag opens once every twice a day, it normally lasts about 20 minutes.
  • The NPC that will let you access Capture the Flag is located at Pirates room at the right
  • First team to score 100 points wins.
  • Flag carries (taking the flag inside the enemy base) will grant 10 points .
  • Player kills have a 25% chance of granting a point to the killer's team.
  • Only one flag active at any given time, when a flag is brought inside the enemy's base, it respawns back at the middle of the map.
  • If you disconnect you will be teleported back to your last saved respawn location, you have two minutes from that moment in order re-enter CTF or you won't be able to enter any longer.
Being part of CTF can get you amazing rewards like these:


Random 30000-50000 Reputation Points
1x Unique Gem Voucher
1x Locke's Power
1x Yellow Jade
1x Red Jade
1x Green Jade
1x Cloak Upgrade Device
1x Improved Water Rock
500 Supporter Point Voucher
x50 Crystals
x10 Skating Potion
x20 Flash Bomb Lv2
x16 Weightless Potion
Unique Gem Voucher lv 2
Unique Gem Voucher lv 3
x30 Crystal
x10 Crystal
1k Supporter Point
Eye of Black Dragon
Heart of Black Dragon
100x Crystal
Hero Medal x1
25x Million Dollar Note


6x Weightless Potion
universe purse
Kal Runestone
From 7m to 10m gold
5x Crystals
10k Reputation Voucher
Dungeon Coin x10
Dungeon Coin x15
Hero Stone x3

Chaos Icicle:

When the map starts, every 5 minutes, chests and monsters will spawn, and in the last wave Frost Dragon Boss will spawn.

First Wave - Chests
  • Gives 1 Team Point
Second Wave - Normal Monsters:
  • Gives 2 Team Points
Third Wave - Strong Monsters:
  • Gives 3 Team Points
Last Wave - Frost Dragon:
  • The team that deals more damage to the boss after it dies get 20 Team Points.
The Team that get 100 points first wins!


50-74 Points:

Bronze Chaos Chest

Mount Upgrade Pump
Rock Gem Chest
From 5m to 9m gold
Kal Runestone
5x Crystals
10k Reputation Voucher
x5 Amplifier of Luck x2
x5 Million Dollar Note
x60 Mystic Clover
Weightless Potion x6
Universe Purse

75 - 89 Points:

Silver Chaos Chest

Random 30000-50000 Reputation Points
15x 100 Fairy Growth Potion
Earth Rock
Imporved Water Rock
Lumber Rock
Golden Rock
Yellow Jade
Red Jade
Green Jade
Mount Upgrade Pump
x30 Crystal
x10 Crystal
x80 Symbol of Faith
Universe Purse
1k Supporter Point Voucher
500 Supporter Point Voucher
Unique Gem Voucher lv 2
Million Dollar Note x15
Million Dollar Note x20
x15 Weightless Potion
x10 Flash Bomb lv 2
Eye of Black Dragon
Heart of Black Dragon
x50 Crystal
Hero Stone x6

90+ Points:

Gold Chaos Chest

Million Dollar Note x22
Million Dollar Note x30
Baby icy Dragon mount
Earth Rock
Imporved Water Rock
Lumber Rock
Golden Rock
Mount Upgrade Pump
Black Dragon Gem Chest
Yellow Jade
Red Jade
1k Supporter Point
Unique Gem Voucher lv 2
Unique Gem Voucher lv 3
x30 Crystal
x20 Flash Bomb lv 2
x10 Crystal
Eye of Black Dragon
Heart of Black Dragon
x50 Crystal
Hero Medal x2

Snowman's Fortress:

Once it's open for 5 minutes, you will enter into the waiting room (To enter it will require you to have 3 empty slots)
These slots would be for:
20x Snowman Icecream heals 50 hp per use
3x Snow man bomb: works like a Flash Bomb 1

You will be divided between Red and Green team.
When you attack you throw a snowball with gun range, and stats are balanced.

When one team kills every enemy, everyone gets teleported out, looser team can get rewards from Snowman's fortess NPC

Snowman Gift box(winning team)

x30 Crystal
x10 Crystal
1k Supporter Point
500 Supporter Points
Unique Gem voucher lv 1
Unique Gem Voucher lv 2
Improved Water Rock
locke's power lv 1
Red jade 5%
Yellow jade 5%
Flash Bomb lv 2 x18 6%
Cloak Upgrade
Mount Upgrade Pump
Weightless potion x15
Skating Potion x6
Eye of Black Dragon
Heart of Black Dragon
Flash Bomb lv 3 x3
Million Dollar Note x20
50 crystal

Runner up Snowman Gift:

Million Dollar Note x12
Carrion Ball lv 4 x10
Million Dollar Note x12
Flash Bomb lv 2
Dungeon Coins x8
Dungeon Coin x14
Unique Gem Voucher
500 Supporter Point Voucher
5x Crystals
30k Reputation

Lover's Clash

Lover's Clash participants will be split in two teams, Green Vs Red, first team to reech 300 points wins.

If you are winning kills have a chanse of giving 2 points, if you are losing kills have a chanse to give 3 points.
System gives you:
5x Love Bomb (Stuns enemy in radius for 1 second)
5x Love Food (recovers 15% HP)
5x Love Ball (Decrerease def by 3% and PR by 2% of target)



Flash Bomb lv 2 x20
Valentine Cookie x8
Black Dragon gem Chest
Earth Rock
Imporved Water Rock
Lumber Rock
Golden Rock
Unique Gem Voucher lv 2
Mount Upgrade Pump x1
Cloak Upgrade Device x1
Unique Gem Voucher lv 3
x30 Crystal
1k Supporter Points
50k Reputation
10 Crystals
Skating Potion x6
Eye of Black Dragon
Heart of Black Dragon
100x Crystal
Flash Bomb lv 3 x3
(Mount) Love Spirit


Locke's Power Lv1
Kal runestone
Flash Bomb lv2 x6
Weightless Potion x10
x6 100 Growth potion
50k Reputation
500 Supporter Point Voucher
Unique Gem Voucher
x15 Dungeon Coins
x80 Symbol of Faith
30k Reputation
5x Crystals
From Skating Potion x2

8. Joining a guild

Guilds play a very important role in Pirates Online economy, they attend to every high level maze to get incredible rewards!

You can try to join a guild, they usually split their drops between their own guild members.

9.Dark Celestial Shard farming

Dark celestial maze opens once every 26H, but it can be VERY profitable if you farm Celestial shard of darkness, as they can be sold to other players for 4-5 Million each depending on market prices.
You can check on the maze timer information when it opens next

Portal opens in winter island (242,858)

Things you will need: Fairy of luck, Hi-Amp of luck.
I recommend you bring some cheap healing potions and a buffer on autofollow for buffs and ocasional heal.


The monsters you want to farm are in Dark celestial 1 and can drop:

Refining gem
Celestial shard of darkness
Cursed crow wings (this can be sold to NPC for 170k each)
Nightmatmare Warrior Helmet (this can be sold to NPC for 200k each)

Map stays open for 45 minutes so be sure to kill as many monsters as you can!

10. Pet farming

Pet farm consists in leaveing as many accounts open as you can for as long as you can.

The things you will need for a pet farm are:

Game accounts
Pets, preferable 2nd gen as it gives more items
Fairy rations
Ability to leave computer on while afk

Items you can get from this:

Fairy coins
Elven signets
Elven Royal signets

All items will go to your temporary bag (Alt+D)

But how is that profitable?
You can turn Fairy Coins into Elven Signets and Elven Signets into Elven Royal Signets useing the Fairy Item Trader - Frank (2270, 2771)

Elven signets can also be used to get Weightless Potions, you can get 1 per day per account (and this is where haveing many accounts pet farming is usefull) useing Fairy seal chest, that you can get from Gift Giver (2239,2780) make sure to only spend 60 Elven signets per day opening the box! Each Weightless potion can be sold for 800k-1m depending on market prices.

You can also sell Elven Royal Signets to other players as they are materials in cooking and and you can sell them for about 60-100k each depending on market

Happy farming !
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