Monstros por região


AKA Junhyun
Nov 18, 2020
São Luís
Original por DayDream. Levemente editado por mim.

Ascaron (Level 1 - 10)

Level 1 - Mystic Shrub (2118,2638)
Drops: Green Grass, Root, Shriveled Leaf, Elven Fruit, Medicated Grass

Level 2 - Sleepy Snail (2220,2564)
Drops : Flowery Snail Shell, Snail Feeler, Smelly Gas, Red Date, Fancy Petal, Newbie Shoes

Level 3 - Forest Spirit (2220,2638)
Drops : Wing, Green Scale, Three Leaf Clover, Elven Fruit, Glass, Newbie Vest

Level 3 - Little Squirt (2296,2585)
Drops : Octopus Ink, Squirt Handkerchief, Animal Sweat, Red Date, Red Stone, Newbie Gloves

Level 4 - Mystic Flower (2118,2638)
Drops : Sweet Smelling Flower, Fresh Flower Petal, Flower Bud, Green Leaf, Fancy Petal, Newbie Shoes

Level 5 - Mini bee (2059,2753)
Drops : Bee Wing, Bee Antenna, Honey, Medicine Bottle, Royal Jelly, Novice Shoes

Level 5 - Little Squidy (2287,2555)
Drops: Octopus Tentacle, Squidy Cap, Animal Sweat, Medicine Bottle, Octopus Ink, Newbie Sword, Coarse Boots

Level 6 - Greedy Shroom (2220,2564)
Drops : Poison Mushroom, Fungus Spore, Mushroom, Kara Pill, Glowing Mystic Stone, Novice Shoes, Husk Gloves

Level 7 - Grass Tortoise (2057,2564)
Drops : Grass Tortoise Shell, Dark Tortoise Bones, Coagulated Liquid, Tortoise Blood, Husk Shield, Cloth Boots, Cloth Gloves

Level 8 - Cuddly Lamb (2057,2638)
Drops : Pure Wool, Short Goat Horn, Cashmere, Medicine Bottle, Broken Horn, Goaty Cap, Goaty Costume

Level 8 - Sea Snail (1989,2838)
Drops : Trumpet Shell, Fresh Whelk Meat, Incitant, Hard Shell, Glowing Mystic Stone, Husk Boots, Husk Gloves

Level 9 - Bubble Clam (1805,2986)
Drops : Scorpion Stinger, Rigid Scorpion Carapace, Pungent Gas, Medicine Bottle, Poisoned Thorn, Medic Boots, Medic Gloves

Level 10 - Piglet (1950,2563)
Drops : Pig Tail, Soft Pig Mane, Glass, Medicine Bottle, Sharp Tooth, Soft Leather Boots, Soft Leather Gloves


Ascaron (Level 11 - 20)

Level 12 - Bear Cub (1905,2853)
Drops : Bear Paw, Fermented Honey, Mane, Medicine Bottle, Red Stone, Tough Boots, Racoon Cap

Level 13 - Oyster (1817,2472)
Drops : Flowery Conch, Great Conch Fragment, Pure Water, Glass, Pink Pearl, Short Metal Sword, Soft Leather Armor

Level 15 - Whacky Lamb (1968,2697)
Drops : Silky Soft Wool, Pointed Goat Horn, Tail Hair, Medicine Bottle, Flaw Sapphire, Sheepy Costume, Sheepy Cap

Level 15 - Iron Crab (1773,2517)
Drops : Crab Carapace, Crab Pincer, Hypnotic Gas, Iron, Glowing Mystic Stone, Sharp Dagger, Soft Leather Armor

Level 15 - Great King Clam ( 2048, 2514)
Drops : Golden Conch Shell, Crown, Murky Water, Pure Water, Red Stone, Long Sword, Adventure Vest

Level 16 - Sentry Crab (1783,2507)
Drops : Rigid Crab Carapace, Razer Sharp Pincers, Clarion Sand, Medicine Bottle, Pink Pearl, Two Handed Sword, Crabby Cap

Level 17 - Angelic Panda (1655,2563)
Drops : Bamboo Shoot, Bamboo Leaf, Wing, Strange Fruit, Coconut, Adventure Gloves, Adventure Boots

Level 19 - Killer Shroom (1595,2689)
Drops : Poisonous Mushroom, Poisonous Fungus Spore, Hypnotic Gas, Kara Pill, Glowing Mystic Stone, Thick Gloves, Thick Boots

Level 20 - Smuggler (1624,3017)
Drops : Fake Documentation, Mystic Pen Head, Medicine Bottle, Old Air Ticket, Rainbow Glass, Kris, Adventure Vest

Level 20 - Barbaric Bee (1626,3139)
Drops : Soldier Bee Wing, Bee Ration, Wing, Medicine Bottle, Honey, Adventure Gloves, Wooden Stick

Level 20 - Armored King Crab (1783, 2507 - 1796,2514)
Drops: Huge Crab Pincers, Blood Red Crab Carapace, Rainbow Glass, Counteragent, Earthen Element Fragment, Big Crab Cap, Breast Plate

Ascaron (Level 21 - 30)

Level 21 - Owlie (1384,3065)
Drops : Black Feather, Owl Talon, Strange Fruit, Wing, Torn Explorer Skill Book, Meowy Cap, Racoon Shoes

Level 22 - Tusk Battle Boar (1384,3065)
Drops : Boar Spine, Short Boar Tail, Animal Sweat, Tusk, Torn Life Skill Book, Long Sword, Thick Armor

Level 22 - Hard Crust Snail (1495,3232)
Drops : Hard Trumpet Shell, Inedible Conch Meat, Incitant, Pure Water, Glowing Mystic Stone, Long Sword

Level 23 - Air Porky (1414,2896)
Drops : Small Tooth, Unusual Satchet, Animal Sweat, Medicine Bottle, Red Stone, Hunter Vest, Hunter Boots

Level 25- Bandit (1043,3066)
Drops : Bandit Bandana, Bandit Pass, Bandit Necklace, Robot Core, Healing Water, Steel Sword, Heavy Leather Armor

Level 25 - Meadow Deer (1503,2698)
Drops : Low Grade Antler, Thin Deer Skin, Incitant, Tear, Animal Skin, Explorer Gloves, Firegun

Level 25 - Bandit Leader - Adder (1052,3037)
Drops : Bandit Sash, Spikey Cuffs, Berserk Mark, Meteorite, Ancient Scroll, Magical Staff, Fencing Sword

Level 26 - Stramonium (1414,2896)
Drops : Stramonium Flower, Stramonium Sharp Spike, Medicated Grass, Stramonium Juice, Stramonium Fruit, Explorer Gloves, Explorer Boots

Level 27 - Rookie Boxeroo (1076,2931)

Level 28 - Mature Grass Tortoise (1198,3116)
Drops : Half Eaten Foilage, Well-Formed Tortoise Shell, Coagulated Liquid, Tortoise Blood, Tower Shield, Swift Kris.

Level 29 - Mad Boar (910,2971)
Drops : Rugged Pig Tail, Razor Sharp Tusk, Animal Sweat, Bone Fragment, Mane, Explorer Vest, Warrior Sword

Ascaron (Level 31 - 40)

Level 31 - Vampire Bat (Abadon Mine 1)
Drops : Demon Wings, Vampiric Fangs, Pet Food, Bone Fragment, Iron Ore Fragment, Hunter Vest, Owl Cap

Level 31 - Grassland Elk (1360,2683)
Drops : Rigid Deer Hoof, Top Grade Deer Skin, Yellow Dye, Incitant, Glowing Mystic Stone, Rhino Hide Armor, Fencing Sword

Level 32 - White Owlie (1360,2683)
Drops : Snowy White Plume, Sharp Beak, Magical Potion, Special Gas, Life Stone, Night Owl Costume, Night Owl Cap

Level 33 - Grassland Wolf (1143,2705)
Drops : Ruffled Wolf Tail, Swift Wolf Claw, Beautiful Skin, Elven Fruit, Tusk, Tribal Bow

Level 34 - Berserk Boxeroo (1161,2639)
Drops : King-Sized Kangaroo Pouch, Kangaroo Brew, Red Boxing Gloves, Life Stone Fragment, Tiamari Fruit, Lottery Ticket, New Sheepskin Scroll, Fencing Sword, Kangaroo Cap

Level 35 - Miner Mole (Abandon Mine 1)
Drops : Mole Claw, Miner Mole Safety Helmet, Medicine Bottle, Beard, Glowing Mystic Stone, Rhino Hide Armor, Pointed Kris

Level 35 - Slowpoke Snail (1226,2742)
Drops : Cumbersome Carapace, Short Snail Feeler, Smelly Gas, Red Date, Fancy Petal, Strong Leather Gloves, Exquisite Gloves

Level 36 - Mud Monster (934,2747 / Abandon Mine 1)
Drops : Sticky Mud Cake, Strange Candle, Ruby Fragment, Panacea, Mud Crystal, Warrior Sword, Strong Leather Armor

Level 37 - Stining Beak (934,2687)
Drops : Dangerous Sharp Claw, Glossy Feather, Wing, Ruby Fragment, Medicine Bottle, Pointed Kris, Duckling Cap

Level 38 - Fearsome Tortoise (969,2587)
Drops : Solid Tortoise Shell, Cracked Tortoise Egg, Animal Blood, Murky Water, Multi Edge Tortoise Shell, Helmsman Gloves, Helmsman Vest

Level 38 - Ninja Mole (Abadon Mine 2)
Drops : Broken Ninja Sword, Ninja Sword, Cinder, Strange Metal, Ninja Mask, Moon Kris, Criss Sword

Level 39 - Thickskin Lizard (732,2697)
Drops : Lizard Tail, Greasy Lizard Skin, Tooth, Red Date, Beast Leather, Moon Kris, Exquisite Pistol

Level 40 - Rock Golem (682,2592)
Drops : Solid Rock, Slippery Rock, Iron Ore Fragment, Yellow Dye, Quartz Crystal, Strong Leather Gloves, Strong Leather Boots

Ascaron (Level 41 - 50)

Level 41 - Wolf (755,2941)
Drops : Giant Wolf Fang, Thick Wolf Hide, Sharp Claw, Flaw Sapphire, Elven Fruit Juice, Rebel Sword, Happy Bunny Costume

Level 42 - Werewolf Warrior (755,2941)
Drops : Broken Werewolf Warrior Emblem, Broken Hammer, Sharp Tooth, Special Gas, Elven Fruit Juice, Strong Gauntlets, Happy Bunny Muffs

Level 42 - Needle of Stramonium
Drops : Thorny Stramonium Flower, Long Stramonium Spike, Poisoned Thorn, Perfect Sapphire, Elven Fruit Juice, Strong Greaves, Piety Boots

Level 43 - Tribal Villager (819,2316)
Drops : Tribal Feather, Broken Strange Bone, Pill Fragment, Special Gas, Red Date Tea, Light Platemail, Happy Bunny Shoes

Level 46 - Pumpkin Knight (622,3364)
Drops : Pumpkin Head, Lantern, Life Stone, Stainless Steel, Mushroom Soup, Peacock Boots, Hopperoo Muffs

Level 46 - Tribal Warrior (826,2165)
Drops : Tribal Knife, Tribal Shield, Perfect Crystal, Pearl, Mushroom Soup, Piety Robe, Passage Gloves

Level 48 - Treant (828,1923)
Drops : Dried Wood, Withered Root, Perfect Ruby, Stainless Steel, Stramonium Fruit Juice, Crystalline Kris, Mithril Gauntlets

Level 49 - Dark Mud Monster (631,2000)
Drops : Dark Mud Cake, Used Candle, Earthen Element Fragment, Clarity Crystal, Ice Cream, Mastman Vest, Mithril Greaves
Ascaron (Level 51 - 60)

Level 51 - Frenzied Wolf (2425,3054) Zephyr's Isle
Drops : Bloodied Wolf Fang, Wolf Hide Masterpiece, Flaw Sapphire, Meteorite Fragment, Liquorice Potion, Ducky Cap, Follower Robe

Level 51 - Sturdy Rock Golem (712,1715) Zephyr's Isle
Drops : Indestructible Rock, Shimmering Rock Fragment, Earthen Element Fragment, Azure Crystal, Liquorice Potion, Ducky Shoes, Staff of Life

Level 51 - Sakura Pirate Sailor (2177,1105) Zephyr's Isle
Drops : Sakura Sailor's Emblem, Sakura Bandana, Flaw Emerald, Sparkling Stone, Liquorice Potion, Crescent Sword, Follower Gloves

Level 52 - Sakura Pirate Fighter (2197,1125) Zephyr's Isle
Drops : Sakura Fighter's Emblem, Sakura Dirk, Flaw Sapphire, Pink Crystal, Energetic Tea, Follower Boots, Raging Bull Tattoo

Level 52 - Undead Warrior (511,1721)
Drops : Unyielding Greatsword, Unyielding Helmet, Special Gas, Sparkling Stone, Energetic Tea, Loopy Bunny Cap, Silver Gauntlets

Level 53 - Elite Werewolf Warrior (556,1439) Zephyr's Isle
Drops : Werewolf Warrior Emblem, Bloodied Hammer, Perfect Sapphire, Azure Crystal, Special Ointment, Thundorian Staff, Silver Greaves

Level 53 - Iron Mummy (556,1557)
Drops : Iron Shroud, Mummy Nail, Special Gas, Meteorite, Special Ointment, Garcon Robe, Gattling Firegun

Level 54 - Huge Spiky Stramonium (440,1320)
Drops : Gigantic Stramonium Flower, Huge Stramonium Thorn, Poisoned Thorn, Meteorite Fragment, Special Ointment, Otter Costume, Ringdove Vest

Level 54 - Steel Mummy (440,1440)
Drops : Steel Shroud, Mummy Hair, Flaw Emerald, Sparkling Stone, Special Ointment, Garcon Gloves, Ringdove Gloves

Level 55 - Tribal Shaman (625,1289)
Drops : Tribal Long Spear, Tribal Mask, Special Gas, Pearl, Snowy Soft Bud, Otter Muffs, Ringdove Boots

Level 55 - Guardian Angel (886,1283)
Drops : Angel Halo, Broken Angel Wand, Chaos Pill, Meteorite, Snowy Soft Bud, Otter Cap, Blessed Gloves

Level 56 - Agile Tribal Villager (735,1289)
Drops : Beautiful Tribal Feathers, Mysterious Bone, Perfect Emerald, Pearl, Snowy Soft Bud, Otter Shoes, Joyful Bunny Costume

Level 57 - Vicious Undead Warrior (831,1125)
Drops : Fallen Greatsword, Fallen Helmet, Magical Bone, Azure Crystal, Tiamari Fruit, Hyena Dagger, Joyful Bunny Muffs

Level 58 - Deadly Skeletal Archer (919,1581)
Drops : Special Quiver, Complete Rib, Magical Bone, Splendor Cloth, Mystery Fruit, Lobster Muffs, Guardian of Nature

Level 59 - Cursed Corpse (360,1440)
Drops : Shroud, Skeleton Bone Fragment, Special Gas, Azure Crystal, Revival Clover, Dazzling Sword, Ceremonial Platemail

Level 59 - Skeletal Warrior Leader (360,1440)
Drops : Wornout Katana, Warrior Leader Token, Perfect Emerald, Meteorite, Mystery Fruit, Lobster Cap, Primal Tattoo

Level 60 - Bloodthirsty Hunter (445,1571)
Drops : Dark Skeleton, Dark Bow, Chaos Pill, Agate, Revival Clover, Seal Blueprint, Clever Otter Costume, Ceremonial Gauntlets

Level 60 - Terra Soldier(546,2726)
Drops : Broken Terra Pickaxe, Terra Backpack, Perfect Emerald, Agate Crystal, Revival Clover, Healer Robe, Ceremonial Greaves

Level 60 - Stone Golem (546,2590)
Drops : Hugh Rock Fragment, Heart of Giant, Stone Egg, Clarion Sand, Healer Gloves, Raptor Vest, Ice Cream

Level 60 - Iron GOlem (546,2590)
Drops : Arcane Metal, Small Magnet, Pumping Metal Heart, Clarion Fragment, Clever Otter Shoes, Raptor Gloves, Ice Cream

Level 60 - Lizard Warrior (382,2726)
Drops : Damaged Lizardman Belt, Damaged Lizardman Blade, Red Dye, Clarity Crystal, Healer Boots, Raptor Boots, Ice Cream

Ascaron (Level 61 - 72)

Level 62 - Small Treant (705,2121)
Drops : Small Mysterious Branch, Strange Leaves, Perfect Crystal, Clarion Sand, Clever Otter Cap, Lucky Bunny Costume, Revival Clover

Level 62 - Giant Lizard (705,2121)
Drops : Giant Lizard Tongue, Giant Skin, Perfect Ruby, Clarion Fragment, Vampiric Kris, Heavenly Vest, Ice Cream

Level 63 - Horrific Cursed Corpse (360,1340)
Drops : Cursed Shroud, Cursed Carcass, Perfect Crystal, Clarity Crystal, Prawn Costume, Heavenly Gloves, Ice Cream

Level 63 - Vicious Pumpkin Knight (579,2962)
Drops : Frightful Pumpkin Head, Rusty Lantern, Perfect Ruby, Clarion Sand, Hurricane Gloves, Lucky Bunny Shoes, Mystery Fruit

Level 64 - Chimera (662,2460)
Drops : Chimera Horn, Scorpion Claw, Red Dye, Pink Crystal, Prawn Muffs, Heavenly Shoes, Mystery Fruit

Level 64 - Elite Tribal Warrior (645,2310)
Drops : Razor Tribal Knife, Solid Tribal Shield, Life Crystal, Clarity Crystal, Hurricane Boots, Lucky Bunny Cap, Mystery Fruit

Level 64 - Treant Terror (662,2460)
Drops : Dried Splintered Wood, Treant Root, Perfect Ruby, Clarion Fragment, Prawn Shoes, Holy Guidance, Revival Clover

Level 65 - Terra Warrior (373,2590)
Drops : Rusty Terra Battleaxe, Rusty Terra Battle Armor, Blue Dye, Pink Crystal, Prawn Cap, Lucky Otter Costume, Mystery Fruit

Level 65 - Elite Werewolf Archer (472,2484)
Drops : Werewolf Iron Claw, Broken Werewolf Long Bow, Red Dye, Azure Crystal, Delusion Sword, Lucky Otter Muffs, Revival Clover

Level 66 - Mad Tibal Villager (561,2334)
Drops : Fine Exquisite Feather, Mysterious Bone, Perfect Ruby, Clarity Crystal, Protector Gloves, Spirit Beast Tattoo, Agrypnotic

Level 66 - Evil Undead Warrior (580,2121)
Drops : Evil Greatsword, Evil Helmet, Magical Bone, Clarion Sand, Lucky Otter Shoes, Roar of Turbulence, Agrypnotic.

Level 67 - Evil Pumpkin Knight (340,1581)
Drops : Ghastly Pumpkin Head, Extinguished Lantern, Magical Bone, Azure Crystal, Protector Boots, Soul Beast, Agrypnotic

Level 67 - Werewolf Warrior Leader (472,2484)
Drops : Werewolf Warrior Leaders Insignia, Blood Drenched Hammer, Yellow Dye, Pink Crystal, Lucky Otter Cap, Comet Magenta, Agrypnotic

Level 68 - Shadow Hunter (450,2121)
Drops : Broken Shadow Hunter Short Bow, Tattered Shadow Shell, Life Crystal, Clarion Fragment, Pincer Costume, Robe of Perception, Agrypnotic

Level 68 - Lumbering Treant (450,2121)
Drops : Mysterious Branch, Mysterious Leaf, Chaos Pill, Pink Crystal, Pincer Muffs, Boots of Perception, Agrypnotic

Level 68 - Palace Guard (435,1690)
Drops : Royal Bodyguard Emblem, Royal Sword, Blue Dye, Azure Crystal, Whirlpool Gloves, Gloves of Perception, Revival Clover

Level 69 - Corrupted Guardian Angel (335,2121)
Drops : Broken Angel Halo, Cracked Angel Wand, Strange Metal Ore, Amber Crystal, Pincer Shoes, Serpentine Gun of Resonance, Revival Clover

Level 71 - Lizard Warrior Leader (412,2334)
Drops : Lizardman Leader Belt, Lizardman Leader Battleaxe, Perfect Ruby, Clarion Crystal, Arcane Otter Costume, Pique Bunny Costume, Revival Clover

Level 72 - Terra Warrior Leader (412,2334)
Drops : Terra Captain Battleaxe, Terra Captain Battle Armor, Perfect Emerald, Terra Gold, Arcane Otter Muffs, Pique Bunny Muffs, Magical Potion


Magical Ocean (Level 1- 10)

Level 1- Dry Mystic Shrub (884,3156)
Drops : Sparkling Grass, Ancient Root, Sparkling Leaf, Elven Fruit, Seed, Newbie Knife

Level 1 - Melon (1031,3556)
Drops : Thorny Thick Skin, Melon Tuber, Cactus Hairball, Red Date, Red Stone, Newbie Vest

Level 3 - Baby Scorpion (1184,3557)
Drops : Scorpion Tail, Scorpion Carapace, Insect Hind Leg, Murky Water, Glass, Newbie Knife.

Level 4 - Cactus (1031, 3556)
Drops : Cactus Thorn, Cacus Tuber, Corm, Red Date, Cactus Blossom, Newbie Sword

Level 6 - Humpy camel(892,3373)
Drops : Camel Mane, Camel Eyelash, Broken Horn, Bone Fragment, Tooth, Novice Shirt, Medic Gloves

Level 8 - Big Scorpion (1184,3557)
Drops : Scorpion Stinger, Rigid Scorpion Carapace, Pungent Gas, Medicine Bottle, Poisoned Thorn, Medic Boots, Medic Gloves

Level 10 - Hopping Lizard (892,3273)
Drops : Flowery Lizard Skin, Long Lizard Tongue, Tooth, Red Date, Medicated Grass, Mystic Branch, Medic Robe

Magical Ocean (Level 11- 20)

Level 11 - Wolf Cub (687,3093)
Drops : Wolf Fang, Wolf Claw, Animal Skin, Hair, Flaw Sapphire, Attendant Gloves, Attendant Boots

Level 14 - Killer Cactus (884,3156)
Drops : Sharp Cactus Thorn, Large Cactus Tuber, Cactus Blossom, Strange Fruit, Strange Mask, Wooden Stave, Attendant Robe

Level 15 - Giagantic Melon (687,3093)
Drops : Slightly Poisonous Thorn, Bitter Fruit, Cactus Hairball, Red Date, Red Stone, Wooden Stave, Kris.

Level 17 - Phantom Tree (884,3028)
Drops : Strange Branch, Phantom Tree Branch, Poisoned Fruit, Red Date, Green Corm, Two Handed Sword, Rooroo Cap

Level 20 - Sand Brigand (718,3288)
Drops : Lock Pick, Master Key, Scrap Iron, Medicine Bottle, Torn Life Skill Book, Long Bow.

Level 20 - Straving Wolf (718,2938)
Drops : Razor Wolf Fang, Razor Wolf Claw, Wolf Skin, Beast Leather, Red Stone, Foster Gloves, Foster Boots

Magical Ocean (Level 21- 30)

Level 21 - Sandy Tortoise (1197,3270)
Drops : Coarse Tortoise Shell, Desert Seed, Pure Water, Medicine Bottle, Small Crystal, Heavy Leather Armor

Level 22 - Sand Bandit (1339,3300)
Drops : Wind Mirror, Torn Pouch, Scrap Iron, Medicine Bottle, Torn Life Skill Book, Wooden Stick, Foster Robe

Level 23 - Sandy Shroom (1334,3438)
Drops : Poisonous Spore, Umbrella Mushroom, Hypnotic Gas, Kara Pill, Glowing Mystic Stone, Firegun

Level 24 - Mudman (1438,3413)
Drops : Mud Cake, Polluted Mud, Murky Water, Scrap Iron, Mud Doll, Heavy Leather Gloves, Heavy Leather Boots

Level 25 - Sand Raider (1027,3011)
Drops : Knight Attest, Horse Whip, Golden Camel Bell, Medicine Bottle, Red Date, Scholar Gloves, Hand Stave

Level 26 - Feral Wolf (1473,3295)
Drops : Giant Wolf Fang, Huge Wolf Claw, Animal Skin, Torn Life Skill Book, Hair, Hand Stave, Scholar Boots

Level 27 - Man Eating Spider (1093,2948)
Drops : Sticky Spider Legs, Spider Venom, Wakening Salt, Spider Web, Sapphire Fragment, Hand Stave, Scholar Robe.

Level 28 - Sand Bandit Leader - Garet (1171,3026)
Drops : Cracked Iron Sword, Skeletal Bandana, Agate Crystal, Clarion Crystal, Tempest Mark, Moon Kris, Beastly Wand

Level 30 - Lizard King (1507,2970)
Drops : Burly Lizard Skin, Lizard Crown, Lizardman Belt, Old Air Ticket, Lizardman Bangle, Hand Stave, Scholar Robe

Level 30 - Captain Fickle (1506, 3436)
Drops : Iron Hook, Pirate Hat, Incitant, Soul Stone, Ancient Scroll, Moon Kris, Deckman Vest

Magical Ocean (Level 41- 60)

Level 47 - Sand Crab (1381,3134)
Gravel Crab Pincer, Sandy Crab Meat, Hard Shell, Pink Crystal, Stramonium Fruit Juice, Hopperoo Cap, Mithril Platemail

Level 55 - Navy Rifleman (2389,575) Isle of Chill
Drops : Fake Navy Documentation, Broken Navy Emblem, Flaw Emerald, Sparkling Stone, Special Ointment, Clever Otter Muffs, Laser Gun

Level 57 - Northern Pirate Sailor (2481,582) Isle of Chill
Drops : Northern Sailors Emblem, Northern Bandana, Perfect Sapphire, Azure Crystal, Tiamari Fruit, Lobster Costume, Joyful Bunny Shoes

level 57 - Northern Pirate Fighter (2352,572) Isle of Chill
Drops : Northern Fighter's Emblem, Northern Dirk, Perfect Crystal, Meteorite, Tiamari Fruit, Wind Gloves, Joyful Bunny Cap

Level 58 - Northern Pirate Milita (2358,575) Isle of Chill
Drops : Northern Militia?¡¥s Emblem, Nothern Sabre, Chaos Pill, Azure Crystal, Mystery Fruit, Wind Boots, Lotus Staff


Magical Ocean (Level 70)

Level 70 - Terra Artificer (1381,3134)
Drops : Terra Spanner, Terra Glasses, Yellow Dye, Terra Gold, Arcane Bunny Shoes, Venom Gun, Rainbow Fruit Juice

Level 70 - Terra Elder (1381,3134)
Drops : Rusty Terra Earrings, Broken Terra Smoking Pipe, Blue Dye, Terra Gold, Boots of Melody, Sagacious Battle Greaves, Revival Clover

Level 70 - Terra Captain (1381,3134)
Drops : Damaged Terra Battleaxe, Damaged Terra Battle Armor, Strange Metal Ore, Terra Gold, Flame of the Arctic, Robe of Gallant, Rainbow Fruit Juice


Deep Blue (Level 1-10)

Level 1 - Snowy Mystic Shrub (1155,578)
Drops : Frozen Grass, Frozen Root, Elven Fruit, Seed, Grass Juice

Level 2 - Snow Squirt (1465,402)
Drops : Frozen Squid Ink, White Squirt Bandana, Octopus Tentacle, Medicine Bottle, Ice Fruit, Newbie Gloves

Level 4 - Snow Squidy (1179,475)
Drops : Fat Squid Tentacle, White Squidy Cap, Glass, Withered Branch, Ice Fruit, Novice Shirt

Level 6 - Snowy Piglet (1179,371)
Drops : Octopus Tentacle, Squidy Cap, Snowy Pig Tail, Furry Pig Mane, Animal Sweat, Medicine Bottle, Red Stone, Novice Gloves, Husk Boots

Level 7 - Little Deer (1164,305)
Drops : Broken Antler, Soft Deer Skin, Animal Horn, Tear, Animal Skin, Coarse Boots, Coarse Gloves

Level 9 - Little White Deer (1325,305)
Drops : Well-Formed Antler, Thick Deer Skin, Broken Horn, Tear, Life Stone Fragment, Short Bow, Coarse Vest

Level 10 - Sailor Penguin (994,265)
Drops : Pengiun Pelt, Webbed Penguin Feet, Bone Fragment, Little Snow Ball, Snowy Soft Bud, Sheepy Muffs, Sheepy Shoes

Deep Blue (Level 11-20)

Level 11 - Naiad (1079,520)
Drops : Contaminated Water, Heart of Naiad, Wing, Healing Water, Naiad Stone, Hunter Gloves, Safari Boots

Level 13 - Sharp Beak (848,518)
Drops : Razor Sharp Beak, Kingfisher Feather, Wing, Elven Fruit, Red Stone, Hunter Bow, Safari Vest

Level 14 - Elk (885,333)
Drops : Gigantic Antler, Tough Deer Skin, Yellow Dye, Incitant, Glowing Mystic Stone, Sharp Dagger, Rooroo Costume

Level 15 - Sailor Squirt (738,426)
Drops : Concentrated Squid Ink, Squirt Handkerchief, Pet Food, Red Dye, Glass, Tough Boots, Hunter Bow

Level 15 - Horned Penguin (855,333)
Drops : Tough Pengiun Pelt, Strong Penguin Feet, Antler, Wakening Salt, Ancient Scroll Fragment, Rooroo Muffs, Rooroo Shoes

Level 16 - Snowy Bat (743, 358)
Drops : Bat Wing, Bat Fangs, Sharp Tooth, Animal Saliva, Ice Fruit, Tough Gloves, Canvas Gloves

Level 16 - Sailor Squidy (657,411)
Drops : Strong Squid Tentacle, Squidy Cap, Murky Water, Blue Dye, Ice Fruit, Hunter Bow, Safari Vest

Level 17 - Snowy Shroom (952,550)
Drops : Hypnotic Spore, Edible Mushroom, Snowy Soft Bud, Medicine Bottle, Small Crystal, Kitty Costume

Level 19 - Snowy Snail (657,332)
Drops : Chilling Snail Shell, Frozen Snail Feeler, Snowy Grass Bud, Glass, Medicine Bottle, Canvas Gloves, Canvas Boots

Deep Blue (Level 21-30)

Level 21 - Naive Snow Doll (1055,738)
Drops : Snowball, Glacier Heart, Medicine Bottle, Counteragent, Ice Cream, Long Bow, Canvas Vest

Level 22 - Snowy Bear Cub (958,661)
Drops : Damaged Puck, Snowy Fluff, Animal Blood, Animal Skin, Small Crystal, Playful Racoon Cap, Racoon Cap

Level 23 - Snow Lady (873,646)
Drops : Ice Crystal, Perfect Snowflake, Magical Staff, Ruby Fragment, Teary Ice Stone, Safari Gloves, Hunter Boots

Level 24 - Snow Wolf (965,775)
Drops : Mighty Wolf Claw, High Quality Wolf Pelt, Small Crystal, Beautiful Skin, Animal Blood, Canvas Vest, Exquisite Gloves

Level 25 - War Tortoise (891,750)
Drops : Gigantic Tortoise Shell, Herbal Jelly, Animal Blood, Murky Water, Strange Metal Fragment, Swift Kris, Explorer Vest

Level 26 - Fallen Naiad (891,750)
Drops : Smelly Water, Broken Heart of Naiad, Rainbow Fruit, Sharp Claw, Perfect Sapphire, Battle Bow, Hunter Vest

Level 26 - Armored Crab (994,857)
Drops : Unusable Crab Feet, Edgy Carapace, Hypnotic Gas, Iron, Glowing Mystic Stone, Crabby Cap, Crabby Shoes

Level 27 - Northern Snail (802, 750)
Drops : Snowy Trumpet Shell, Frozen Conch Meat, Snowy Grass Bud, Glass, Medicine Bottle, Exquisite Gloves, Happy Bunny Costume

Level 28 - Snow Spirit (1060,805)
Drops : Snow Spirit Wings, Heart of Purity, Magical Branch, Life Stone, Ice Cream, Helmsman Vest, Blessing Stave

Level 29 - Fragile Snow Doll (907,842)
Drops : Blue Snowball, Frosty Heart, Magical Branch, Life Stone, Ice Cream, Exquisite Gloves, Exquisite Boots

Level 30 - Combat Piglet (1455,560)
Drops : Steel Pig Tooth, Chameleon Pig Trotter, Animal Sweat, Tusk, Torn Life Skill Book, Nurse Boots, Emergency Robe

Deep Blue (Level 31-40)

Level 31 - Yeti (1495,667)
Drops : Yeti Chest Hair, Yeti Nail, Rainbow Glass, Ruby Fragment, Pill Fragment, Tribal Bow, Exquisite Vest

Level 34 - Playful Snow Doll (1746,530)
Drops : Red Snowball, Chilled Heart, Pure Water, Glass, Ice Cream, Nurse Robe, Tribal Bow
Red Snowball, Chilled Heart, Pure Water, Glass, Ice Cream, Nurse Robe, Tribal Bow

Level 35 - Battle Tortoise (2165,462)
Drops : Cracked Tortoise Shell, Earthen Stone, Incitant, Terra Gold Fragment, Medicine Bottle, Nurse Robe, Breast Plate

Level 35 - Atrocious Yeti King ( 885,887 - 875, 924)
Drops: Metal Earring, Misshapen Demonic Blade, Magical Potion, Life Stone, Amber Crystal, Fire-Rifle, Serpentine Sword

Level 36 - Skeletal Archer (2266,470)
Drops : Old Quiver, Skeletal Ribs, Hypnotic Gas, Scrap Iron, Clarity Crystal, Marksman Bow, Slick Gloves

Level 37 - Snowy Tortoise (2165,462)
Drops : Blunt Nail, Heated Tortoise Shell, Ice Fruit, Medicine Bottle, Iron Ore Fragment, Travel Gloves, Exquisite Pistol

Level 37 - Crazy Sheep (2266,590)
Drops : Mangled Sheep Horn, Dingle Bell, Beast Leather, Medicine Bottle, Clarity Crystal, Sheepy Costume, Feather Gloves

Level 38 - Polar Bear (1982,530)
Drops : Solid Bear Paw, Great Bear Tooth, Beautiful Skin, Extender, Small Crystal, Playful Racoon Costume, Racoon Cap

Level 38 - Ferocious Scropion (2373,551)
Drops : Deadly Poisonous Stinger, Scorpion Blood, Pungent Gas, Murky Water, Poisoned Thorn, Holy Gloves, Holy Boots

Level 39 - Snowy Tusk Boar (2266,590)
Drops : Spikey Spike, Rugged Pig Trotter, Glass, Medicine Bottle, Sharp Tooth, Grace Wand

Level 40 - Skeletal Warrior (2266,470)
Drops : Rusty Katana, Warrior Certificate, Scrap Iron, Hypnotic Gas, Clarity Crystal, Chain Gauntlets, Chain Greaves

Deep Blue (Level 41-50)

Level 41 - Cumbersome Snowman (2471,502)
Drops : Snowman?¡¥s Earring, Rusty Broadsword, Life Crystal, Perfect Crystal, Elven Fruit Juice, Strong Platemail, Piety Gloves

Level 42 - Werewolf Warrior (2512,588)
Drops : Broken Werewolf Warrior Emblem, Broken Hammer, Sharp Tooth, Special Gas, Elven Fruit Juice, Strong Gauntlets, Happy Bunny Muffs

Level 43 - Snowman (2594, 455)
Drops : Giant Earring, Giant Broadsword, Perfect Ruby, Poisoned Thorn, Red Date Tea, Light Gauntlets, Token Pistol

Level 44 - Seetl Shell Snail
Drops : Steel Snail Shell, Steel Feeler, Carapace Fragment, Flaw Emerald, Red Date Tea, Light Greaves, Staff of Sagacious

Level 44 - Cumbersome Yeti
Drops : Cracked Snowman Necklace, Slipshod Wooden Stick, Flaw Ruby, Life Crystal, Red Date Tea, Happy Bunny Cap, Battle Stave

Level 45 - Undead Archer (2746,450)
Drops : Unyielding Bow, Death Arrow, Life Crystal, Clarity Crystal, Mushroom Soup, Peacock Vest, Hopperoo Costume

Level 45 - Snow Yeti ( 2855,450)
Drops : Giant Necklace, Giant Wooden Stick, Extender, Aluminum, Mushroom Soup, Peacock Gloves, Passage Robe

Level 47 - Elite Skeletal Archer (2713,372)
Drops : Refined Arrow Quiver, Ruptured Rib, Flaw Ruby, Aluminum, Stramonium Fruit Juice, Hopperoo Shoes, Paladin Sword

Level 47 - Infant Icy Dragon (2852,650)
Drops : Frozen Bone Fragment, Heart of Ice Crystal Fragment, Extender, Clarity Crystal, Stramonium Fruit Juice, Passage Boots, Savage Bull Tattoo

Level 49 - Great Polar Bear (3101,666) Outlaw Isle
Drops : Huge Bear Paw, Razor Bear Tooth, Animal Skin, Silicon Sand, Ice Cream, Ducky Costume, Exquisite Rifle

Level 49 - Water Fairy (2997,560)
Drops : Water Crystal, Pure Crystal, Perfect Crystal, Pink Crystal, Ice Cream, Mastman Gloves, Emerald Vest

Level 50 - Horrific Snowman (3126,588) Outlaw Isle
Drops : Sparkling Snowman Earring, Fearsome Sword of Giant, Flaw Ruby, Clarity Crystal, Ice Cream, Ducky Muffs, Emerald Gloves.

Level 50 - Werewolf Archer (2680,795)
Drops : Chipped Werewolf Iron Claw, Broken Werewolf Bow, Life Stone, Silicon Sand, Liquorice Potion, Mastman Boots, Emerald Boots

Deep Blue (Level 51-60)

Level 51 - Horrific Yeti (2590,795) Outlaw Isle
Drops : Sparkling Snowman Necklace, Fearsome Staff of Giant, Perfect Ruby, Pink Crystal, Liquorice Potion, Crevice Shield, Loopy Bunny Costume

Level 52 - Elite Skeletal Warrior (2597, 831)
Drops : Broken Katana, Mark of Warrior Honor, Magical Bone, Splendor Cloth, Energetic Tea, Loopy Bunny Muffs, Charging Sword

Level 55 - Lizardman (2587,900)
Drops : Lizardman Belt, Lizard Man Axe, Perfect Crystal, Splendor Cloth, Snowy Soft Bud, Garcon Boots, Blessed Robe

Deep Blue (Level 61-70)

Level 67 - Beardy Pirate Sailor (1563, 1804) Isle of Fortune
Drops : Beardy Sailor?¡¥s Emblem, Red Beardy Bandana, Yellow Dye, Clarion Sand, Staff of Amercement, Capricious Battle Armor, Agrypnotic

Level 68 - Beardy Pirate Fighter (1588,1708) Isle of Fortune
Drops : Beardy Fighter?¡¥s Emblem, Red Beardy Dirk, Perfect Sapphire, Amber Crystal, Dagger of Hydra, Capricious Battle Gauntlets, Agrypnotic

Level 68 - Beardy Pirate Militia (1597,1707) Isle of Fortune
Drops : Beardy Militia?¡¥s Emblem, Red Beardy Sabre, Earthen Element Array, Azure Crystal, Whirlpool Vest, Capricious Battle Greaves, Agrypnotic


Lone Tower

Level 69 - Mad Tribal Witchdoctor
Drops : Pointed Tribal Long Spear, Large Tribal Mask, Red Dye, Azure Crystal, Pincer Cap, Robe of Melody, Revival Clover

Level 69 - Frenzied Lizardman
Drops : Iron Casted Lizardman Belt, Heavy Lizardman Battleaxe, Chaos Pill, Clarion Fragment, Wyrm Sword, Arcane Bunny Costume, Rainbow Fruit Juice

Level 69 - Nimble Forest Hunter
Drops : Nimble Heart of Nature, Broken Bow of the Forest, Blue Dye, Pink Crystal, Gloves of Melody, Sagacious Battle Armor, Rainbow Fruit Juice

Level 70 - White Bobcat
Drops : Broken Shadow Hunter Short Bow, Tattered Shadow Shell, Life Crystal, Clarion Fragment, Pincer Costume, Robe of Perception, Agrypnotic

Level 71 - Nimble Shadow Hunter
Drops : Dark Bloody Carcass, Dark Bow of Blood, Red Dye, Amber Crystal, Searing Frost, Gloves of Gallant, Rainbow Fruit Juice

Level 71 - Terra Soldier Leader
Drops : Terra Pickaxe, Refined Terra Backpack, Perfect Sapphire, Terra Gold, Claw of Demonic Dragon, Boots of Gallant, Rainbow Fruit Juice

Level 72 - Elite Terra Warrior
Drops : Heavy Terra Battleaxe, Refined Terra Battle Armor, Red Dye, Agate, Gloves of Vengence, Gloves of Spirit, Magical Potion

Level 72 - Black Bobcat
Drops : Torn Black Bobcat Wing, Broken Black Bobcat Bell, Kitty Bell, Amber Crystal, Boots of Vengence, Boots of Spirit, Magical Potion

Level 73 - Vicious Grassland Elder
Drops : Cracked Terra Earring, Old Tobacco Pipe, Perfect Sapphire, Terra Gold, Arcane Otter Shoes, Pique Bunny Shoes, Revival Clover

Level 73 - Terra Artificer Leader
Drops : King-Size Spanner, High Grade Terra Glasses, Red Dye, Terra Gold, God of Flame, Soul Spring, Magical Potion

Level 73 - Elite Shadow Hunter
Drops : Broken Hunter Bow, Shadowy Coat, Perfect Ruby, Agate, God of Fire, Consonance of Souls, Magical Potion

Level 74 - Feral White Bobcat
Drops : White Bobcat Wing, Golden Cat Bell, Kitty Bell, Clarion Crystal, God of Sight, Eye of Sacred Dragon, Magical Potion

Level 75 - Evil Guardian Angel
Drops : Corrupted Angel Halo, Corrupted Angel Wand, Perfect Emerald, Agate, Arcane Lobster Muffs, Pique Otter Muffs, Revival Clover

Level 75 - Feral Black Bobcat
Drops : Black Bobcat Wing, Black Cat Bell, Kitty Bell, Agate, Arcane Lobster Costume, Pique Otter Costume, Magical Potion

Level 76 - Cursed White Bobcat
Drops : Cursed White Bobcat Wing, Cursed Golden Bell, Kitty Bell, Clarion Crystal, Nautical Boots, Boots of Amercement, Fruity Mix

Level 77 - Cursed Black Bobcat
Drops : Cursed Black Bobcat Wing, Cursed Black Bell, Kitty Bell, Ancient Scroll, Essence Dagger, God of Wrath, Fruity Mix

Level 77 - Ruthless Forest Hunter
Drops : Broken Hunter Bow, Shadowy Coat, Perfect Ruby, Agate, God of Fire, Consonance of Souls, Magical Potion

Level 78 - Relic Guard
Drops : Robot Clamp, Piece of Armor Plate, Strange Metal Ore, Clarion Crystal, Wyrm Shield, Trident of Poseidon, Fruity Mix

Level 78 - Ruthless Shadow Hunter
Drops : Bloodied Carcass, Bloodied Bow, Chaos Pill, Ancient Scroll, Ember Scar, Robe of Stride, Revival Clover

Level 80 - Relic Protector
Drops : Robot Wheel, Metal Funnel, Earthen Element Array, Ancient Scroll, Thunder Blade, Gloves of Stride, Fruity Mix


Spring Island

Level 60 - Fox Taoist ( 3322, 2460)

Level 65 - Fox Spirit ( 3306, 2444)

Level 70 - Fox Sage (3134.2470)


Summer Island

Level 71 - Elite Lizardman Warrior ( 3717, 3355)

Level 72 - Evil Tribal Warrior ( 3562, 3338)

Level 74 - Deadly Werewolf Archer ( 3410,3359)

Level 76 - Evil Tribal Shaman ( 3538,2958)

Level 77 - Frantic Lizardman ( 3718, 3342)

Level 80 - Lizardman Warrior Commander ( 3273,3318)

Level 85 - Evil Tribal Chieftian ( 3512,3103)


Autumn Island

Level 65 - Pirate 006 (2817, 2994)

Level 68 - Pirate 007 ( 2799, 3010)

Level 70 - Pirate 008 (2809, 2988)

Level 75 - Pirate Captain 008 (2432,3177)


Underwater Tunnel

SeaBed Tunnel : (160 , 425)

Level 65 - Zombie (What) : 118, 316

Level 67 - Zombie (Who) : 140, 316

Level 68 - Zombie (Where) : 186, 298


Seabed Tunnel

Level 62 - Long Hair Crab (349,376)
Drops : Long Hair Crab Pincer, Long Crab Shell, Blue Dye, Pink Crystal, Hurricane Vest, Lucky Bunny Muffs, Revival Clover.

Level 65 - Baby Icy Dragon (348,436)
Drops: Piece of Icy Dragon Bone, Piece of Crystalline Heart, Dragon Scale, Clarion Fragment, Blessed Shield, Protector Robe, Mystery Fruit.

Level 68 - Cursed Water Fairy ( 486,327)
Drops : Cursed Water Crystal, Black Crystal, Life Crystal, Clarion Sand, Whirlpool Boots, Rattlesnake, Revival Clover.

Level 75 - Icy Dragon (494, 521)


Black Dragon Lair - Level 1

Level 79 - Anubis (796,459)

Level 80 - Dharma Pharaoh (740, 455)

Level 85 - Huge Cyborg (742, 479)


Black Dragon Lair - Level 2

Level 90 - Black Dragon (766, 633)
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