New Isle - FULL INFO


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Apr 20, 2019

The following is the Feature and Server information of our new server Sunlight Island that is scheduled to be released on July 22 2022.
The server will prevent people from farming item's that are not reflective to the current max level of the server. To begin we will have multiple
updates in a short period of time to Increase the level cap a few times early on, and eventually the level caps will take much longer.
This list is only to show everyone how the game will start and the roadmap for the first month's updates will be posted soon! the first 30 days
of the server we will be constantly adding mods and lots of new content to make the game more enjoyable and have lots of PVP aspects. Do keep in mind
that we are opened to your point of view for any changes needed to be made or if you have anything you would like us to add to the game. Votes will be made in
our discord server so the player's can be enganged in the process. See you soon!

Server Rates:

Max Lv 45
Exp: 1x
Drop: 1x
Resource: 1x
Max Pet Lv 20
Pet Rate: 0.5x

Gem Cap's:

Unique Gem: Lv 2
Broken Gem: Lv 2
Red Jade: Lv 2
Yellow Jade: Lv 2
Green jade: lv2
Normal gem's: Lv 3
Rock gem's: lv 2
Eye of Black Dragon: lv 1
Heart of Black Dragon: Lv 1
Soul of Black Dragon: Lv 1

Available PVP mazes:

Forsaken City(every 4 hours)(Reworked to make the trips faster to increase PK quality)
Capture the Flag(twice a day)(One balanced Stats, One Non Balanced Stats)
Shadow Dungeon(Once on saturday, Once on sunday)
MVM Tournament(once a day)
Lover's Clash (twice a day)(One balanced Stats, One Non Balanced Stats)
Pk Map: 3 bosses spawning every 12 hours and PK map chests with good rewards every 3 hours.


3 Guild Dungeon's
1 Dungeon
1 Low Level Tribulation

Farming System's:

Rewards from balanced stat maps
Battle Pass
Life Skill Resources(Mining,Woodcutting,Fishing,Cooking,Crafting,Manufactoring,Salvaging)(Tool's removed and fairy coins, You now have to level the skill up by doing the skill)
Analyzing(Now a non skill that works through a new NPC, that gives new rewards and old rewards)
Reworked Quests
New Story Quest Storyline
Guild Quest's
Sea Commerce improved
Fairy coin and seal chests

Visual improvement's
City Reworks
New Object model's
New character customization's
More character setting's
New Big Map reference's and Pathing

Server information:
Max Guild Slots: 40
Guild's Cost 5m to create

New Server Mod's and Feature's:

New Apparel System(apparel menu is seperate from the equip's)
Professionally made tweak's
New battle Pass UI(daily quest UI)
Guild Buff's
Guild Log's
Guild Quest's
If you die in the sea you keep your pots
Quality of life Improvements on Rollbacks and desync issues
Possibility to Hide Unwanted Drop's through our drop UI
Anti DC (prevent's your character from Dcing randomly)
New Exchanger that allows you to check the stats of the item your creating
New Dark UI to choose from
Locking system by right clicking
Instant respawn fix
New special blueprints for unique items
Daily rankings
Black User Interface for all of the features in game
Crypto currency payments


Two major updates after 1 month

August 6th: Lv 55 update

Max level will become 55
Dark Swamp 1, 2 and 3 (Dark Swamp 2 and 3 map rework)
Lv11 Lifeskills
Chaos Argent
Story Quest lv55 Expantion
Battle pass updated tasks
Guild quests expanded to level 55 content
Pvp bar spectating and betting system
Saving multiple account login information.

August 20th: Lv 65 update

Max level will become 65
Demonic World 1 and 2(Rework map)
Lv14 Lifeskills
Story Quest lv65 Expantion
Battle pass updated tasks
Guild quests expanded to level 65 content
Sea Clash (New maze)
Mounts lv 1
Pirate Lottery
Monster Racing system