NEW ISLE - July 22nd 2022


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Apr 20, 2019

Dear Pirates!

As many of you may know, Pirates Online was created in 2017. Starting with 2 Admins and 2 devs at that time.
During these 5 years, we have managed to scale our power into 4 developers, 5 designers and 1 Moderator.
All these 5 years, we have been working on the game that we all love and the game that will always be in our hearts.
During these years, we have had lots of success, ups and downs, twist and turns, but we always kept fighting. Thanks to your continuous support, we have also started working on side project, which is going to be a modern Pirates Online crossplay game, the game is still in early phase but soon enough you will be able to test it.

As for Pirates Online, on this note we'd like to announce a brand new island named as Sunlight Island,, which will have its grand opening scheduled for

July 22nd 2022.

The server will be a vanilla server with 1x rates and lots of improvements such as new quests, graphic improvements, guild quests, new game soundtracks, battle pass system, apparel system and many other systems, bug fixes (all of this comes to old server also).
The goal of this server is to capture the truely old school vanilla vibe we all love, with improvements that will create a better quality of life to the game.
Some systems we reworked are Dungeon's/PVP bar/Rankings and skills system. The game will be filled with lots of early content to boost the economy of the game and help boost the involvement of all player's in both PVP and PVE systems.
Stay engaged with us as we are a server that always take the consideration of the players and like to make votes to see the approval of said systems by the players.
Within the next couple of weeks we will be constantly posting progress photos of the systems we have been working on, so that you guys can give your opinions, after all the game is built for the players!
We will also have a 1 week beta phase, date will be announced later.
Let's relive the old memories with our great community!



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