New Year's Update


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Apr 20, 2019

Pirates Online - Patch Notes

Removed Christmas Village Map
Removed Snow Fortress Map
Improved Hexathlon EXP
Now players can cancel Christmas Village main quest
Removed Argent City Christmas Theme
Disabled mount model in Infinity Island
Increased Normal Gems level cap to 7 -> 8
Improved textures of sets level 10 ~ 40 for all classes
Now all types of Fairy Rations can be stackable to 999
Added (Mount) Infinity Dragon in Infinity Dragon Boss
Added notice of who have killed Infinity Dragon
Now Gem of Luck shows in Drop Info UI
Changed Level requeriment of God's Planes Lv 95 -> Lv 75
Now Players can plier Bracelets Belts and Handguards
Changed Item Trade type of Fairy Items Trader - Frank NPC
Now Fairy's Stamina will be reduced when receive fairy coin instead of when fairy receive EXP
Added option of exchange 999 Fairy Coins for 50 Elven Signets in Fairy Items Trader - Frank
Now if you relog in map Infinity Island you'll be moved to your last respawn point
Now Abaddon 18 will open 40 mins early (Before 12:00 server time, now 11:20)
Increased damage of Poison Dart Skill, now damage is: 30 base + 15 per skill level (Lv 10: 180)
Increased damage of Venom Arrow Skill, now damage is: 30 base + 20 per skill level (Lv 10: 230)
Unseals 45, 55 and 65: Reduced cost to remove seal by 50%, Reduced items quantity to remove seal by 50%
Added Christmas Dollar Exchanger at (2238,2773) Argent City, so players can exhange remaining Christmas Dollar till next update
Increased EXP base of monsters by 30% from the following maps: Lone Tower, Zephyr Isle, Glacier Isle, Outlaw Isle, Isle of Chill, Canary Isle and Isle of Fortune
Added new World Boss: Chaos Dragon. Respawn: Every 18 hours, Coords: (66,65) PKmap. After boss defeated will spawn 10 Chaos Chest
Added balanced stats in PKmap, only Arena Manufacturings & Potions works in Map
added new Item in Vendor Cheff, Arena Medic Kit Box, Heals 300 HP. Cooldown: 5 seconds works only in Arena and PKmap
added Perfect Bow of Chill drop in Northern Pirate Sailor and in Northern Pirate Fighter
Removed Perfect Bow of Chill drop from Furious Yeti Boss, now Furious Yeti boss have a updated drop
Moved all Furious World Bosses to PKmap, improved drop and removed condition of max 2000 damage
Added Stone Dragon Jewell drop in Stone Dragon, 0.125% Drop Base
Now players can level up 1st Gen, 2nd Gen and Mordos Gen with normal fruits in any level (till lv max 50)

Mystery Box:

Carrion ball lv 4 *29
Carrion Ball lv 5 *11
Carrion ball lv 3 *39
Flash Bomb Lv 2 *29
Flash Bomb lv 3 *19
85 Ring Box
Snowy Bear Cub Mount
85 Weapon Box
Flying Velvet wings
Mordo Jr Symbol
Star Symbol
Eye of Black Dragon Lv 1
Eye of Black Dragon lv 2
Heart Of Bd lv 1
Heart of BD lv 2
100m Gold
200m Gold
5x Amplififier *2
Bronze Necklace
100% Cloak upgrade device
100% Mount Upgrade
Crown of Black Dragon
Cloak upgrade *3
Rock Gem diety chest
Lv 3 Unique Gem Voucher
Locke's Power Lv 1 and Lv 2
Po Host Set
Dark Newbie Set
Pyramid Stone
Great Fairy Ration *20
Fried Dough *29
Lv 6 Sand Bag * 3
Pirate Handguard
Universe Purse *4
tiger fish bone *29
Improved Fruit Box *3
Angela JR Egg9gives random
Expert Fairy Skill box
Flash Bomb lv 2 *20​
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