OSS & NSS Hunting




New Sheepskin Scrolls & Old Sheepskin Scroll are two kinds of scrolls that provide you with a Pirate treasure map, there are multiple desirable drops from these including Level 75 Equipment, Ref Gems, Goddess's Favor, and with some luck, players can even find Unique Gems in these, except for Gem of Soul (only obtainable at Chaos Argent).



These treasure maps can be searched for at Treasure Gulf


The easiest way to reach this location is by sailing from the Shaitan port and heading to the coordinates (877, 3756 Magical Ocean).


After entering the portal, stay near the island and head to these coordinates to dock (645,920)


After docking you can open the NSS and it will give you a coordinates to go to in the system message.
Once the player reaches the coordinates, the player can double click the map provided after double clicking the NSS and the drop will be provided by the system.

NSS Drops Link: https://mordo.info/items/view/itemid/682/

NSS can be farmed by killing different mobs (Smugglers used to be a popular spot back in Vanilla TOP), you can find a complete list by clicking the following link: https://mordo.info/items/view/itemid/684/



OSS can only be purchased from other players or farmed by opening Fortune Lots, these lots can be purchased from other players or at Spring Town after completing the Language Barrier Quest. If you are considering opening Fortune Lots, I recommend you hand all of your money to a second account prior to doing so, as Fortune Lots will make you lose money in the long run.

TIP: Fortune Lots can also grant Drop Rate x 2 (Same as a Charmed Berry) for a length going anywhere from 1 to 150 minutes, you can use them to get Drop Rate x 2 when you need to farm while also getting OSS at the same time.

When you are ready to begin hunting for OSS, you can start by double-clicking it, unlike the NSS, this you can do at any location. After double clicking it, you will be provided with a map and coordinates in the system, the coordinates will be for a place in Magical Ocean (Shaitan City), Ascaron (Argent), or Deep Blue (Icicle).

When you arrive to the OSS location, you can loot the treasure by double clicking it.


tickets to have in handy, this will help speed up the process:

  • Abandon Mine 1
  • Andes Forest Heaven
  • Lone Tower 1
  • Thundoria Harbor
  • Thundoria Castle
  • Icespire
  • Oasis Heaven
  • Barren Cavern
  • Sacred Snow Mountain Tickets (This are optional as they are obviously more expensive, you can get away with Thundoria Harbor tickets but this would speed up the process in some cases)

While the NSS are more accessible to the lower level and less geared players, the drop rate for a Unique Gem is also much lower.

Each UG has a 0.02 chance when you are hunting NSS treasure maps, this means that ultimately, you have a total of 0.08 chance of fetching a Unique Gem (There is also a 0.02 chance of obtaining ref + many other items)

With OSS, there is a much higher chance of obtaining Unique Gems, the drop rate for each of the 4 Ugs is 0.28, this ultimately means that you have a total of 1.12% of UG drop, much better than 0.08%.


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