PO 2 Year Anniversary




Dear fellow players:

As we are approaching Pirates Online 2 year anniversary, we would like to announce several upcoming events:
  • Donation Event:
Starting from 28th of December until 29th of December 23.59 server time All of the donation purchases will be granted with 20% bonus Item Mall Points.
E.g: 1000 IMPs malled = 1200 IMPs malled
  • Boss Raid In-Game Event:
Evil Santa will be spawned in Event Map (Argent 2263,2790 - Event Teleporter).

1st wave
28th of December
(Magical Paradise: 17.00 server time)
(Cloud Sea: 08.00 server time)

2nd wave
28th of December
(Magical Paradise: 23.00 server time)
(Cloud Sea: 14.00 server time)​

Evil Santa drops:
Stolen Santa Boots drops:
Stolen Xmas Candy drops:
Stolen Xmas Present drops: