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Oct 16, 2022
Hello everyone, this guide is made for Halloween Map main quest.

First of all, you have to go to Icicle City (1308,506) and find Teleporter - Pumk near Icicle fountain, once you teleport you will be taken inside Halloween Town.

Here you can see the Town's map with a few landmarks noted.

To start the quest speak to Hallow's Servant at (466,335)

First step is to speak with Creepy the Farmer (431,350)


Creepy the Farmer will give you a Bone Dagger that you can use to damage monsters inside the map for now, Equip the dagger and kill 3 Halloween Bats for the next quest, they are located right behind Creepy's house (417, 352).

After killing the bats return to Creepy and hand in the quest, for the next part Creepy will ask you to go to Mask Shop - The Silence (432,349) and buy one of the masks, to be able to buy the mask you need a Pumpkin Token, they can be obtained by killing any monster in the map (other then Pumpkins, those just drop Candy apples to regen your HP), I recomend killing some Jack o Lanterns near the shop for the token.


After you get the Pumpkin Token, buy one of the masks (it does not matter wich one, up to your preference), and return to Creepy the Farmer (431,350).

After speking again with Creepy, he sends you back to Hallow's servant (466,335) to complete the quest, For the next step, you have to speak to The Tricky (612,174)

He gives you Halloween Shovel and asks you to obtain Halloween Tresure
Make your way to the dock located at (219,299), build a ship (Its free), Set sail and go to the little island at (205,477).

Once you are on the island, carefuly go to the Ancient Tree in the center and use the shovel that Tricky gave you.

Now make your way back to The Tricky (612,174) and hand in the quest, he will give you Jester's Amulet! For the next step you have to go back to Hallow's Servant at (466,335), after you speak with him, he sends you to speak to Circus Leader - Tony (608,396)

Tony gives you four Circus tickets, make sure you have inventory space for them, then you have to speak to four diferent Hallowen Kids, each one will give you a Halloween Gold Coin in exchange for one of the tickets that Tony gave you, the kids are located at:

Hallowen Kid 1 (552,400)
Hallowen Kid 2 (501,296)
Hallowen Kid 3 (588, 465) - To find this one you have to navigate the maze, after speking to him kill the chest that spawns near and get Wiches staff (its a upgrade to your bone dagger)
Hallowen Kid 4 (608, 396)

Once you have collected all four coins return to Tony and hand in the quest, he will give you Cursed Circus Wand, after that you have to go back to Hallow's Servant at (466,335) for the next quest make your way to the Mad Scientist (349,143)


For the next quest you have to gather a few materials for the scientist:
5 Skeleton Bone - Killer skeleton (468,163)

4 Jack o Lantern's - Jack o Lanterns, This ones you can find scatered around the whole map.

1 Ghost Remain - Haunted Ghost, Set sail, go to the island and you can find them all around (206,490), but be careful the root monster one shots you!

Once you gathered all the materials go back to the Mad Scientist (349,143) and hand in your quest, he will give you Pumpkin Crown, and a Monster Transformation Potion (you will need this soon), now Mad Scientist send you back to Hallow's Servant at (466,335).

Last step of the quest takes you to the
Haunted Mansion, where you have to defeat Witch of the Black Forest, Vampire Lord, Jack in the box.
First make your way to the maze located at (468,416), navigate thru it untill you reach
Mansion Guardian.

Since you already have all the items needed enter mansion.
Time to kill the "Mansion Bosses" !

First one you will see is Witch of the Black Forest at (559,524), Remember that Monster Transformation Potion we got from the Mad Scientist? We will be useing that to boost our stats so we can kill them easier!

After you finish the the Witch, move to the next room, here we kill Vampire Lord (628, 550),

Once the Vampire is dead we move on the the final one
Jack in the box (626,526).

Now that all the bad guys are dead speak to Hallow's Servant 2 (589,517) and hand in the quest, agyer that he sends you to Hallow's Servant (466,335) for the LAST time to redeem your reward, "Hallowen Completion box"

It contains Haloween Title and Witch apparel set, the set can be Green, Red, Blue And Purple!

Now for a few Bonus tips on farming in Halloween Map!
Most monsters exept Pumpkins in Halloween map drop:
100k gold (2% Drop rate)
Pumpkin Token (5% Drop rate)

Ghosts and Haunted Ghosts on the island have better drop rates:
100k gold (15% Drop rate)
Pumpkin Token (10% Drop rate)

Best farming spot is the island you have to sail to, as the drop rates are better!

Pumpkin tokens can be sold to other players or exchanged for amazing rewards at Halloween - Shop Keeper (504,154)

Flash Bomb lv2 x10: 15 Pumpkin Tokens
Unique Gem Voucher: 10 Pumpkin Tokens
Million Dollar note: 2 Pumpkin Tokens
Pumpkin Candy (Provides 400 max): 2 Pumpkin Tokens
Witch's Brew: 2 Pumpkin Tokens
Tigerfish Bone Crisp x6: 10 Pumpkin Tokens
Prawn Dumpling x12: 10 Pumpkin Tokens
Carrion Ball lv 4 x5: 5 Pumpkin Tokens
Kal Runestone: 4 Pumpkin Tokens
x3 Hi Amplifier of Luck x5: 7 Pumpkin Tokens
Pirate's Handguard: 60 Pumpkin Tokens
Pirate's Belt: 40 Pumpkin Tokens
Lv30 Angela Junior Card: 250 Pumpkin Tokens
Rock Gem Voucher: 15 Pumpkin Tokens
Jade Gem Voucher: 15 Pumpkin Tokens
500 Supporter Points Voucher: 30 Pumpkin Tokens
Black Dragon Gem Chest: 70 Pumpkin Tokens
Lv95 Grey Weapon Chest: 90 Pumpkin Tokens
Honor Grey Stone: 40 Pumpkin Tokens
Honor Green Stone: 50 Pumpkin Tokens
Honor Red Stone: 100 Pumpkin Tokens
Honor Purple Stone: 150 Pumpkin Tokens
Lock's Hit Deity Chest: 60 Pumpkin Tokens
Unique Gem Deity Chest: 25 Pumpkin Tokens
Lv 85 Ring Box: 100 Pumpkin Tokens
(Mount) Pumpkin Head: 60 Pumpkin Tokens
Lv95 Bracelet Box: 150 Pumpkin Tokens
Death Enchanted Gloves Stone: 900 Pumpkin Tokens
Death Enchanted Boots Stone: 900 Pumpkin Tokens
Golden Metal: 200 Pumpkin Tokens
Serpentine Metal: 50 Pumpkin Tokens

Best of luck and happy Halloween!​


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