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Jul 22, 2020
Hi guys, I want to share my opinion about range attack ss. Perhaps many do not know, but on our server it has been reduced. The range is measured in hundredths of one coordinate unit, that is, one coordinate is 100 range.
We calculate we get the following data on the PO server:
800 - attack from a bow
700 - cannon attack
(this is the distance from which you start hitting the enemy)
now let's compare as it was on other servers, on the same old RU official or ToP:
900 - attack from a bow
700 - cannon attack

As we can see the difference in 100 range, and you may find it funny, but it's really not that fun. The essence of this class is that it has a lot of damage, but few speed attacks (compared to crusaders), but it hits with a range attack.

What's wrong:
1. SS runs too close to the enemy.
2. In large pvp, when enemies are in FB, you cannot stand and start attacking because you yourself will run so close to the enemy that you will stand in FBs with the crowd.
3. Bug animation dual shot and frozen arrow. (range skill dual shot and frozen arrow = 1000) Players who play ss should find out now: when you use one of these skills on an enemy who is standing still and then use a simple attack, then as you approach, the character comes too close to the enemy, and you again retreat to the distance from which you can already shoot. Easier in numbers:
we give the skill from 1000 -> we run up to 700 after which the character turns around and -> 800 gets into position and starts attacking.
*On your screen, you run and see this bug animation. On the server, other players see at this time that you are just standing, and only see the end of the animation dual shot or frozen arrow

You can see all these shortcomings from streams of 2 players, where you can see the gameplay of SS. Of your choice twitch.tv/alugofren twitch.tv/shindobad
In general, there is no balance for this class in terms of range, sometimes it seems that I am playing as a crusader who just throws stones around him against the possibility of shooting from afar, where you will not be so easy to catch and kill.

What I suggest:
Increase range attack from 800 bow to 1000.
Increase range attack from 700 cannon to 800.

Share your opinion, I hope for support! (NOT FLOOD)
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Jun 11, 2020
I agree they should fix the Range of the SS as same as on original TOP server of IGG.
there is reason why the range is like that. in this server they really nerfed it as if SS not anymore benefit the Range as DPS since most people use skating potion and weightless, a cruz can go near close to melee fast the SS, the Range is not really becoming an advantage, most time its disadvantage because using dualshot skill will make the character run closer to player make you in a disadvantage position. it happen most time therefore the the Range is not that useful since it was nerfed and cause bug when using longer range skills like dualshot.


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Aug 17, 2020
Many years ago in Tales of Pirates, I was able to kill dw2 boss in less than 2 min since dw open, I hit the boss from a distance he don't realize.. of course when you discuss hit range you should think in all scenarios pvp, pve, big PK groups.. Otherwise you'll create an OP class upon a specific scenario
And what about hit range for bolt on clerics and Sm?
I'm ss ingame, of course I like what you say but there's a lot to keep in mind


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May 3, 2020
> we give the skill from 1000 -> we run up to 700 after which the character turns around and -> 800 gets into position and starts attacking.

This part is the one that I think should be fixed (independently nerf or buff range), this animation is bad and it takes a lot of precious time that could cost your life in pk.


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Dec 30, 2019
Shortening the range of bow was made to make impossible for someone to solo b2 or BD (yes you could solo bd with some practice) and i believe some other bosses with reduced range as well. I agree that animation bug due to range restriction should be fixed, however increasing range (making it like it used to be) would indirectly increase DPS of the class, when SS due to ACC max scaling and mov speed is already a killing machine, without mentioning the enormous bulk that SS has in this server (and will keep increasing as next lv caps come, since defensive stats will increase more than damage ones).
So yeah, for the sake of a fluid and fair gameplay rework the range restriction without increasing the range itself, that would be my take on this topic.
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