Starter's guide to PO.


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Apr 14, 2020
A fast start as a new player.

Welcome new players of Pirates Online, in this guide i will provide a short guide on how to start your experience quickly and jump into the action to make the most use of your starting time.

First thing you want to do is hit level 8 with your new character. Next thing you want to do is find a mentor and Teleport to Dream City from Argent Teleport, and from Dream city Teleport (412,657) to Region of Demons.

Your mentor can level you up to 45 in a matter of 10 mins.

After hitting level 45 and finishing second class quest head to the Pirates Room from argent city teleport. Here you will find all the new player friendly maps which don't require you have strong equipment and everyone has the same stats inside if you click on the button you can see how much time left until they open.

Learn about Capture the flag
Learn about Chaos icicle
Learn about Dungeons

Also to mention since you're level 45 you might want to visit Forsaken City (FC) it's a PvP focused maze with a level limit of 45, its worth to say that fishing there can get you a passive income if you can cook.

From this point you can start looking for a guild to help you grow as a player and level up with them. You'll be able to go to mazes such as Dark Swamp which is also a good fishing maze and Chaos Argent which yields great rewards.
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