Update (更新) 20-01-2023


Dec 16, 2021

Pirates Online will be celebrating the Chinese new year with a 20% bonus on crystal purchases from our website for 96 hours!

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Note: If you bought crystals during the last 48 hours you will get the 20% bonus compensation!

Patch Notes

Now inactive players will be kicked from minigames.
Fixed some errors with in-game database.
Added guild count to Snow War.
Reduced the slowdown debuff and duration of Earthquakes (All levels).
Changed King Plant spawn time from 15:00 to 14:45 (Server time)
Now BBQ Shark Fin potion gives +5 PR, 9000 HP and lasts 3 minutes.
Added a new feature to save and store your accounts information in Pirates Online client.
New season Battle Pass Apparel Chest is now enabled to be used.

Chaos Argent Ranking:

Weekly Chaos King Chest
: (top1 of every class) (gives one of the following items randomly)
100 crystals
200 crystals
Flash Bomb lv 3 x19
Flash Bomb lv 2 x49
Blessed Potion x49

Weekly Chaos Queen Chest: (top2 of every class) (gives one of the following items randomly)
50 crystals
100 crystals
Flash Bomb lv 3 x9
Flash Bomb lv 2 x29
Blessed Potion x29

Weekly Chaos Joker Chest: (top3 of every class) (gives one of the following items randomly)
50 crystals
50k Reputation Voucher
Weightless Potion x19
Flash Bomb lv 2 x29
Blessed Potion x29

Added race changing card to VIP III or above perks. You can use this card to change your character's race (Example: From Phyllis to Lance) by talking to the NPC at 827,3496 in Shaitan City.


Changes in Analyzing:

Moved Analyzing NPC to 2215, 2811 in Argent City.


Kal Analyzing Chest

Increased chance to obtain:

Rock Gem Chest
Letter E
Letter C
Letter F

Rue Wood Strip x3
Earthquake Generator lv 1 Blueprint
Chaos Coin x7

Shard Analyzing Chest

Increased chance to obtain:

The Universe Purse
Invocation Blueprint x25
Letter O
Letter S
Letter P
Letter A
Soul Detector lv 2 x29
Soul Detector lv 3 x19
Grenade lv 3 x29
Grenade lv 4 x19

Gem Jade Chest
Seal Blueprint

Fir Wood Strip x15
Teak Wood Strip x15
Cedar Wood Strip x15
Red Oak Wood Strip x15

Gold analyzing:

Change rewards to the following:

Letter I
Letter H
Letter U
Letter N
Letter T
Letter D
Rock Gem Chest
Gem Jade Chest
10x Crystal
BBQ Shark Fin x4
Valentine's Cookie x3
Valentine's Cookie 2 x3
Ratfish Rice x5
China Clay x2
Super Iftar (Gives +2 PR and 350 Attack and 20 Spirit) x2
Grenade lv 4 x25
Grenade lv 5 x15
x30 Crystal
Earthquake Generator lv 2 x6
Earthquake Generator lv 3 x4
Black Dragon Gem Chest
Flash Bomb lv 2 x12
Flash Bomb lv 3 x2

New letters:
Letter L
Letter G
Letter B
Letter M

New letter exchangers:


You can exchange form analyzing NPC for a Legendary Orb:

Letter L
Letter G
Letter D
Letter O
Letter B

You can exchange to make Stone of Shambala:

Letter S
Letter H
Letter M

Changes in minigames:

Lover's Clash

Winner Box:


10M Dolar Note x2
10M Dolar Note x3
Minigame God Box

Minigame God Box possible rewards:

200m Dollar Note
300m Dollar Note
Legendary Orb
Bracelet Gem Chest
Handguard Gem Chest

Loser Box:


x15 Dungeon Coins

30k Reputation

Capture the Flag:

Winner box rewards are now:

Random 30000-50000 Reputation Points
1x Locke's Power
1x Yellow Jade
1x Red Jade
1x Green Jade
1x Cloak Upgrade Device
1x Improved Water Rock
500 Supporter Point Voucher
x10 Crystals x5
x10 Crystal x3
x10 Crystal
x10 Skating Potion
x20 Flash Bomb Lv2
Unique Gem Voucher lv 2
Unique Gem Voucher lv 3
1k Supporter Point
Eye of Black Dragon
Heart of Black Dragon
100x Crystal
Hero Medal x1
25x Million Dollar Note
20x Million Dollar Note
x16 Weightless Potion
Minigame God Box

Loser reward:


Dungeon Coin x10
Dungeon Coin x15

x5 Weightless Potion
x10 Million Dollar Note

Chaos Icicle:

Added Minigame God Box

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