Update 02-03-2023


Dec 16, 2021

Custom Key bind mod:

Added custom key bind mod. Players can open the UI by clicking on the following icon in game:


To change the buttoms players want to use, they have to replace the desired keybinds by pressing their keyboard and then apply the changes to save.


Important note: If your chat box is on typing mode, your buttoms won't work unless you are using the default F keys. You have to make sure to close your chat by pressing Enter or by fully locking it by pressing this buttom:


Other updates:

Removed Valentines Promotion from the Item Mall.
Increased price of every custom item by 1 card.
Changed some character names that were too short and included symbols. Players were given a crystal compensation to change their name for free.
Added SP bar on the bottom of the character (Only for Clerics). This will only be displayed for yourself only.
Fixed an issue with Temporary Bag having some slots that were not usable.
Fixed an issue that caused players to lose stats when switching from a 110% apparel to a 100% one.
Now players have 5 attempts to enter their security code. After failing 5 times they will have to wait 24 hours to try again.
Added username change in the website for 500 crystals.
Now players only need to enter security code once per login when entering the Item Mall.
Fixed an issue with friend list causing crashes for some players.
Fixed textures of Icicle City buildings.
Added new items to the guild logs chat system.
Changed the icon of Fruity Mix to color blue.
Fixed Gloves of Secret not displaying correctly in Phyllis race.
Fixed attack and spirit potions healing players HP and SP. They will no longer have this effect.
Fixed an issue with Bucaneer set for Lance race.
Added blue glow to TechBlade swords.
Changed color of Arena Flash bombs lv 1,2 and 3.
Now Intense Magic from buffing cards will last 15 minutes instead of 5.
Added a new balance that benefits magic classes outside of Chaos Argent. Feel free to leave your feedback on PO discord.
Fixed Super Iftar. It now uses regular Iftar state and can be used on top of it.
Removed Xmas Dollars from Snowman's Fortress minigame.
Removed Defense, PR and Movement penalty from Champion's Pride lv 100 skill. Reduce the attack boost from 600 to 300.
Blessing Bead and Kara's Victory now last 9 seconds instead of 5.

Battle Pass Experience Exchanger:

Added Battle Pass Experience exchanger NPC in VIP Area (Inside). Players can exchange Battle Pass Experience like this:

5k Battle Pass Experience for 3k supporter points

10k Battle Pass Experience for 6k supporter points

20k Battle Pass Experience for 12k supporter points

Global Kills Ranking:

Added a new weekly ranking that shows the top 10 killers of every class for the following mazes:

Infinity Dragon
Snow War
Dark Celestial
Black Dragon
Global Ranking (Shows combine kills of the mazes mentioned above)

Changes in Chaos Argent chests:

Increased Broken Legendary Orb from the following chests:

Novice Chaos Chest:
From 0,4% to 0,8%

Standard Chaos Chest
From 0,6% to 1%

Expert Chaos Chest
From 0,8% to 1,4%

Added Monster Hide feature in monster database. Players can click on Hide or Show option to specific monsters.

Added Guild Logs feature in Guild UI.

Guild leaders can now manage Withdraw and Deposit roles.


Added locking option to every specific player bank tab. Players have to click on the following icon to lock the each vault space.


VIP Features

Waitress - Sther sells VIP Wine (Heals 200 HP).

Added new zone to VIP IV+ players in the VIP Area.

Added "Last teleport" option to the VIP Teleporting UI. This feature will take you to the last location you teleported.
Added fast teleporting option to the VIP Teleporting UI. Players can now click the name of their desired location and they will be teleported instantly.
Added Shadow Dungeon to the VIP Teleporting UI for VIP III+ players.
Added Thundoria Harbor to the VIP Teleporting UI.


There will be a server restart in the next days to add the new Dungeon System!
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