Update 04-08-2023


Dec 16, 2021

Patch Notes

A bug affecting the system messages font has been fixed.
Friend and guild player windows are now scrollable for easier navigation.
The Monster Timers UI has been updated with a scrolling feature.
The damage dealt by the Cleric and Seal Master classes has been reduced in Chaos Argent and Snow War.

We have updated the performance box with new information for Chaos Argent, Snow War, and other minigames.

Changes in Gold Wheel:


Soul Detector lv 3 x10
Carrion Ball lv 4 x2
Weightless Potion x6
Weightless Potion x8
Hero Stone x3

Tigerfish Bone Crisp x3 to Tigerfish Bone Crisp x3 x2
Ratfish Rice x3 to Ratfish Rice x3 x2
China Clay x2 to China Clay x2 x2
Great Attack Potion to Great Attack Potion x2
Fried Dough x7 to Fried Dough x7 x2
Flash Bomb lv 3 x2 to Flash Bomb lv 3 x2 x2

Spring Roll x4
Power of Black Dragon
Tiger Bone Tonic x6
Tigerfish Bone Crisp x5
Fried Dough x10

Battle Pass Shop:


Prawn Dumpling now comes in sets of 6 units.
Fried Dough is now available in sets of 6 units.
Mao Wine now comes in batches of 10 units.
Fried Oyster Soup is now provided in lots of 10 units.
The Universe Purse now costs x2 Battle Pass Diamond
Gem Jade Chest has a new price of x3 Battle Pass Diamond
Rock Gem Chest is available for x3 Battle Pass Diamond


Spring Roll (Untradable) x4 for x1 Untradable Potion Diamond
Ginseng Wine (Untradable) x6 for x1 Untradable Potion Diamond
Tigerfish Bone Crisp (Untradable) x5 for x1 Untradable Potion Diamond
Ratfish Rice (Untradable) x4 for x1 Untradable Potion Diamond
Black Dragon Gem Chest x7 for Battle Pass Diamond
Belt Gem Fragment x2 for Battle Pass Diamond
Bracelet Gem Fragment x3 for Battle Pass Diamond
Handguard Gem Fragment x4 for Battle Pass Diamond

Next updates:

New ranking system for minigames
MvM minigame
New lv 100 dungeon with new farming mechanics