Update 06-07-2023


Dec 16, 2021


Wheel Event

For every accumulated purchase of 50 Crystals, you will earn 1 Event Point. This applies to all Crystal purchases made since July 1st, and these will retrospectively earn you Event Points.

Wheel Event

Ranking Event

Join our donation ranking event for a chance to earn incredible rewards!

Donation Event

Mega Wheel

For every 5k crystals you purchase you will get x1free Mega Wheel spin.

Mega Wheel

Patch Notes

New season of Battle Pass is live!
Season 7 and 8 Battle Pass apparels have been added.
Introduced a button to bypass the animation for the Crystal wheel.
Paradise Island Event map is now available. Guide here: Paradise Island
Max level cap has been increased to 115.
Pucca now gives a bonus of 20% experience for players lv 110+
Maximum base stats have been increased to 115.
The maximum level for Broken and Cracked gems has been increased to 7.
We've reduced the HP of Wandering Soul, Snowman Warlord, Flaming Demon -Ingris, and Lord Lucifer bosses.
The Lv85 Unseal Weapon Voucher has been removed from the Chaos Dragon Chest.
Players can now set up stalls in the Guild House.
Damage dealt by the Champion class in Chaos Argent and Snow War maps has been increased.
The Champion class, when wielding dual swords, can use the following skills: Beast Legion Smash, Greatsword Mastery, Mighty Strike, Primal Rage, and Howl.
Eye of Black Dragon now yields 75 max attack, a jump from 50.
Players now have the ability to set up stalls using Gold, 10x crystals, 100x crystals, and 100m dollar notes as exchange mediums.
25, 30, 35, and 40 killing sprees have been added with new icons.

The following items are now stackable up to x999:

Earthquake Generator Lv4
Super Potion of Strength
Super Potion of Accuracy
Super Potion of Spirit
10000 Reputation Scroll
Kal Runestone
Stone of Shambala
Power of Chaos
Feather of Agility
Legendary Orb
Gem of Wind Voucher
Gem of Striking Voucher
Gem of Colossus Voucher
Gem of Rage Voucher
Gem of Soul Voucher
Unique Gem Voucher
Refining Gem Voucher
Berserk Potion (30 Mins)
Harden Potion (30 Mins)
Accurate Potion (30 Mins)
Bull Potion
Battle Potion (30 Mins)
Magical Potion (30 Mins)
Spiritual Potion(30 Mins)

Leveling spots changes:

The statistics, experience points, and levels of monsters located on Summer Island, Autumn Island, Spring Island, Skeletar Isle, and Naval Base have been increased.

We have modified the monsters on Spring Island and in the Naval Base to better suit leveling for magic classes. They now have less HP and will receive melee damage when attacked by magic classes.


The experience gained from monsters within the Cave of the Shadows dungeon has been significantly boosted.

Monsters within the Guild Tribulation now yield significantly more experience. Every player participating in the Guild Tribulation will obtain this increased experience while leveling there.

During Chaos Argent, Snow War, and minigames, your personal kill and death statistics will now be displayed on the map.​

The game database now features a new "NPCs" option. Players can click on this icon to view which NPCs are associated with or can interact with a specific item.

Changes in bosses:

Snowman Warlord:

Broken Power of Stone 5%

Flaming Demon -Ingris

Broken Power of Stone 6%

Changes in Guild Tribulation:

Update Box of Tribulation


100 Fairy Growth Potion 4%
200 Fairy Growth Potion 4%
Kal Runestone 3%
Flash Bomb lv1 x9 3%
Flash Bomb lv2 4%
Flash Bomb lv3 2%
Flash Bomb lv4 1%
Power of Black Dragon 1%
Prawn Dumpling 5%
Tigerfish Bone Crisp 4%
Iftar 3%

King Poison Spider

Universe Purse from 4% to 7%

Belt Gem Fragment 6%

Note: Players can exchange x10 Jade Gem Fragments and 50m for x1 Random Belt Gem Box by talking to Gem Collector Adam.

Wizard Frost

Serpentine Metal from 4% to 7%
Rock Gem Chest from 3% to 6%

Bracelet Gem Fragment 6%

Note: Players can exchange x10 Jade Gem Fragments and 50m for x1 Bracelet Gem Box by talking to Gem Collector Adam.

Magma Lizard

Universe Purse from 5% to 10%
Rock Gem Chest from 4% to 8%
Golden Metal from 4% to 6%

Handguard Gem Fragment 6%

Note: Players can exchange x10 Jade Gem Fragments and 50m for x1 Bracelet Gem Box by talking to Gem Collector Adam.
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