Update 07-08-2022


Dec 16, 2021

Cloud Sea:

Forsaken City:

Added new Forsaken City Map

View attachment 1045
Portal to Forsaken City 2/3/4 opens random in one of these cords: (109,97), (253,101), (241,271) or (103,265)
Fixed Guild Max member limit with wrong value
Changed 3rd Chaos Argent time from 20:00 to 18:00

August 10th update

Battle Pass with all of its new features and rewards

Big update on rewards for the following maps:

Lover's Clash
Capture the Flag
Snowman's Fortress
Chaos Icicle

Future updates:

Today prices on the item mall will be updated to match Sunlight Isle. Players who bought Item Mall points between July 22nd and today please contact Mezmer or POMOD to get a compensation based on the price changes.

New Argent City
Guild system including PVE content like Guild Tribulation and Dungeons
Guild levels that will unlock new features like Guild vault space and more guild member slots
Guild alliance system
Guild system logs
New hair colors for new hairstyles
Unseal 95 weapons from guild system including the new equip quality concept.
3rd Rebirth
Abandon 5-18 and Hardin rework with better rewards
Changes on Snow War Map and update on its rewards
Right click locking items
Quick deposit and dropping of items
Iproved Bag of Holding
World map Auto Trace and NPC locations​