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Apr 20, 2019


Donation Event
20% BONUS Crystals on all purchases for duration of 48h. Click here
for countdown timer.


Ramadan Center
Cloud Sea: click here to visit
Magical Paradise: click here to visit
You can obtain ramadan points by malling, for each one (1) crystal you purchase, you gain one (1) ramadan point!


Novice Ramadan Package rewards: click here
Standard Ramadan Package rewards: click here
Advanced Ramadan Package rewards: click here
Premium Ramadan Package rewards: click here

Pirates Online Patch Notes

Added Ramadan Map & Quest.. For more info click here
Added Little Story Line quest with random rewards and repeatable.
Easter items are now deletable.
Easter quests are now deletable.
Fixed quest Seal Research Outcome (Last Story quest) now it can be completed.
Fixed Dukan Wine / Mao Wine showing inverted in Potion Info

Cloud Sea
Increased level max to 90! EXP bars were adjusted with a special tool.
Pucca was added in the main cities: players can obtain the Time Sand to get 30 minutes of double exp. Players can recharge the sand time 5 times a week.
Added Dark Celestial Map! (In Cloud Sea it will open 7am Server Time) For more information click here
Added Upgrader Reik! for more information click here

New Item Mall items:

Miscelaneous section:

- Melancholy of Tidal 199 imps
- Heart of Death 499 imps
- Hammer of Kratos 299 imps
- Level 8 cooking guide 109 imps
- Ramadan Mystery Box 299 imps
- Crystalline Blessing 99 imps

Forging section:
- Rock gems 499imps

Mystery Box: (CS&MP)
  • Arab Trendy Apparel
  • Lv 75 Ring Ticket
  • Refining Gem Diety Chest
  • Lv 4 Sand bag *29
  • 4x amp *4
  • Kal runestone
  • Dark Celestial Shard
  • Fallen Angelic Wings
  • Mount Desert Guard
  • Eye of Black Dragon
  • UG Diety Chest Gives random UG lv 1-4
  • Tamarind Tamrin *9
  • Iftar *9
  • Flash Bomb lv3 *19
  • Nightmare Cap
  • Million Dollar Note *10
  • Lv 5 sand bag *19
  • Skating Potion *20
  • Mount Black Desert Guard
  • Improved Str fruit
  • Improved Con fruit
  • Improved Agi Fruit
  • Improved Spr fruit
  • Improved Acc Fruit
  • Heart of black Dragon
  • Soul of Black Dragon (the gem)
  • Red Jade Diety Box( Gives random red jade from lv 1-4)
  • Yellow Jade Diety Box(gives random Yellow jade lv 1-4)
  • Destiny Coral(Red)
  • Destiny Coral(Blue)
  • Destiny Coral(Pink)
  • Destiny Coral(Green)
  • Cloak upgrade device
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