Update 10-06-2021


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Apr 20, 2019

~ Patch Information ~

New skill icons added
Improved base character texture, hairs and face
Added 100M Dollar Note in Grocerys
Fixed height of Ami in Panda Mount
Career Lot: Slight increased chance to get Career Lot Potion.
Now if you get same Career Lot Potion, time will sum with old time (max 1h)
Added 2 new potions: Spirit Potion: Increases Max SP by 500
Magical Potion: Increases Magic Damage by 300 (Affects Conch Ray, Lightning Bolt and Spiritual Bolt)
Added Angela and Angela Junior, to get Angela junior you'll need marry 2 Angelas and use Fruit of Eternal type and have 50% chance to obtain Angela Junior Fairy.
Items of marriage can be obtainable in new island on Winter Region + Kal Runestones
Angela fairy type can only level up with Improved or Hyper Improved fruits
Added Angela Egg in Gold Chaos Chest (Chaos Icicle Reward)
Added Angela Egg drop in Frost Dragon (Chaos Icicle Boss) 15% Chance
Added New Isle in Winter Island Region to farm items for Angela's Marriage
Added Angela Boss (Respawn: 8 Hours) have 15% chance to drop Angela Egg and Refining Gem.

Increased Max SP of Voyagers in Capture the Flag and Chaos Icicle


~ Mystery Box ~

3x 4.5x Amplifier of Strive
3x 3.5x Amplifier of Luck
Refining Gem lv 3
Locke's Power lv 1
Fruit of Eternal Light
Fruit of Eternal Darkness
Alchemist Apparel Chest
7x Flash Bomb Lv2
Rock Gem Deity Chest
1x Celestial Shard of Ice
Carcass of Death
Random 100M - 300M Dollar Note
Eye of Black Dragon (Lv 1/ Lv2) Box
Fryer Apparel Chest
Improved Cloak Upgrade Device
Gold Box of Goodies
Lv 80 Weapon Box
100 Percent Combining Success Fruit
100 Percent Forging Success Fruit
100 Percent Cloak Upgrade Device
Chaos Lightstone Chest
Unique God Chest
Randomized Gem Box
Random Lv 30 Fairy Egg
Great Fairy Package
Lv80 Ring Scroll
Royalty Symbol
Angela Egg
King's Unique Gem Chest
Pirate Handguard
Lv85 Unseal Weapon Voucher
Unique Gem Voucher Lv5
Mount Conversion Stone
Forsaken Necklace
Swamp Necklace
Black Dragon Gem Box of Destruction
Maximal Refining Gem Box
Death Enchantment Stone
Random 4CP Corp Black Dragon Chest
Expert Fairy Skill Box
Reincarnation Box

Angela Effects:

Light Angela Junior: Light Angela Junior adds multiplier in total Drop Rate. [ Fairy Level x 1.5% ], Exp Bonus [ Fairy Level x 1.25% ], 15% extra stats and increases Physical Resistance by 1 when possesion is casted.

How to make it?: 2x Level 20 Angela, Fruit of eternal light,5x Kal Runestone and 9x Light Angel Dust (using fairy marriage 50% success))

Dark Angela Junior: Dark Angela Junior adds multiplier in total Drop Rate. [ Fairy Level x 1.5% ], Exp Bonus [ Fairy Level x 1.25% ], 15% extra stats, decreases target's Physical Resistance by 1 and increases 5% of magic damage when possesion is casted.

How to make it? 2x level 20 angela, Fruit of eternal Darkness, 5x Kal Runestone and 9x Dark Angel Dust(using fairy marriage 50% success)
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