Update 11-07-2022


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Apr 20, 2019

Pirates Online - Patch Notes

Fixed Ebony Dragon Wings with dif effect
Now Cracked/Brokens Gems Lv1 can be converted into Vouchers
Increased Max stack of Novice, Standard, Expert Monster Covenant up to 999
Novice,Standard, Expert Chaos Vouchers and Chaos Coins Stack up to 999
Fixed Weighless Potion not returning the 50 def after state end

Decreased Attack, Defense, Physical Resist and HP of FC 1 - 3 Bosses


Now Tribulation gives fixed EXP for killing Monsters and Bosses (Amplifies doesnt work)

Lv45- 54: 3% Experience per mob and 5% per boss


lv 55-64: 3% Experience per mob and 5% per boss

lv65 to 84: 2% Experience per mob and 5% per boss


lv 85 to 95: 1% Experience per mob and 4% per boss

Lv96 to 104: 0.5% Experience per mob and 2% per boss

Lv 104 to 107 0.3% Experience per mob and 1% per boss

Lv108 and 109 0.1% Experience per mob and 0.75% per boss

Mystery Box:

Enchanted Death Armor Box
Clock Upgrade Device *4
Black Dragon Soul lv 1
Black Dragon Soul lv 2
Black Dragon Soul lv 3
Mount Upgrade *2
Eye of Black Dragon Deity Chest
Heart of Black Dragon Deity Chest
Flash bomb lv 3 *49
Lv 95 Bracelet box
Soul of Death
100% Forging Fruit
100% combining fruit
Crown of Black dragon
Pirate Necklace V2
Iftar * 39
Fried Dough *59
Spring Roll *49
Tigerfish crisp * 79
Prawn dumpling *49
Blessed Potion *49
Gem of Brutality box
Gem of Evil
Gem of Luck
Gem of Experience
Gem of Eagle
Gem of Magic
Gem of Lion
Handguard Gem Chest
Flash Bomb lv 4 *15
Chiatan's Aura lv 1
Chiatan's Aura lv 2
Chiatan's Aura lv 3
Improved Water Rock lv 3
Improved Water Rock lv 4
Improved Water Rock lv 5 1%
Box of Darkness (Gives either Goddess Plane Hat o Infinity stone)
Lv 55 Bracelet Enchantement
Lv 45 Bracelet Enchantement
Lv 30 Ajr Card
Berserk potion 30 mins *10
Harden potion 30 mins *10
Accurate potion 30 mins *10
Expert Magic
Expert Meditation
Expert Berserk
VIP title
200 Fairy Growth potion *29
Hyper Improved Fruit Box *3
Lv 85 Weapon Box
Halite *9
Golden Box of Ra (Gives one of these: Gold necklace, Crown of god's plane, Silver Necklace, Bronze Necklace)
Holiday Fairy (Baby Blue)
Holiday Fairy (Pink)
Holiday Fairy (Red)
5x 100 crystals

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