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Apr 20, 2019

Pirates Online - Patch Notes

----> Donation Event <----


Game Rules:
Every time you mall 500 IMPS or more you will recieve 1 Event Point;
When you click 'roll', you will roll two numbers, one will be inside the white circle and the other number will be rolled in a dice;
If the white circle number matches the rolled number in the dice, you will advance the numbers rolled in the dice * 2;
Once you reach the end, you will recieve a final prize and will come back to the starting position;

---> Item Mall Promotions <---

Upgrade Pack
Instant lv 105 Potion
Skating Potions * 9
Sand Bag lv 6 *5
Halite Package *9
Crystalline Blessing
Intense Magic
God's Planes Crown

Elite Startup Packs:
Seal Master

Starter FC boxes:
Seal Master

Item Mall Price changes:

Lv80 Weapon Box from 4k to 2k
Light Angela Junior Egg From 20k to 15k
Black Angela Junior Egg From 20k to 15k
100 Percent Combining Success Fruit From 35k to 30k
100 Percent forging Success Fruit From 70k to 50k
Lower all of the wings current wings to 1999
Hyper Fairy Ration * 20 From 1k to 300

---> Auctions <---

Infinity Stone
lv85 Ring Box
lv85 Ring Box
Gem of Life
Gem of Protection
Bracelet Gem Chest
Gem of Evil
Gold Necklace
Imperial Crown of Darkness
Death Enchanted
Glove Stone
Death Enchanted Boots Stone
Ancient Pyramyd Stone

Soul of Death
Lv 55 Bracelet Enchantment
Lv 45 Bracelet Enchantment
Flash bomb lv 2 *99
2nd Rebirth Box
Death Enchantment Stone
Mystery Box
Lv 85 weapon card voucher
Lv85 Ring Box

---> Voting Center <---

Rainbow Wings
Devil Wings
Butterfly Wings
Fairy Ration (Non-Tradable)x10
Fruit of Growth (Non-Tradable)
Mystic Clover (Non-Tradable)

---- >Supporter Center <---

Irish Elf wings
Velvet Wings
Monarch Wings
Little Blair Wings
Leaf Elf Wings
Moon's Wings
Demonic Dragon Wings
Mystic Wings
Crystalline Wings
Black Dragon Wings
Aerial Wings
Guardian Wings
Love Elf Wings
Phoenix Flame Wings
Fallen Wyvern Wings
Phoenix Flame Wings
Sunset - Fork
Sunset - Knife
Sunset - Knife (Hammer)
Sunset - Chopsticks
Sunset - Vinyon
Sunset - Spoon
Bone - Sword (Right) and Bone - Sword (Left)
Bone - Hammer
Bone - Dagger
Bone - Gun
Bone - Staff
Heaven's - Sword (Left) and Heaven's - Sword (Right)
Heaven's - Hammer
Heaven's - Gun S
Heaven's - Staff
Heaven's - Bow
Warrior's Cloak
Value Cloak
(Mount) Baby Frost Dragon
(Mount) Angelic Fox
Black Taurus Set
Frozen T-Rex Set
Fresh Style Set

---> Reputation Center: <---

1h Fruit of Growth 20000 Reputation
Black Santa Apparel Chest 20000 Reputation
Carrot - Sword 90000 Reputation
Carrot - Hammer 90000 Reputation
Carrot - Dagger 90000 Reputation
Carrot - Gun 90000 Reputation
Carrot - Staff 90000 Reputation
Carrot - Bow 90000 Reputation
Candy Cane Sword 90000 Reputation
Candy Cane Greatsword 90000 Reputation
Candy Cane Firegun 90000 Reputation
Candy Cane Staff 90000 Reputation
Candy Cane Dagger 90000 Reputation
Watermelon - Sword 90000 Reputation
Watermelon - Dagger 90000 Reputation
Watermelon - Gun 90000 Reputation
Watermelon - Bow 90000 Reputation
Woddy Bow 45000 Reputation
Goddess of Vengence 45000 Reputation
Super Soaker 100000 Reputation
Light Pole 100000 Reputation
Sharp Dividers 100000 Reputation
Beef Tendon Tome 100000 Reputation
Ebony Dragon Wings 45000 Reputation
Flying Hundred C Wings 45000 Reputation
Hundred C Wings 60000 Reputation
Holy Wings 60000 Reputation
Break Wings 60000 Reputation

Royal Major Lance 20000 Reputation
Buccaneer Set Lance 20000 Reputation
Leach Set 20000 Reputation
Romantic-Pas Set 20000 Reputation
Piggy Set 20000 Reputation
Priest Set 20000 Reputation

Soilder Defender Phyl 20000 Reputation
Phyllis Nun Set 20000 Reputation
Royal Major Phyllis 20000 Reputation
Fortune Set Phyllis 20000 Reputation
Romantic Set Phyllis 20000 Reputation
Piggy Set Phyllis 20000 Reputation


Leech Ami 20000 Reputation
Azure Bunny 20000 Reputation
Piggy Set Ami 20000 Reputation
ROmantic Set Ami 20000 Reputation
Fortune Set Ami 20000 Reputation
Buccaneer Set Ami 20000 Reputation


Smoker Set 20000 Reputation
Buccaneer Set Carsise 20000 Reputation
Bloody Captain Set 20000 Reputation
Sahara Set 20000 Reputation
Carsise Piggy Set 20000 Reputation
Carsise Fortune Set 20000 Reputation


- Added new map event: Pirates Island. Teleport: Captain One-Eye (2190,2775) Argent City
-Reduced HP of PKmap bosses by 50%Readded the spawn of Evil - Tribal Shaman in Summer Island
- Improved description of Unique Gem Voucher (All levels)
- Now players can delete Golden Egg Quest (From Easter Event)
- Now if you double click in any unique gem level 1 or refining gem level 1 will turn into voucher
- Now After enter in Capture the Flag, buffs will be removed
- Capture the Flag Winner Reward: Update: 1x 10 crystals to 2x 10 Crystals as reward

Capture the Flag Shop Update: CP = Capture Points:
x5 Carrion Ball Lv 2 From 30 CP to 10 CP,
10000 Reputation Scroll From 45 CP to 35 CP
New Items: 1x Hi-Amplifier of Luck 25 CP,
1x Gem Jade Chest 250 CP,
1x Soul of Black Dragon (Upgrade) 400 CP
and 1x Sand Bag lv 5 40 CP

Chaos Icicle: in Gold Chaos Chest:
Removed 10x Million Dollar Reward, added 2x 10 Crystals

Lovers Clash:
Increased quantity of 1x 10 Crystals to 2x 10 Crystals

Gyoza Item Updated:
Now recover 3000 HP instead of 15% of Max HP.

Constitution Recovery Flask Now has 2 seconds cooldown
Increased Max Stack of Symbol of Faith to 99 -> 999

Tribulation of Faith Legendary Mode:
Removed Lv75 Ring Ticket, added Mount Upgrade Pump and Cloak Upgrade Device drop

Added New Item:
Black Dragon Ticket. (Required to enter in Black Dragon Lair 2, the old option that requires 1x Timeless Machine 1x Sigil of Anubis 1x Mask of Mummy King remains.)
How to exchange: By talking with Npc: Innkeeper - Marriam at (2213,2782) Argent City. Requires: 1x Timeless Machine 1x Sigil of Anubis 1x Mask of Mummy King

Note: You still need to talk to the statue to go inside. Item was created to use less inventory slots.

Forsaken City 2:
Increased portal duration from 40 minutes to 60 minutes
Changed Mirages time to 8:00 14:00 and 20:00 Server Time

Fixed some monsters outside of walls in Lone Tower

Pot Changes:

Sturgeon Fish with Bamboo: from 2 Physical Resist to 1, from 400 HP to 3000, 15 minutes
Sturgeon Soup: From 3 Physical Resist to 2 Physical Resist, from 1600 HP to 3900, 10 minutes
Fried Oyster Soup: from 3 Physical Resist to 2 Physical Resist, from 2500 HP to 5000, 8 minutes
Prawn Dumpling: from 4 Physical Resist to 3, from 3600 HP to 5000 ,5 minutes
Tigerfish Bone Crisp: from 5 Physical Resist to 3, from 4900 HP to 7000, 4 minutes
Ratfish Rice: from 6Physical Resist to 4, from 6400 HP to 10000, 3 minutes
Tamarind Tamrin: from 5 Physical Resist to 3, from 5k HP to 7100, 2 minutes
BBQ Shark Fin: from 8 Physical Resist to 5, from 10k HP to 15k, 1 minute

Magical Damage Potions:
Maiden Wine: From Spirit +5 to +10
Scholar Wine: From Spirit +10 to +20
Dukan Wine: From Spirit +15 to +25
Mao Wine: From Spirit +20 to +30
Ginseng Wine: From Spirit +25 to +40
Tiger Bone Tonic: From Spirit +30 to +50

Treasure Mystery Box : 99 Crystals

100m Dollar Note
100m Dollar Note *2
Unique Gem Voucher lv 4
Unique Gem Voucher lv 5
Unique Gem Voucher lv 6
Enchanted Death Armor Box
Black Dragon Soul lv1
Black Dragon Soul lv2
Black Dragon Soul lv3
Chiatan's Aura lv1
Chiatan's Aura lv2
Pirate Handguard
Bracelet Gem chest
Refining Gem Epic Chest
Flash bomb lv 4 *15
Flash bomb lv 3 *25
Fried Dough *49
Prawn dumpling *49
Blessed Potion *49
Skating Potion *20
Iftar *39
Swamp berry *20
Gem of Evil
2nd Rebirth pack
200 Fairy Growth Potion *20
Mount Upgrade Pump *2
100 Percent Mount Upgrade Pump
Locke's Power lv3
Locke's Power lv4
Locke's Power lv5
Halite *3
Lv 85 Ring Box
Ancient Pyramid Stone
Yellow Jade lv3
Yellow Jade lv4
Red Jade lv3
Red Jade lv4
Pirate Necklace
Improved Water Rock lv4
Improved Water Rock lv5
Light Angela JR LV 25 Egg
Uns85 Weapon Voucher
Lv 45 Bracelet Enchantement
Black Dragon Eye lv2
Black Dragon Eye lv3
Power of Chaos
Feather of Agility
100% Forging Fruit​
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