Update 13-03-2023


Dec 16, 2021

Fixed Flash Bombs effect being delayed 🔥🔥
Improved in game effects to help with game optimization.
Added new npcs in the VIP zone.
Fixed an issue with Chaos Argent ranking not displaying your current ranking position.
Moved Global Ranking NPC to Icicle City.
Added new Dungeon system. Players will be able to enter a limited amount of times per day to every dungeon to get improved rewards. For more information click here: New Dungeon system guide

Changes in Chaos Icicle:

Chaos Icicle Fragments now cost 400k when being sold to NPC

Frozen Dragon



Chaos Icicle Fragment
Refining Gem
Exp Capsule
Weapon Box lv 75
Angela Egg


Black Dragon Gem Chest
Broken Legendary Orb
Broken Power of Stone
Rock Gem Chest
Flash Bomb lv 3

Frozen Chest



Broken Legendary Orb 0.25%
Potion Coin 50%
Flash Bomb lv 2 20%
Weightless Potion 70%

Exp Capsule

Changes in
Drifter Soul, Snowman and Snow Lady


Blessed Potion 60%
Broken Legendary Orb 0.4%
Flash Bomb lv 2 25%
Weightless Potion 70%

Exp Capsule

Changes in Wolfman Archer, Frozen Reaper, Sentinel Lady


Blessed Potion 80%
Broken Legendary Orb 0.5%
Flash Bomb lv 2 35%
Grenade lv 5 30%

Exp Capsule

Daily reward from Battle Pass: ⭐

Players who finish their daily Battle Pass quests (2 mandaroty and 2 optional) will get the normal reward (800 Battle Pass experience and a Battle Pass Diamond) and a chest based on their Donator or VIP level.

This is the list of possible daily rewards:

Donator I

Fried Oyster Soup
Prawn Dumpling
Weightless Potion
Blessed Potion
Fruity Mix x29
Flash Bomb lv 2 x2
Carrion Ball lv3
Untradable Potion Coin x4
Untradable Potion Diamond x4

Donator II

Fried Oyster Soup x2
Prawn Dumpling x2
Weightless Potion x2
Blessed Potion x2
Fruity Mix x39
Flash Bomb lv 2 x3
Carrion Ball lv3 x3
Untradable Potion Coin x6
Untradable Potion Diamond x6

Donator III

Fried Oyster Soup x3
Prawn Dumpling x3
Tigerfish Bone Crip x2
Weightless Potion x3
Blessed Potion x3
Fruity Mix x69
Flash Bomb lv 2 x5
Carrion Ball lv4 x3
Untradable Potion Coin x7
Untradable Potion Diamond x7


Prawn Dumpling x5
Tigerfish Bone Crip x3
Ratfish Rice x2
Weightless Potion x3
Blessed Potion x5
Fruity Mix x89
Healing Flask x29
Flash Bomb lv 2 x5
Flash Bomb lv 3
Carrion Ball lv4 x5
Skating Potion x2
Great Attack Potion
Untradable Potion Coin x9
Untradable Potion Diamond x9
Blessing Bead
Kara's Victory


Tigerfish Bone Crip x5
Ratfish Rice x4
Weightless Potion x5
Blessed Potion x7
Healing Flask x59
Flash Bomb lv 2 x8
Flash Bomb lv 3 x2
Carrion Ball lv5
Skating Potion x3
Great Attack Potion x2
Earthquake Generator lv 4 x2
Harden Potion (30 Minutes)
Bull Potion (30 Minutes)
Berserk Potion (30 Minutes)
Untradable Potion Coin x9
Untradable Potion Diamond x9
Blessing Bead x2
Kara's Victory x2

VIP III Chest:

Tigerfish Bone Crip x6
Ratfish Rice x5
BBQ Shark Fin x2
Weightless Potion x6
Blessed Potion x8
Healing Flask x79
Flash Bomb lv 2 x10
Flash Bomb lv 3 x3
Carrion Ball lv5 x2
Skating Potion x4
Great Attack Potion x3
Earthquake Generator lv 4 x3
Harden Potion (30 Minutes) x2
Bull Potion (30 Minutes) x2
Berserk Potion (30 Minutes) x2
Untradable Potion Coin x10
Untradable Potion Diamond x10
Sticky Rice Dumpling
Dumpling x10
Blessing Bead x3
Kara's Victory x3


Tigerfish Bone Crip x7
Ratfish Rice x6
BBQ Shark Fin x3
Blessed Potion x10
Flash Bomb lv 2 x12
Flash Bomb lv 3 x4
Flash Bomb lv 4
Carrion Ball lv5 x3
Skating Potion x4
Great Attack Potion x3
Earthquake Generator lv 4 x3
Earthquake Generator lv 5
Harden Potion (30 Minutes) x3
Bull Potion (30 Minutes) x3
Berserk Potion (30 Minutes) x3
Sticky Rice Dumpling x2
Dumpling x20
Blessing Bead x4
Kara's Victory x4


Tigerfish Bone Crip x8
Ratfish Rice x7
BBQ Shark Fin x4
China Clay x3
Blessed Potion x12
Flash Bomb lv 2 x15
Flash Bomb lv 3 x5
Flash Bomb lv 4 x2
Carrion Ball lv5 x4
Skating Potion x5
Great Attack Potion x5 x4
Earthquake Generator lv 5 x2
Harden Potion (30 Minutes) x5
Bull Potion (30 Minutes) x5
Berserk Potion (30 Minutes) x5
Radiation lv 5 x4
Sticky Rice Dumpling x4
Dumpling x30
Blessing Bead x5
Kara's Victory x5


Tigerfish Bone Crip x12
Ratfish Rice x9
BBQ Shark Fin x6
China Clay x5
Blessed Potion x14
Flash Bomb lv 2 x20
Flash Bomb lv 3 x6
Flash Bomb lv 4 x3
Carrion Ball lv5 x6
Skating Potion x6
Great Attack Potion x5 x6
Earthquake Generator lv 5 x4
Harden Potion (30 Minutes) x7
Bull Potion (30 Minutes) x7
Berserk Potion (30 Minutes) x7
Radiation lv 5 x8
Sticky Rice Dumpling x6
Dumpling x40
Blessing Bead x6
Kara's Victory x6


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