Update 15-02-2023


Dec 16, 2021

New season of Battle Pass.

Added new models to Argent City buildings.

Added new buttoms in the server selection screen (Guides, Vote, Buy crystals, VIP information and Contact Support)

Guide Board NPC:


Players can do the following expeditions to level up very fast by getting quest points. Quest points can be obtained by getting quests from any NPC all around Pirates Online world!


You can check your quest points by opening the Quest tab by pressing Alt + Q.


Changed the following minigames timers:

Snowman's Fortress from 10:00 to 6:00
Capture the Flag from 17:00 to 20:00

Added Chaos Isle minigame at 10:00 and 17:00 server time. For more information click here: Chaos Isle guide

Now party members have a different color displayed

Fixed an issue with Greece Senator apparel.

Fixed Palutina Bow glow.

Added Chaos Darkness Chest drops to guild drop logs.

Healing Flask, Grenades, Radiations, Energy Potions, Kara's Victory and Blessing Bead potions are now stackable up to x999.

Valentine Cookie, Valentine Cookie II and Iftar are now usable even if their cooldown is not finished yet.

Super Iftar can now replace Iftar state.

Fixed an issue with Snowman Fortress Administrator.

Skill seal duration of King Plant and Forest Ghost was reduced to 3 seconds.

Added preview feature in Database. Players can search apparels using the Items tab and click on the preview buttom to open Item Preview on your character.