Update 16-09-2022


Dec 16, 2021

Increased base experience rate from lv 1 to 100 by x3

Fixed the issue with special quest manufacturing, cooking and crafting scrolls

Lover's Clash now gives 6 points when your team is losing and 4 when your team is winning.

Brought back auto attacking. You have to use every 5 minutes.

Now pkmap chests move around the map so players are not able to hide under them.

Deleted Balloon Bonanza system message

First and second class advancement quests are now easier to do

New characters will now get Cloud Sea Welcome Back Box (Untradable) when they reach level 70. (Includes set with lv 3 unique gems, lv 5 cracked gems and lv 5 broken gems)

Upgrade Pack now gives x10 Celestial Shard of Darkness

Dungeon mobs now give x5 experience up to lv 100.

Changes in tribulation:

Lv45- 54: from 3% Experience per mob to 9% and from 5% per boss to 15%

lv 55-64: from 3% Experience per mob to 9% and from 5% per boss to 15%

lv65 to 84: from 2% Experience per mob to 8% and from 5% per boss to 13%


lv 85 to 95: from 2% Experience per mob to 5% and from 4% per boss to 10%

Lv96 to 104: from 0.5% Experience per mob to 2% and from 2% per boss to 5%

Changes in lifeskill system:

New lifeskill system was applied so players no longer need Manufacturing, Crafting or Cooking tools anymore

Considering some players already had leveled up their life skills and tools we will follow the following changes:

For Manufacturing, Cooking and Crafting the changes will be based on their Crystal Cauldron, Black Hole Crystal and Anti Matter Crystal levels.

Tools can be double clicked so your character will get a lifeskill following this logic:

Tool lv 1 = Skill becomes lv 1
Tool lv 2 = Skill becomes lv 4
Tool lv 3 = Skill becomes lv 7
Tool lv 4 = Skill becomes lv 10
Tool lv 5 = Skill becomes lv 11
Tool lv 6 = Skill becomes lv 14
Tool lv 7 = Skill becomes lv 17
Tool lv 8 = Skill becomes lv 20
Tool lv 9 = Skill becomes lv 20
Tool lv 10 = Skill becomes lv 20

Note: After you use the life skill card you won't be able to use use a lower level card to get more experience. You'll only be able to use a higher level card and it will replace the previous life skill level.​
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