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Apr 20, 2019

1. Wheel Event

Every 500 Item Mall points malled
you'll receive 1 Event Point which can be used for spinning the wheel.

Link: Click here


2. Donation Ranking Event

Link: Click here

Event timeframe:
October 15th 2021 --> November 1st 2021


1st Place: Diamond Necklace + 85uns Weapon Voucher, Lv 40 AJR Card, 85uns Ring, Enchanted Death Stone, 95uns Cap, 5x Black Dragon Gem Chest, Custom Apparel Set, 0cp Corp BD Gloves and Boots, Relic Chest

2nd Place: 85uns Weapon Voucher + Lv 50 MJR Card, Enchanted Death Stone, Custom Apparel Weapon, 2x Black Dragon Gem Box, 5x Mystery Box, Relic Chest, 4cp Corp BD Gloves and Boots

3rd Place: Lv 50 2nd Gen Pet Card, 0cp BD Set, 2x Lv 80 Weapon Card, 3x Black Dragon Gem Box, 5x Mystery Box, 500m Gold

3. Ingame Events

Every 12 hours 25x Red Pumpkin Heads will spawn at (Land of the Dead) Cord entrance: (293,549) Pumpkin City.
Possible drops: 1x Free Wheel Spin Halloween (5%), 1x Refining Gem (15%), 1x Kal Runestone (10%), 1x Pumpkin Mystery Box (5%), 1x 100x Crystal (5%).
Event is announced in the system 5 mins before it starts.

Pirates Online - Patch Notes

  • Doubled SEXP obtained from missions
  • Added Bank - Neila in Pirates Room
  • Disabled skill Revival in God's Planes map
  • -Added GUI settings tab
  • Improved Capture the Flag Rewards (Winner)
  • Increased Cloak Upgrade Device Chance in All levels
  • Improved Battle Royale Ranking and Most killer Reward
  • Increased Unique Gem chance from Old Sheepskin Scroll
  • Slight increased quantity of monsters in Winter Island Region
  • Added Halloween Island with quests, events, farm and much more!
  • Now Dark Angela Junior decreases Physical Resist by 2 on Possession
  • Added Novice Chaos Voucher drop in Chest of Demonic World 2 - 3
  • Increased Flash Bomb Lv 1 Quantity from Fairy Coin Chest 2 -> 3 Improved description of Manufacturings (Sea / Land ) with more accurate information
  • Added Mount Upgrade Pump drop in Snow Black Dragon (Snow War Boss) 20% drop rate
  • Added New skills lv 100 for each Class, full information of skills will be added in forum
  • Crusader: Buff, Champion: Buff, Cleric: Debuff in target, Seal Master Debuff in Floor, Voyager: Damage and Debuff, Sharpshooter: Bow: Damage based in missing HP, Ignore Target Def/PR to deal damage
  • Added Heaven's Feather drop in God's Planes monsters (collecting 50 units can exchange for Lv 100 Skill Book)
  • Added in NPC Envoy of Mael at (255,866) Winter Island to exchange Heaven's Feather and added 1 new Quest to collect 100 Winter Crystal, with Heaven's Feather as Reward
  • Added 2 more Chests in Demonic World 1 (227,112) (307,441) and in Demonic World 2 (315,113) (235,442)
  • Now players can use Left Slot (Custom Glow Ring) + Right Slot (Ring 85 No-Glow version) to display Custom glow of Ring
  • Removed Power of Flame Drop from Black Dragon, added Black Dragon Crown Drop 5% Chance (Item used to upgrade Lv 65 Bracelets)
  • Added Fairy Items Trader - Frank (1309,506) at Icicle Castle to exchange 99 Fairy Coins for 5 Elven Signets, 99 Elven Signets for 5 Elven Royal Signets
  • Added Bracelet Master Upgrader (412,605) at Dream City to upgrade Lv65 Bracelets to Lv95 Bracelets.
  • Added new type of Wood, Ore and Fish in some PK maps, Andes Forest, Barren Cavern, Around Dark Blue Sea. Requires Skill level 10, required to make Caeser's Stone (Required to upgrade Lv 65 Bracelets)
  • Added Ice-covered Island, to go players need complete all Winter Island main quest (red one) and will unlock the teleport in North Ville at (715,1135) Icy Lake Island
  • Added 2 new type of monsters in Ice-covered Island with small HP, less exp but with high Physical Resistance, Level 105 and 110

Mystery Box:

  • Skeleton Costume Apparel Chest
  • Berserk Potion
  • 100 Percent Cloak Upgrade Device
  • Death Set Chest - 3%
  • Mount Upgrade Pump *2
  • 3.5x Amplifier of Luck *3
  • Black Dragon Gem Chest *2
  • Expert Fairy Skill Box
  • 4.5x Amplifier of Strive *3
  • Locke's Power Deity Chest
  • Harden Potion
  • Lv 80 Weapon Box
  • Flash Bomb Lv2 *49
  • 100M Dollar Note
  • (Mount) Dark Raven
  • 200M Dollar Note
  • Black Dragon Crown
  • Pirate's Handguard
  • Unique Gem Voucher Lv4
  • 5x Amplifier of Strive *2
  • Lv85 Unseal Weapon Voucher
  • Death Enchantment Stone
  • Gem of Black Dragon Deity Chest
  • Eye of Black Dragon Deity Chest
  • Sealed Bag of Holding
  • Skating Potion *19 - 2%
  • 4CP Corporeal Black Dragon Chest
  • Iftar *29
  • 100 Percent Combining Success Fruit
  • Rock Gem Deity Chest
  • Gyoza *99
  • Halloween Cloak + Cloak Upgrade Device
  • Sand Bag Lv6 *5
  • Winter Crystal *99
  • Pumpkin Fairy
  • Death Enchantment Stone
  • God's Plane Crown
  • Unique Infinity Box
  • Flash Bomb Lv4 *5
  • 300M Dollar Note
  • Scythe - Swords Apparel Chest
  • Scythe - Hammer
  • Scythe - Gun
  • Scythe - Bow
  • Scythe - Staff
  • Scythe - Dagger
  • Pink Skeleton Apparel Chest
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