Update 20-07-2023. Guild Ranking system.


Dec 16, 2021

Patch Notes:

Black Market items are now stackable up to x99
Fixed an issue with PO Trendy 2 set.
Drops from Infinity Dragon are now displayed in the guild logs.

Guild Ranking System:


A new Guild Ranking NPC has been introduced in Icicle City at coordinates 1336, 533. This feature will provide a display of guild names, their corresponding mazes, as well as their kill/win statistics.

The ranking system will incorporate a list of the following mazes:

Dream City Ranking.

This category will highlight guilds that have successfully vanquished the following bosses:
Dream Warlord
King Plant
Forest Ghost
Each boss defeated will contribute a single point to the guild's overall score in the ranking. At the conclusion of each week, the guild that has accrued the most points from Dream kills will be rewarded with:
Guild Coin x1
Bracelet Gem Chest
Unique Gem Deity Chest x5

Dragon Hunting Ranking

This ranking will spotlight guilds that have defeated the following draconic adversaries:
Black Dragon
Infinity Dragon
Chaos Dragon

Each week, the guild with the highest kill count will be rewarded with:
Guild Coin x1
Infinity Stone
King's Black Dragon Gem Chest
100x Crystal x3

Ice and Inferno Ranking

This category will highlight the guilds that have achieved victories over:

Lord Lucifer
Snow War
The guild with the highest combined count of wins and kills per week will receive:

Guild Coin x1
Handguard Gem Box
100x Crystal x3

Chaos Argent

For the Chaos Argent segment, the guild that secures the most Chaos Argents during the week will be awarded with the following items in addition to the current reward:
Guild Coin x1
Power Stone Chest
100x Crystal x5
Please note that these rewards can only be claimed by the guild leaders for all rankings.