Update 21-12-2022


Dec 16, 2021


Wheel Event

You will receive 1 Event Point for every accumulative 50 Crystals malled. If you bought crystals in the last 24 hours you will get Event Points.

Crystal Wheel

Mega Wheel

Ranking Event

Donation ranking event for amazing rewards!

Donation Ranking


Patch Notes

Added Christmas Village map into the game.
Reduced HP of Guild Tribulation monsters.
Now No- Exp Stone only works if it's not locked
Added a weekly and daily ranking in Chaos Argent showing the top 10 killers of every class.
Party chat is used in game to communicate with your teammates inside of minigames.
Deleted Snowman's Fortress from Pirates Room and added to Christmas Village map (Same time as before).

The following potions can be stacked up to x999:

Fried Dough
Spring Roll
Skating Potion
Weightless Potion
Sturgeon Soup
Fried Oyster Soup
Prawn Dumpling
Tigerfish Bone Crisp
Ratfish Rice
BBQ Shark Fin
China Clay
Maiden Wine
Ginseng Wine
Mao Wine
Dunkan Wine
Scholar Wine
Tiger Bone Tonic

Changes in Battle Pass:

Battle Pass Wheel.

Cloak Upgrade Device
Mount Upgrade Pump

100x Crystal x2
100m Dollar Note

Ultimate Potion Box from x2 to x5

Battle Pass shop:

Great Carcass of Death from x7 Battle Pass Diamonds to x5
Rock Gem Chest from x8 Battle Pass Diamonds to x6
Diamond Chest (Untradable) from 20x Battle Pass Diamonds to x12
Cloak Upgrade Device from x7 Battle Pass Diamonds to x4
The Universe Purse from x4 Battle Pass Diamonds to x3
Rock Gem Chest from x8 Battle Pass Diamonds to x4
Lv65 Bracelet Chest from x5 Battle Pass Diamonds to x3
10x Crystal from x14 Battle Pass Diamonds to x7

Battle Pass Potions:

5x Biscuit from x2 Untradable Potion Coins to x1
4x Fried Dough from x4 Untradable Potion Coins to x2
Potion of Accuracy from x8 Battle Pass Coins to x2
Potion of Strength from x8 Battle Pass Coins to x2
Potion of Spirit from x8 Battle Pass Coins to x2
From 1x Battle Pass Dinner to x15

Added in Battle Pass Shop:

10000 Reputation Scroll Battle Pass Diamonds x2
10m Dollar Note Battle Pass Diamonds x4

Christmas Map


Players can teleport to the Christmas Village by talking to the Christmas Village Teleporter at 1313, 510 in Icicle Fountain.

Check the Xmas quests and more information here: https://forum2.pirategames.online/index.php?threads/guide-xmas-ingame-events.847/

Christmas Dollar exchanger

Player can find the Christmas Dollar Exchanger at 328, 335 inside of the Christmas Village.

Death Boot Chest - 3 Christmas Dollar
Death glove Chest- 3 Christmas Dollar
Lv 80 Enchanted Armor Box - 15 Christmas Dollar
lv 85 Unseal Weapon Voucher -15 Christmas Dollar
0CP Corporeal Black Dragon Box- 15 Christmas Dollar
(Mount) Santa's Sled 60 Christmas Dollar
(Mount) Santa Chair - 60 Christmas Dollar
Flash Bomb lv2 x10 - 15 Christmas Dollar
Unique Gem Voucher - 10 Christmas Dollar
Million Dollar note - 2 Christmas Dollar
Gingerbread Cookie - 2 Christmas Dollar
Gingerbread Cookie 2 - 2 Christmas Dollar
Carrion Ball lv 4 x5 - 5 Christmas Dollar
Lv 65 Bracelet Chest - 8 Christmas Dollar
Kal Runestone -8 Christmas Dollar
200 Fairy Growth Potions x5 -10 Christmas Dollar
x3 Hi Amplifier of Luck x5 - 7 Christmas Dollar
Pirate's Handguard - 80 Christmas Dollar
Pirate's Belt - 50 Christmas Dollar
Mordo Junior lv 50 Voucher - 70 Christmas Dollar
Rock Gem Chest - 15 Christmas Dollar
Gem Jade Chest - 15 Christmas Dollar
500 Supporter Points Voucher - 30 Christmas Dollar
Black Dragon Gem Chest - 70 Christmas Dollar
Lv95 Grey Weapon Chest - 90 Christmas Dollar​