Update 26-10-2023


Dec 16, 2021

Patch Notes

New season of Battle Pass is live!
The Starter Chest at Level 1 now contains a set of potions that cannot be traded, designed for new players.
As players reach Level 80, they will receive an enhanced version of the starter set along with untradable potions to kickstart their adventure in Pirates Online.
Pumpkin Tokens can now stack up to x999.
Improved how the damage disparity is calculated based on a player's level. This adjustment reduces the impact of level differences, but the level gap can now extend up to 15 levels.
Players are no longer required to provide a recommendation letter when applying to join navy guilds.
Reduced the HP of the Haunted Mansion boss.
Increased the maximum level for Locke's Hit to 4.
Added Bing's Dodging to the game, providing a +7 Dodge bonus (Can be forged into boots, max lv 4).
Power Stones can now boost the bonuses of Handguards and Cloaks up to +4 stats.
Bing's Dodging and Locke's Hit have been added to the Crystal Wheel.

New Belt system:

Players can enhance their Great Pirate Belts by crafting a Random Elemental Belt Stone box through interaction with the Masterclass Upgrader NPC on Dream Island.


Items required are:

x20 Power Belt Fragments + Power Enhancement Stone + 500m gold

Note: Power Enhancement Stone can be found in the Item Mall.

This box will give one of the following items randomly:

Earth Elemental Stone

Water Elemental Stone

Fire Elemental Stone

Air Elemental Stone

Players have the option to upgrade their Great Pirate Belt by utilizing any elemental stone of their choice, resulting in a Belt corresponding to the elemental stone employed:

Great Pirate Belt +Earth Elemental Stone + 200m gives:

Horn of Gnome
+3 Constitution
Max HP Bonus +8%
Max SP Bonus +8%
25 movement speed

Great Pirate Belt +Water Elemental Stone + 200m gives:

Aegis of Undine
+3 Accuracy
Max HP Bonus +8%
Max SP Bonus +8%
25 movement speed

Great Pirate Belt +Fire Elemental Stone + 200m gives:

Scales of Salamander
+3 Strength
Max HP Bonus +8%
Max SP Bonus +8%
25 movement speed

Great Pirate Belt + Air Elemental Stone + 200m gives:

Embrace of Sylph
+3 Spirit
Max HP Bonus +8%
Max SP Bonus +8%
25 movement speed

Players can use Power Stones to increase belt stats by a maximum of 4 stats for each stat.

Legendary gloves and boots:

To craft the Legendary Stone of Apophis for either gloves or boots, players will require:

x15 Legendary Orbs + Power of Darkness x5 + Power of Ice x5 + Power of Fire x5 + 500m gold + Hammer of Apophis

To perform an upgrade, players must possess their Darkness gloves or boots, a Legendary Stone of Apophis, and 300 million gold. This will result in acquiring a legendary item of the same class and part.

Changes in bosses:

Snow Black Dragon


Soul of Death

Power of Ice 6%

Goddess of Snow:


Broken Legendary Orb

Power of Ice 6%

Black Dragon


Legendary Orb

Power of Darkness 6%

Lord Lucifer


Power of Fire 6%

Infinity Dragon:


Random Belt Gem Box

Power Belt Fragments 15%

Chaos Dragon

Black Dragon Altar

Power Belt Fragments 70%

Changes in MvM

Added Random Power Box as a reward within the MvM First Place Chest.

Random Power Box gives one of the following items randomly:

Power of Fire
Power of Darkness
Power of Ice

Added Random Power Box in MvM exchanger for 250 MvM coins.

Changes in Chaos Argent:

Chaos Argent Rewards Update:

Added Power Belt Fragment as a reward for winning Chaos Argent.
Increased the gold reward from 30 million to 50 million.

Chaos Survivor Chest Rewards Update:

40k and 50k Reputation Scrolls.


Belt Gem Fragment
Bracelet Gem Fragment
Handguard Gem Fragment