Update 30-04-2021


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Apr 20, 2019


Pirates Online - Patch Notes

Removed Easter Region Map
Removed Balloon Bonanza Map
Now EXP Capsule is tradeable
Flaming Bow Apparel model fixed
More improvements in normal blue skin
Fixed Sharknave Mount character height/position
Removed Resident - Angelica NPC (Covid 19 Title Quest)
Disabled 20% bonus of EXP from Easter Event (still working in weekends)
Added Explosive Gem and Spirit Gem in Fairy Coin Chest drop
Fixed Potion of Strength, Agility and Spirit disapearing after enter in sea
Now Potions from events don't lose their state effect after dying
Increased max stack of Career Lot and Flash Bombs to 99 -> 999
Now Demonic World, Dark Swamp will close 1 minute early (1H:59M)
Added Guide Board NPC's with options of guides connected with our forum!
Now some npcs will show [Guide] button with Forum or YouTube Link with the respective guide.
Now Improved Vanilla UI is the default UI (players can choose in launcher settings)
Now Chaos Swamp; Chaos Desert give Chaos Points (If you kill a guildmate it will not give)
Added Tutorial Island with some basics functions of game * Players can skip by talking with first npc of map
Added Easter Bunny Egg Exchanger at (2238,2773) Argent City for players exchanged remaining Easter Bunny Eggs
Now Broken Siren Ornament, Salty Octopus Ink, Broken Jack's Chest and Broken Jack's Ship Bow increased max stack to 99
Increased Normal Fairy Growth Rate to 10 -> 15, 2nd Fairy Growth Rate to 5 -> 10 and Mordo Junior Growth Rate to 2 -> 3
Now Melancholys, Eye of Death, Hair of Death, Tooth of Death, Heart of Death and Death Burdens increased max stack to 99

Dungeon Changes:
Changed Dungeon Coin Icon
Now you can select the type of the dungeon that you want join
Decreased Dungeon Coin quantity in solo mode by 1
Increased Dungeon Coin quantity in party mode by 1
Decreased Dungeon Potion drop to 50% -> 25%
Improved HP/SP Regeneration while sitting in Dungeons
Now dungeon buffs only work if Seal Master/Cleric buff you inside dungeon
Now when you complete all 5 types of dungeon and exchange crystals for Crystalline Wishing Stone, will obtain 5 Dungeon Coins + Reward (Like this solo dungeons will give the same amount of coins as before after 5 dungeons)

Snow War:
Replaced Standard Chaos Chest for Expert Chaos Chest

Goddess of Snow Boss:
Added Black Dragon Gem Chest 100% Drop Rate
Replaced random 4CP Chest with Soul of Black Dragon (Upgrade)
Added Feather of Agility and Power of Chaos 15% Drop Rate (including 2x of server)

New Map Times:
Chaos Swamp of 4:00 will open at 6:00
Dark Swamp of 6:00 will open at 4:00
Demonic World of 14:00 will open at 16:00
Demonic World of 20:00 will open at 22:00

99 Imps boxes

Clock Upgrade Device
Clock Upgrade Device 2
Unique Gem Voucher Lv 1 & 2
Enchanted Death Armor Box
Value Cloak
Mystery Box
Dark newbie Set
100% Cloak Upgrade
Moon's Wings
Wyvern Wings
Goddess Wings
Mount Upgrade Device
2nd Gen lv 50 Fairy
2nd Rebirth pack
0CP Corp BD Set
55 II Chest (Gives 55 uns II Weapon of ur class) 2
Mount Tyrantous
Bronze Necklace
Lv 80 Ring Scroll *2
Leveling Chest
Swamp berry10
Charmed Berry 49
Mount Upgrade Pump *2
Upgrade Pack
Lv 80 Weapon Box
Black Dragon Soul lv 1
Black Dragon Soul lv 2
Black Dragon Soul lv 3
Black Dragon Eye lv 1
Black Dragon Eye lv 2
Black Dragon Eye lv 3
Flash bomb lv 3 *29
Silver Necklace
Bracelet Gem chest
Black Dragon Soul Upgrade
Potion of Accuracy 29
Potion of Strength*29
Refining Gem Epic Chest
Locke's Power lv3
Locke's Power lv4
Locke's Power lv5
100M Gold Note
200M Gold Note
300m Gold Note
Gem of Evil

199 Imps boxes

100M Dollar Note
100M Dollar Note *2
100M Dollar Note *3
100M Dollar Note *4
100m Dollar Note *5
100m Dollar Note *10
Soul of Death
Great Attack Potion *6
Halite *3
100% Forging Fruit
100% combining fruit
Berserk Potion 30mins *20
Harden Potion 30mins *20
Carrion ball lv 5 19
Crown of Black dragon
Yellow Jade Deity Chest
Red Jade Deity Chest
Green Jade Deity Chest
Refining gem god chest
Pirate Necklace V2
Iftar * 29
Gem of Evil
Gem of Luck
Gem of Experience
Gem of Eagle
Gem of Magic
Gem of Lion
Handguard Gem Chest
Constitution Recovery Flask x39
Lv 80 Enchanted Armor Box
Flash Bomb lv 3 *49
Flash Bomb lv 4 *15
Locke's Power diety chest *2
Heart of BD lv 2
Heart of BD lv 3
Swamp Berry *10
Fried Dough *49
Spring Roll *49
Tigerfish crisp * 79
Prawn dumpling *49
Blessed Potion *49
Unique Gem Voucher lv 3
Unique Gem Voucher lv 4
Unique Gem Voucher lv 5
Chiatan's Aura lv 1
Chiatan's Aura lv 2
Chiatan's Aura lv 3
Lv 8 Normal Gem Box
Improved Water Rock lv 3
Improved Water Rock lv 4
Sand Bag lv 6 *9
3.5x drop amp *3
Hyper Improved Fruit Box *2
Wedding Party Set