[Update] - Bosses update


Dec 16, 2021

Patch Notes
A new NPC, Kara, has been added at Shaitan Fountain for players to visit and commemorate.
Changed Chaos Argent time from 18:00 to 17:00
Added Pirate Upgrade Stone in Dungeon Dime shop for x30
Added Black Dragon Gem chest for 160 Dungeon Dollars
Increased Unlimited Power Fragment droprate to 12% in Chaos Darkness Chests
Resolved a bug in Crystalline Blessing which previously permitted indefinite usage on specific maps.
Fixed Infinity Dragon, Demonic World 3 not working on mobile.
Fixed crashwhen using mount conversion npc in cloud on mobile.
Changed color of icons of Cloak Runestones.
A new item, Exploding Sand Bags lv 6, has been added to the Item Mall; these require double-clicking to kill experience for party members, with all bonus effects (like Exotic fruits, Amplifiers, etc.) necessary for the Exp bonus.
Hiding stalls in the PC version will now also hide characters.
Sailing bugs in the Mobile version have been fixed.
Battle Pass rewards and purchases are now accessible on mobile.
Issues with Crystal and Gold wheels not opening on mobile have been resolved.
Item locking and unlocking feature is now available in the mobile version.

Changes in bosses:

Infinity Dragon:


HP increased to 30 million.
Defense increased to 800.
Physical Resistance (PR) increased to 76.

Black Dragon:

Level increased to 115.
HP increased to 28 million.
PR increased to 70.

Lord Lucifer:

HP increased to 30 million.
Defense increased to 700.
PR increased to 70.

Forest Ghost and King Plant

HP increased to 20 million each.
PR increased to 72.

Changes in VIP:

VIP Ultimate Chest possible drops:


Lv 50 Angela Junior Card
Infinity Stone
Lv 95 Purple Weapon Chest
Infinity Ring Upgrade Stone
Infinity Hat Upgrade

Instant Level 115 Potion
Random Power Box
Power Belt Fragment x10
Cloak Gem Chest
Lv 55 Legendary Angela Junior Card

Changes in VIP Wheel:


China Clay x99
Flash Bomb lv 3 x29
BBQ Shark Fin x69
Random Belt Chest

Super Spring Roll x69
Super Tigerbone Tonic x69
Cloak Runestone x3
Super China Clay (Gives 20k HP, 5 PR for 2 minutes) x49

Power Stone Chest from x1 to x3

Changes in Crystal Wheel:


Unique Gem Voucher lv5
Rock Gem Lv 5 Voucher
Earthquake Generator Lv5 x19

Legendary Orb to x2

Cloak Runestone x1
Cloak Runestone x2
Legendary Orb x4