[Update] - Cloak Gems.


Dec 16, 2021

Removed the Halloween Map and introduced a Token Coin exchanger in the Pirates Room, allowing players to conveniently redeem their coins.
The reconnecting feature will now automatically close after some seconds.
Super Pumpkin Candy and Super Witche's Brew are now stackable up to x999.
Ultimate Potion Box is now tradable.
Champion class now receives less damage and deals higher damage inside of Chaos Argent and Snow War maps.
Removed White Colorant from Gold Wheel and added Legendary 200 Fairy Growth Potion.
100m Dollar Notes are now stackable up to x99.
Added Cloak Runestone x1 and Cloak Runestone x2 as possible rewards in MvM winner box.
Changed Random Power Box in MvM exchanger from 250 MvM Coins to 150 MvM Coins.
Added Powers to the guild system log.
Skills will now automatically reset their cooldown upon player death. This exception does not extend to manufacturing items, Fairy Possession, or Loveline skills.
We have introduced new options, including sitting and Auto-Grab buttons. Players have the flexibility to hide these buttons by accessing the "Gui" tab.


Crystal Wheel:

Super Potion of Strength x9
Super Potion of Accuracy x9
Super Potion of Spirit x9
Fried Dough x89
(Mount) Black Dragon Phantom

Power of Fire
Power of Ice
Power of Darkness
Power Belt Fragment
Power Belt Fragment x2

Increased chance to obtain:
Bing’s Dodging
Lock's Hit

Cloak Gems:

Players can now forge the following cloak gems (max lv3).

Rune of Life: Increases HP by 2500
Rune of Stamina: Increases SP by 2500
Rune of Illusion: Reduces target's PR by 1.
Rune of Neutralizer: Reduces target's Dodge by 10.
Rune of Momentum: Increases Movement Speed by 5
Rune of Piercing: Reduces target's Defense by 50
Rune of Brutality: Increases skill damage by 1%
Rune of Tranquility: Reduces the critical rate of your oponent you by 7 when you are being attacked.
Rune of Convulsion: Reduces the Attack Speed of your oponent you by 10 when you are being attacked.
Rune of Lust: Increases Hit Rate by 5.
Rune of Destruction: Increases Max Attack by 75.
Rune of Spirit: Increases Spirit by 5.

Players can get these gems randomly from a Cloak Gem Chest that can be crafted by giving the following materials to Chaos Administrator NPC:

Cloak Runestone x10 + Cloak Gem Catalyst

Note: Players can get x1 Cloak Runestone by winning Chaos Argent.
Note: Cloak Gem Catalyst is a new Item Mall item.

Change in bosses:

Infinity Dragon


Reduced HP to 15m
Reduced PR to 65
Reduced Defense 650

Black Dragon

Reduced HP to 15m
Reduced PR to 61
Reduced Defense to 1200

Lord Lucifer

Reduced HP to 12m
Reduced PR to 57
Reduced Defense to 550

Chaos Dragon:

Reduced HP to 3m

Changes in dungeons:

Skating Potion from 3x Dungeon Dollar to x2

Jade Gem Voucher for 35 Dungeon Dollar
Rock Gem Vouhcer for 35 Dungeon Dollar

Change in Expert Dungeon Chest:


10k Reputation Voucher
20k Reputation Voucher

Power of Black Dragon
Ratfish Rice x2
Fried Dough x3
Ginseng Wine x3

Million Dollar Note x3 to x8
Million Dollar Note x4 to x10
Million Dollar Note x5 to x14
Skating Potion x1 to x2
Skating Potion x2 to x4
Skating Potion x3 to x6

Change in Dungeon Dollar Chest:

Removed from possible drops:

100M Dollar Note
Legendary Orb
Broken Legendary Orb x5
1000 Supporter Points x2
Black Dragon Gem Chest

Added as posible drops:

Bing's Dodging

Lock's Hit
Power Belt Fragmet
Cloak Runestone