Valentine's Day: Is the price right?


Staff member
Apr 19, 2019

Date: February 14th 2018

What will this event consist of?

Player's will be asked to make stalls at shaitan city (near the teleporter) with the caption I Love Pirates Online, Inside this stall you will be asked to stall something that has some kind of link with valentines day, Once you have found that item you can stall it at a random price from 10000 to 10500 gold,If you have more than 1 item inside the stall we will not buy it even if its the right price. We will choose 10 acceptable prices for us to buy your item, If your item is bought that player will be given a random prize. Example: If one of our prices is 10450 and you put a item at 10450 we will buy it from you and you will win a prize.

* How many winners?

- There will be 15 winners

* Which prizes can i receive?

1. 100 IMPS Scroll
2. 2x Heaven's Berry
3. 4x Party exp fruit
4. 500,000 gold
5. Kal Runestone
6. Unique Apparel set

Note: These rewards will be shuffled with a random prize generator.
Hope to see you all at this event, and as always if you guys have any questions you can PM us on any form of social media!