Valentine's Quest Guide


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Jun 21, 2020
To begin the quest teleport to Love Island by talking to Valentine Teleporter - Yelen (2190,2775) (Near Argent Teleporter)

The Questline:

Quest 1:

Talk to Love Guru Sarah (251,166) to obtain the first quest.
Lovebirds spawn to the south of the NPC, kill 10 of them to progress.


Quest 2:

After handing in that quest back at Love Guru Sarah (251,166), talk to Lover - Michael (253,184)


Quest 3:

Create a Boat with Love Ship Maker - Jim (254,145)
And head Directly west to Dock on Couple's Land (93,154)

On the east and west coast of this island Romantic Tree's spawn, that drop heart shaped logs (~10% Droprate)
After gathering 5 logs head back to Lover - Michael (253,184) to finish the quest


Quest 4:

Go Back to Couple's Island and talk to Father Love (92,61)


Quest 5:

Next up you need to Gather Love Rock (~10% Droprate) Which spawns on the starting island (Love island)

And Heart Shapped Fish which drop from any Fish Swarm in the map (~10% Droprate)

Talk to talk to Father Love (92,61) to finish the quest.


Quest 6:

Head to Lonely Island in the top right of the map (353,84)

Use the Shovel in the Grassy Spots on the Island and on one of them you will obtain the Couple's Gift.

Talk to Father Love (92,61) again to finish the quest


Quest 7:

For the Last quest go to Battle Island in the bottom left (127,247) and on the Island find and kill the Love Dragon.
This boss is quite tough try to use the rocks around to bug it and party with others to speed up the process

Finally Head back to Father Love (92,61) To obtain the Couple's Thank You Box which can give either:

  • Teddy Bear App Set (Blue, Red or Pink + Title
  • Valentine's Day Box
The Valentine Day Box can give:
  • 3x Valentine Chocolate I (400 max Attack pot)
  • 3x Valentine Chocolate II (18 Spirit Pot)
  • Valentine Mystery Box (See the drops Here)
  • 10x Million Dollar Note
  • Lv2 Refining Gem Voucher (Redeemable at Redemption - Bingo (Argent city (2231,2715)))
  • 30x Fairy Ration
  • 2x Valentine Dinner (Provides EXP for level 1-95 players)

After completing the quest you have access to the Love Island Shopkeeper (212,162) who will trade love tokens for various items.
Love tokens can be obtained from the repeatable Love Token Bonanza quest from Love Token Exchanger (265,172) or from killing Pandas on Couple's Island


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