Video Event Winners



Hello everyone!
First of all we would like thank-you each and every one of you for joining our community and making this game a reality. The server is progressing really well! It has already gained a huge population in such a short time!
As you may have noticed,we had video event running on from January 7th to January 21st!
During this time we've received 9 videos!
You can check them out Here

" How many winners?
There will be 5 winners that all get the same reward ( 500 IMPS ) "


Pirates Online | Player Trailer ~ My Adventures
Youtube link:

Pirates Online - Legends never die
Youtube link:

Pirates Online - Game of Chaos Argent
Youtube link:

Pirates Online: pvp fun
Youtube link:

Pirates Online - Ascension
Youtube link:

Congratulations to winners & thank you everyone for participating in our video event!
PS(to winners) : The rewards are allready sent! Enjoy!

Kind regards,
Pirates Online Crew
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