Xmas Event PK Map: Snow Royale


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May 3, 2020
Hello guys, and Merry Xmas!!

This guide will be a quick one and it's to show some images and instructions on how the new XMAS PK map is played :)

Snow Royale!

Go to the Christmas Village in Chaldea Haven (508, 1977) and go to the coordinates 155, 157 inside the Christmas Village.
snow royale 1.JPG

The game will have a wait room of 5 minutes:
wait room.JPG

After that, you will enter the map in which every class is balanced. Take your mount off, or you won't be able to attack other players.
pk map.JPG

The purpose of the game is to destroy the other team's base
destroy the other towers.JPG

…and to protect yours of course!

The possible rewards:

1st Snow Royale Reward

2nd Snow Royale Reward

3rd Snow Royale Reward

Hope you guys have fun!!! Merry XMAS and happy holidays!
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